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Item #: SCP-140-IT

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The operations to monitor and conceal SCP-140-IT are coordinated at Site Virtus and carried out by agents of the Intelligence and Research Section (SIR), some of whom are embedded with the National Autonomous Roads Company (ANAS). Furthermore, it is necessary to intermittently cooperate with the German (DE), Greek (EL), English (EN), Spanish (ES) and French (FR) branches.

The use of reality cells proved effective to prevent the effects of SCP-140-IT. However, given the costs and the logistical problems implied by the hypothetical securization of all the affected areas, contributions to contain SCP-140-IT is limited to some dozens of units buried in strategic locations.

Description: SCP-140-IT is a spatial dislocation anomalous phenomenon acting on a probabilistic scale, manifesting itself in some specific city areas located mainly - but not exclusively - on Italian soil. It affects moving individuals and/or animals, either alone or in a group. It is a sudden dematerialization event, followed by a near-immediate materialization event in a different location;1 SCP-140-IT extends to any vehicles and the items on the victims' physical body (clothes and accessories), it maintains their momentum and occurs in a manner granting survival, at least from the outset.2

The dematerializating locations include the tracks of a well-defined list of roads, which can subsequently be classified based on their frequency rate. Said rate was obtained from the statistical analysis of all the established events recorded so far (see the SIR/140 record[WARNING! INVALID ACCESS CREDENTIALS]).

On the other hand, the materialization location may include any (unoccupied) point within the area bordered by the Great Ring Junction; the most frequent locations by far (roughly 10% of all the events) are included within a 1478.5 m radius3 from the coordinates N 41° 53' 33.32" E 12° 29' 04.13", which are considered the epicenter of the SCP-140-IT phenomenon.

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