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Item #: SCP-1393-RU



Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Several Foundation watchboats are to patrol and monitor SCP-1393 at all times. Any kind of testing with SCP-1393 is to get Dr. ████'s approval first. Further instructions will be given soon.

Description: SCP-1393 is a circular water area located in the Pacific Ocean1 and measuring approximately ██ km in diameter. SCP-1393's surroundings seem to be devoid of any weather disturbances, such as hurricanes or storms. Beyond that, SCP-1393 possesses a number of distinct anomalous properties:
Seawater encircled by SCP-1393's boundaries is subject to two salient physical changes:

  • Persistent dark colouration that seems to be unaffected by climate changes, direct lighting or other factors.
  • Lowered density, which causes any solid item submerged within SCP-1393 to enter a state similar to a free fall. Physical characteristics of the object (its mass, shape, etc.) do not act upon its sink rate.

Solid matter fully submerged in SCP-1393 is exposed to an antimemetic effect, whereby all memories pertaining to the submerged object will gradually vanish over the next 24 hours. This process can be delayed through the use of mnestics, but only for the time of their duration.

Initial testing revealed a signal coming from SCP-1393 which consisted of strong static. Subsequent investigation indicated the presence of a frequent staccato sound resembling a Morse code. However, the static noise makes decryption unfeasable. Attempts at exploring SCP-1393 via imaging devices and living subjects have all resulted in the same outcome: underwater is murky and no sign of animal life is present.

SCP-1393's depth could not be determined.

Discovery: SCP-1393 was discovered on 10/03/20██, shortly after receiving a series of reports concerning unusual audit results of a large cargo ship named ██████████████ ██████. The audit found several records of two dry-cargo ships and one tanker, including corresponding ownership and technical documentation, consigment notes and ██ crew member files. Projected routes of the "unidentified" ships were matched and the exact location of SCP-1393 was discovered. Following this, a cover story involving "rogue-waves" in the area was spread. Relevant documentation was then recovered; amnesticization of the shipping company's staff was deemed unnecessary.

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