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Electron micrograph of SCP-140-DE-2 in nutrient solution, inactive

Item #: SCP-140-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-140-DE-1 and thus SCP-140-DE-2 shall be housed in a standard human anomaly cell in site-DE17, level 3, as close as possible to the staff lift. For safety, the air supply access points shall be equipped with foundation-grade particulate filter systems. The cell may be equipped with monitored receive-only on-line access. If desired, SCP-140-DE-1 may move freely in the cafeteria, refectory and recreation areas accompanied by Dr. Himmeroth and/or security guards, currently wearing a blindfold if desired. Personal requests, regarding furnishings, entertainment media, etc., are to be complied with after review and approval by Dr. Himmeroth, respectively location control. Regular monthly medical examinations, especially of an ophthalmological nature, are to be carried out, and any necessary treatment is to be initiated immediately. SCP-140-DE-1 is currently undergoing psychotherapeutic treatment by Dr. Himmeroth, which must be continued until further notice. For SCP-140-DE-2, the above containment measures apply due to the localisation in SCP-140-DE-1.

Description: Viktor E█████, hereafter referred to as SCP-140-DE-1, is a 22-year-old male of Western European type. He weighs about 81 kg with a height of 1.76 m and suffers from severe myopia (-6.25 dioptres on the right and -6.50 dioptres on the left). The visual impairment is compensated by glasses. For further details see document MED E-PER-7875 continued. The letters "OCUOPT Gmbh" and "Second Sight! ®" were inserted radially into both irises. Neither the company mentioned nor the product are known in Germany; a corporation called "OCUOPT INC." existed in the USA until 1923, with a focus on lens production. Further research is pending. The writing indicates that SCP-140-DE-2 was exclusively tailored to SCP-140-DE-1. Since the only anomalous properties of SCP-140-DE-1 are the ability to sense or trigger the effects of SCP-140-DE-2, there is a possibility that these same abilities are non-anomalous. If this is confirmed, it must be determined whether SCP-140-DE will be treated as an instance of SCP-140-DE-2 in the future, or assigned to E-class personnel. If necessary, there is then the possibility of reclassifying SCP-140-DE to "safe" status. SCP-140-DE-2 is a collection of condensed collagen fibrils (25 nm long on average) within the corpus vitreum (vitreous body) of both eyeballs of SCP-140-DE-1. They are similar in structure to those that cause the effect known as "mouches volantes", i.e. the perception of transparent, thread-like structures moving through the visual field of the affected person, which are completely harmless. Under certain conditions, SCP-140-DE-2 shows the ability of sense-directed self-organisation, self-recombination, spontaneous formation of further fibrils from the surrounding tissue, as well as destruction of the same. SCP-140-DE-1 the formed structures appear like human, semi-transparent, but highly detailed figures, whose colouring is limited to black and grey tones. The effect sets in as soon as SCP-140-DE-1 moves into an area of approx. 121 m radius around a place where one or more persons have met a violent death (murder or murder in the heat of passion) in the past. The centre of such a zone represents the place of the effective demise of a person, theoretically observable for SCP-140-DE-1, but only within the area of effect. SCP-140-DE-2 simultaneously generates in both eyeballs optically congruent, perspective-correct visions of the victims of these acts, who, at the beginning of perception by SCP-140-DE-1, enter a cycle of the last moments before their demise, i.e. they remain visible until exitus, then disappear to reappear at the starting point, move to the place of demise and so on. Up to the present time, it has been possible to verify every recorded murder that took place within a period of more than 400 years. If SCP-140-DE-1 does not look in the right direction, closes its eyes or looks away, the formed structure of SCP-140-DE-2 disintegrates. It is restored within less than three hundredths of a second when visual contact is resumed. The illusions will then have "moved" as far as they did during the time of interrupted visual contact. Natural obstacles such as trees or walls will also cause the corresponding parts of SCP-140-DE-2 to disintegrate; if SCP-140-DE-1 bypasses the respective visual blockage, the image will be reconstructed, in correct temporal relation. SCP-140-DE-1 can view the figures from all sides and any distance; the effect only ends when the respective zone is left. It is possible that several effect radii overlap, multiple past deaths can be observed simultaneously, strong accumulation leads to the formation of the quantities of SCP-140-DE-2 required for representation (see "Selected test protocols").

