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Ará Orún, MTF Omega-0



SCP-1397-2, 1994

Item #: SCP-1397

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-1397-2 detection and liquidation interactions are to be maintained by MTF Eta-10's forces.

Description: SCP-1397 — unknown creature that poses a cognitohazard. Its observable appearance looks like a earthworm tail section (with specific segmentation) of a pale pink color with a size of adult's head. It also contains clitellum, specific for earthworms, and single, big, wide open human eye with signs of glaucoma.

SCP-1397 only appears from SCP-1397-2 and also cause the creation of the latter, if observed by someone. This way, effect is interdependent, and starts off from some unknown "zero case". SCP-1397-2 — any human, that ever observed SCP-1397 by one of these ways:

  • in any crowded place, in which SCP-1397-2, and thereafter SCP-1397 can appear;
  • on the internet in any website or local digital data storage with SCP-1397-2 or SCP-1397 photos, even if image display function is disabled or impossible at all. Remarkable is the fact that photo of human that observed SCP-1397 that way will appear on random website or local storage (even if subject never made any photo): at the first time it will be free of any defects, but when subject themselves will pass through all stages of metamorphosis (see below), it will change according to this; on this picture, in random periods of time, SCP-1397 can appear, continuing cognitive infection. According to MTF Eta-10's data, effect don't spread on the images of SCP-1397-2 that already converted, because they're already separated from the original interdependent chain;

After subject's observation of SCP-1397, they start to suffer from irreversible mental disorders, that happen in 3 stages:

  1. the emergence of dysmorphophobic ideas obout inferiority of one's own face;
  2. a period of intense nightmares, that contents an act of long-term observation of one's own face from the side, that ends with "something frightening", not having objectivity at the same time, that makes you immediately wake up.
  3. visceral hallucinations, including objective depiction of a cavity inside one's head.

Immediately after last stage's end, big, black circle-like area appears in the subject's head region, forcing a subject's face to bend around it (similar to gravitational lensing effect. See image). That circle looks two-dimensional from any perspective: apparently local space's metrics itself changes. From that area SCP-1397 appears, and then, after short period of time, disappears. It's unknown if SCP-1397 can appear in multiple SCP-1397-2 at the same time.

After transformation SCP-1397-2 loses any psychological depth or personality in it's behavior, along with any biological needs. Subjects aimlessly roam in areas that are familiar for them. After a long time all SCP-1397-2 instances strive to encounter eachother and start interacting: they contact eachother with black areas in their head, after what those areas start to merge and become bigger; faces of SCP-1397-2 bend around newly formed space, creating single enclosed ring. Purposes and consequences of those interactions are currently unknown, (because of MTF Eta-10 preventing them from happening) but they have a strong potential of K-class scenario.




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