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Item #: SCP-1399-RU

Object Class: None (See below)

Special Containment Procedures: Not devised yet.

Description: SCP-1399 is Korabelnikov Igor Vitalievich, an SCP Foundation employee (staff ID: 07821) and the author of this document. Despite the fact that this file is currently being compiled by SCP-1399 itself, there is no evidence that its name, sex, age, workplace or any other personal data, as well as its actual existence (or the existence of the SCP Foundation) can be deemed credible.

SCP-1399 wakes up on a regular basis despite never falling asleep. Each "wakening" happens early in the morning, in entity's own bed (usually — to the ringing of an alarm clock). Following SCP-1399's "wakening", the previous period of "being awake" (or, being self-aware), as well as all the information related to it, will be perceived by the entity as a highly detailed and intense, yet still fictional, dream.

At the time of writing, SCP-1399 recognizes itself as an employee of the SCP Foundation, a secret paramilitary scientific organization. The last dream revolved entirely around working as a sales advisor at a hardware shop located in Rostov-on-Don. According to the remaining bits of memories, the previous dream had consisted of several scenes related to military service as a conscript which took place somewhere in the Russian Far East.

The following are theories of SCP-1399's anomalous nature, as well as its containment class:

Explained. SCP-1399 is non-anomalous due to several possible reasons. These may include:

  • SCP-1399 is a normal human being that experiences a series of "dreams within a dream" which will eventually end;
  • SCP-1399 suffers a severe form of a certain mental illness (most likely a dissociative identity disorder);
  • SCP-1399's excessive fatigue due to overwork resulted in its hypersensitivity towards normal dreams.

Euclid. SCP-1399 is anomalous due to several possible reasons. These may include:

  • SCP-1399 is affected by another (possibly memetic) anomaly. Containment procedures: SCP-1399 is to be isolated and observed as soon as possible.
  • SCP-1399 is actually capable of spontaneously "wakening" in different places as different people. A possible explanation implies that SCP-1399 temporarily replaces its "victim's" consciousness with its own one. Containment procedures: the source of anomalous effects is to be located and isolated. SCP-1399's victims are to be amnesticized/given medical care if needed. SCP-1399 is to be identified and apprehended.

Atlas1. Regardless of its actual nature, SCP-1399 is the Source of Everything. Each "dream" represents a single reality that was created by the Source. Given that this theory is true, SCP-1399 is the only entity that can be labelled as "existing". Each "wakening" marks the birth of a new dreamworld and the collapse of the old one. As such, SCP-1399 can be classified as both Apollyon and Thaumiel (since it is highly likely for each new dreamworld to lack any anomalies). Containment procedures: none. This file, the Foundation and the entire world of anomalous will be forgotten.

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