On the containment of SCP-140-EN: The SCP Foundation was made aware of SCP-140-DE on 23.07.2011 by a report from Agent F. Rozek (working undercover at the police station █ in M██████). A man had reported the murder of a young woman who had been strangled. According to his account, he had entered a wooded area near P██████ in the early evening to urinate. While doing so, he had noticed a grey translucent woman lying on the ground about 20 metres away. She had been alone, but had clearly performed the movements of coitus. The witness stated that he had not been sober at the time and had therefore approached the scene, although he had known that it was a ghost. The man further stated that the act had come to a standstill, invisible fingers had crushed the woman's neck while her arms were wildly rowing through the air where they hit non-existent obstacles. The man was unable to move in shock and watched the woman die. She then disappeared into thin air, but reappeared almost immediately, again engaged in coitus. He then fled and alerted the police. Later, he strictly refused to come closer than 40 metres to the crime scene. The police could not discover any signs of foul play; rather by chance, an inspector noticed a slight lowering of the ground level. At a depth of about half a metre, the officers came across the body of Helena L███, a well-known prostitute from M██████ who had been missing for 32 years. The witness was then taken to the police station, where a blood alcohol test showed a concentration of 1.2 per millilitre. After taking the report, Agent Rozek reported to the MTF in charge, which dispatched a group of plainclothes personnel. The witness was taken to location DE17 the same night in accordance with protocol. 14 hours later, the interrogation of SCP-140-DE-1 by Dr Himmeroth began. Two days later, a fictitious missing person's report was launched at the police station concerned. (see interview transcript MV EX-PER 1)

Interview transcript MV EX-PER 1

Note: This transcript is a video/audio transcription of the interview conducted on 24.7.2011 at site-DE17, level 3. SCP-140-DE-1 was interviewed by Dr Himmeroth. SCP-140-DE-1 appeared highly nervous on the way to the interview and walked part of the way with his back against the wall. SCP-140-DE-1 is abbreviated as "S1" in this document.

Dr. Himmeroth: "Good afternoon, Mr E█████. Please take a seat. My name is Dr. Himmeroth. How are you feeling today?"

S1: "I just saw another ghost. My hair is standing on end. Is this a mental hospital?"

Dr. Himmeroth: [Laughs] "Slowly, slowly. First of all, no, not a mental hospital. And you're not insane, I think, if that's what you're alluding to."

S1: "Then you're haunted."

Dr. Himmeroth: "What exactly did you see, if you don't mind me asking?"

S1: "Someone's been shot in the corridor outside! What a shit!"

Dr. Himmeroth: "Na na. I didn't hear any gunshots or anything else, Mr. E█████."

[ S1 shrugs off ]

Dr. Himmeroth: "Can you tell me since when…."

[ S1 jumps up from the chair and presses his hands in front of his mouth ]

S1: "[incomprehensible]… no!"

Dr. Himmeroth: "Mr E█████, calm down, please!"

S1: "The woman! Did you see her? The one who was thrown into the corner behind you?!"

Dr. Himmeroth: "There is no one here. Calm down!"

[ Security guards enter the room, but are waved out by Dr. Himmeroth ]

S1: "Also shot! I was told it was BETTER here! It's much WORSE here!"

Dr. Himmeroth: "I guess it's over now, huh? Let's talk. Glass of water? Coffee?"

S1: "Not over. They'll be back in a minute. I'm not staying here!"

