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Item #: SCP-1405-JP

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1405-JP is to be owned by "Sunflower Clean Project Wales Branch" which is the Foundation front organization, and is to be fenced off.

201█/█/██ Additional Items: The area around SCP-1405-JP is to be sealed off by the cover story "avalanche countermeasure work". Personnel operating within SCP-1405-JP during the activation should be prepared for a sudden snowstorm. All videos and audios from the surveillance cameras are to be recorded and analyzed by the Research Headquarters.

Description: SCP-1405-JP is a botanical garden located at ██████, Gwynedd, Wales, UK. The anomalous property of SCP-1405-JP is activated when there is more than about 30cm of snow in the garden. For your information, it was not activated by artificial snow.

The snow on the active SCP-1405-JP gradually deforms over a period of about 1 hour, producing a number of crystalline bodies that closely resemble plants (hereinafter called SCP-1405-JP-1). The length of the part that corresponds to the stem is about 10cm~30cm, and it always models on the flowering state. SCP-1405-JP-1 is densely condensed with water molecules, making it highly durable. When SCP-1405-JP-1 is covered with snow, new SCP-1405-JP-1 will be generated from its surface.

SCP-1405-JP-1 Examples (Click to enlarge):

Please refer to the attached SCP-1405-JP-1 analysis report for the analysis results of all examples.

SCP-1405-JP was discovered on 201█/█/█ by a botanical garden staff member who reported that "the garden was covered with flowers made of snow". The botanical garden was purchased by the Foundation front organization "Sunflower Clean Project Wales Branch", and the cover story "sale due to business difficulties" was applied. The staff of the botanical garden were amnestized, and assistance was provided such as re-employment placement.

The following is a letter that was found in the belongings of the late Mr. James McMillan1 who is the former owner of SCP-1405-JP. It is written in archaic Welsh, and there are words that seem to be the name and address of the sender, but none of them have been identified. Even an interview with the family of the deceased did not reveal any information about the sender. An unknown plant-derived material was used for the letterhead, sealing wax2, and ink which are currently being analyzed.

SCP-1405-JP Related Document-α:

Dear Sir McMillan.

It has been a long time since I last contacted you, how are you doing lately? The trees here are beginning to leaf out and the squirrels are getting ready for hibernation. Soon our Frost Brothers will turn the whole kingdom white.

Thanks to Sir's flower garden, I was able to make a wonderful dress again this year. If you were in good health, I would have loved to invite you to the court ball. I wish you could have seen the dancing of the ladies in their rose, lily, and daisy dresses. It was as if the aurora has descended to the earth.

By the way, Ambassador Heng Waz told me that you were troubled by the decreasing number of visitors to your flower garden in the winter. So I consulted Frost Brothers, and they suggested that we make Sir's flower garden bloom with flowers that only bloom in winter. Couldn't we make this a wintertime attraction?

Swear on oak, ash, and hawthorn trees, it has been the wish of the entire nation to return the favor to Sir. I hope it will be successful. Please take care of yourself.

In my private chamber at Hywel Castle, on the 2nd day of the month of the dead leaves
From Queen Gwendolien, faithful friend of Sir

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