[ S1 makes an effort to leave the room ]

Dr. Himmeroth: "Hold on, hold on. We will find a solution!"

Note: The questioning continued about 20 minutes later in another room.

Dr. Himmeroth: "Do you feel better here, Mr E█████?"

S1: "Listen, lately I've been seeing people die. They die, come back and die again. And then again. Such brutal shit!"

Dr. Himmeroth: "That's why we're here. We'll figure out what's going on, then we'll figure it out, all right? So… when did all this… Ghosts?"

S1: "Pretty sure that scumbag eye doctor did this to me."

Dr. Himmeroth: "Please start from the beginning."

S1: "Well, I have bad eyes, short-sighted. And they'll probably get worse, so I go to the eye doctor about once a year. Always to the same one. Then I get a call from his holiday replacement, well more from his, like again…. Receptionist?"

Dr. Himmeroth: "Office assistant?"

S1: "Yes, exactly. I'm supposed to come by, if possible, for the annual check-up."

Dr. Himmeroth: "Did that seem strange to you?"

S1: "Yes. But the woman said that Doctor F███████ had asked the other doctor to work off as many such cases as possible. Because otherwise there would be almost no patients. Because of the holiday."

Dr. Himmeroth: "I assume you went there?"

S1: "Semester break. So I went there. Everything was normal, I was the only patient, which was quite pleasant. So I go straight in, the doctor checks my eyes and tells me that everything is OK.."

Dr. Himmeroth: "Nothing unusual at all?"

S1: "No, those drops that dilate the pupils, wait a moment, check, done. But a few hours later I see a ghost. I think I'm crazy and call the doctor. Because I thought the drops were wrong. I have a lot of "mouches volantes" and the ghosts looked similar, only bigger and… sharper. I don't know how to explain it. In any case, no one answered the phone. And the next day there was no replacement and nothing else either.."

Dr. Himmeroth: "Interesting. Describe the doctor and give me the address of the doctor's office, please."

[ S1 complies with the request ]

S1: "Like I said, after that I see ghosts. Shit like that. And in the forest
I went to see the ghost woman… …and I was kind of pissed… and I wasn't sober. I shouldn't have done it."

Dr. Himmeroth: "Well, thank you, Mr E█████. You're going to have a medical check-up now, then rest, have a bite to eat. All right?"

S1: "Okay. As long as this crazy stuff stops, I'm happy."

Selected test protocols

Note: During the period in which the following tests took place, an attempt was made at site-DE17 to implant removed tissue with SCP-140-DE-2 into various subjects from the D-class personnel. None of the test subjects were harmed, however, the abnormal effect of SCP-140-DE-2 was not induced.

Test parameters: SCP-140-DE-1 was accompanied to the respective test area by Dr Himmeroth and the agents Requart and Anderson. SCP-140-DE-1 was not informed about the destination during any excursion; the transport took place in an opaque transporter. About two kilometres before reaching the target, SCP-140-DE-1 was additionally blindfolded; the blindfold was only removed within or shortly before the target perimeter.

Test MV EX-PER 27.1

Date: 15.9.2011, 14:00-15:00 o'clock

Location: City tour through N██████

Result: At least two sightings, manner of death was not identified due to vehicle movement, two homicides confirmed in the area in question.

Test MV EX-PER 30.1

Date: 4.10.2011, 00:50-1:30 o'clock

Location: Country road at E██████, where alleged sightings of a ghostly hitchhiker have been accumulating. (No result in investigations by the Foundation)

Result: None

Test MV EX-PER 48.1

Date: 20.10.2011, 9:00-9:10 o'clock

Location: Former concentration camp Dachau

Result: Multiple sightings, confirmation irrelevant. SCP-140-DE-1 vomited and suffered a nervous breakdown. Discolouration of eyeballs to grey due to extreme accumulation of SCP-140-DE-2.

Test MV IN-PER 1.1

Date: N/A

Location: Site-DE17

Result: Termination of D-class personnel in front of SCP-140-DE-1 to determine time between death and appearance of images rejected by site management after intervention by Dr Himmeroth.

Test MV EX-PER 78.1

Date: 16.11.2011, 2:00-2:45 o'clock

Location: Waterpark ██████ in Bad ██████, parking lot


Note: The following transcript is a video/audio transcription of the recordings from the cameras of agents Requart and Anderson.

[ Blindfold removed by Dr Himmeroth ]

Dr. Himmeroth: "So, let's get started. How do you feel?"

S1: "I feel like shit every time we do this."

Dr. Himmeroth: [smiles] "Superhero, remember? Do you see anything yet?"

A. Anderson: "The almighty Thaumiel." [ suppressed laughter]

S1: Let's take a walk. Okay, there they are. Two… no, three men. Combat suits, machine guns or something. They're running, firing to the back… they're running from somebody."

Dr. Himmeroth: "Go on."

S1: "They took cover behind those concrete pillars up ahead. Still shooting."

A. Requart: "Move forward, Doctor?"

Dr. Himmeroth: "Yes, to the pillars. But at a leisurely pace. We'll wait for the next cycle. Have you noticed anything special?"

S1: "Yeah, sure. These guys have the same symbol on their helmets as you have on your notes in the annex. Or the two gentlemen here under their coat lapels."

A. Requart: "Oh great."

S1: "So do we have soldiers in the facility, or what?"

Dr. Himmeroth: "Concentrate. What do you see?"

S1: "In the meantime, they ran around the corner there, that's where I lost them.."

[ The group reaches the supporting pillars ]

S1: "Okay, here they come again. One of them is yelling into a thing on his collar. Radio, I think. They're here. Uh… There's one inside you…"

A. Anderson: [ moves aside ] "Shit."

S1: "So, around the corner here now. Run like crazy. Hold theyre fire. It starts… I think. Stopped. One of them was thrown against the wall. Still alive. No, dead. How did… what was…"

Dr. Himmeroth: "The others?"

S1: "Firing again. One now on the ground. He's… oh god!"

[ S1 wavers, Agent Anderson reacts and holds S1 ]

A. Anderson: "Hey, pull yourself together. Nothing will happen to you, you know that!"

S1: [ chokes ] "Leg torn off. Chest crushed, face… gone. Dead. Thank God."

Dr. Himmeroth: "Breathe. The last man?"

S1: "Also dead. Shit, he's been… Eaten?! Ah, over."

Dr. Himmeroth: "All right, that's enough. Well done. We'll go outside this way. Try the breathing exercise."

S1: "Man, I SHIT on superhero!"

Final note: Two points are important with regard to SCP-140-DE. First, the group or person behind the ominous "OCUOPT Gmbh" must be identified. It is highly likely that SCP-140-DE-1 has been infected with SCP-140-DE-2 through them. Consequently, the grouping has an interest in SCP-140-DE-1 and probably also watched him when he came into contact with the Foundation. Therefore, in order to protect the Foundation, as well as because of the high level of biothaumaturgical or nanotechnological skills displayed, an investigation is a high priority. Secondly, the undeniable use of SCP-140-DE-1 is to analyse the tactics, killing and hunting behaviour and the like of unconfined SCPs in follow-up investigations of personnel losses. At the moment, SCP-140-DE-1 still needs psychological support to be able to classify its new abilities, but progress has already been made in the course of therapy.

Dr. Himmeroth, Project Management, Dept. of Human Resources, Thaumaturgy, Site-DE17

Addendum approved by DE17 Site Control:

  • 16.11.2013 Approval for Standard Agent Training
  • 2.11.2015 Commendation (Acting)
  • 12.10.2016 Agent status authorised
  • 2.12.2017 Commendation (Acting)
  • 23.10.2018 Reprimand, breach of protocol (relationship), transfer to Project Trickster
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