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SCP-1407-JP at the initial finding.

Item #: SCP-1407-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-1407-JP are to be contained in standard containment unit with SCP-1407-JP-1 and SCP-1407-JP reports. Documents and objects that were found by confirming of SCP-1407-JP are to be assigned to each containment personnel after investigations.

Description: SCP-1407-JP are substances which resemble broiler chicks (Gallus gallus domesticus) that are conjectured to have antimemetic abilities or affected by that effect. These substances have shown no psychological phenomena such as growth until today. SCP-1407-JP has the ability to hinder memories, cognitions and information to make others forget about themselves.

SCP-1407-JP's antimemetic traits spread to all media that are descripted about SCP-1407-JP themselves. Therefore, the number SCP-1407-JP is normally assigned to eye drops which are mentioned later and are prohibited to use.

SCP-1407-JP have no visual abnormalities. According to information attached to documents mentioned later, it is conjectured that there are biological devices in SCP-1407-JP's head and scenes it visually recognized can be watched. Detachment of the device isn’t available until today, hence the analysis of its images has failed.

Foundation has failed to hinder SCP-1407-JP's antimemetic traits, and currently the only way to hinder it’s antimemetic traits is the instillation of the oiliness eye-drop which has an anti-antimemetic effect (hereinafter referred to as SCP-1407-JP-1) that was found with documents mentioned later. By using SCP-1407-JP-01, it becomes available to recognize SCP-1407-JP by visualand tactile sense. 12 bottles of SCP-1407-JP-1 were discovered at the first finding and 7 bottles1 are remaining due to consumption for making reports and research.

By re-recognizing SCP-1407-JP by the method written above, several SCP-1407-JP disappearance occurs. Regarding the records mentioned later, the disappearances possibly have relations with GoI, Drunkness Street. By these disappearances, it is suggested that all SCP-1407-JP would be disappeared in the end, and along with it reports, texts and objects that are related to them will also disappear. Right now, a study to exclude SCP-1407-JP’s antimemetic traits to keep them recognizable is in under way in the same nominal as other studes.

SCP-1407-JP was found when the Foundation investigated a biotope faculty which was a base of JOICLE. This base is currently designated as Containment Site-81NS. There were no researchers who knew SCP-1407-JP at that time, and they had no information but they were left by a predecessor about SCP-1407-JP-1.

Addendum 1: When recognizing SCP-1407-JP by the way mentioned above, it is confirmed that some texts appear on an information media nearby. It is indicated that these sentences resemble texts which are found in objects that are related to Drunkness Street. Following is an excerpt of the texts.

SCP-1407-JP Related document-1(Excerpts)

How are you? We are very happy to see you frequently
Although we don't know what you want
We'll be delighted if you like this street
Also, please give our kind regards to our friends you took with

From Drunkness Street, with love

Addendum 2: On investigating Containment Site-81NS by using SCP-1407-JP-1, a laboratory segregated by antimemetic outer wall was newly found. SCP-1407-JP are thought to be raised in the laboratory, and new 38 SCP-1407-JP were found.

List of SCP-1407-JP related objects (Excerpts)

Followings are the excerpt from the list of objects that were found and gained with SCP-1407-JP.

  • 21 pieces of toys for infants
  • 13 pieces of ornaments
  • 2 carcasses of unanomalous creatures
  • 18 volumes of books that were written in multiple languages
  • A note which is thought to belong to the assigned researcher (hereinafter referred to as SCP-1407-JP-Related document-2. Details mentioned later.)
  • 3 anomalies
  • A fossil of a creature which resembles of Chiroptera. It is thought to be predate than Onychonycteris, and its wings are undeveloped.
  • A carcass of an unknown creature. Its appearance resembles of Mysticeti, but no current species have coincided. Similarities to Megaptera have been confirmed.
  • An Wroński model incorporeal organism. Disappeared before the spiritual essence adhered. It's appearance resembled to Nue in Japanese tradition.

Followings are the excerpts from SCP-1407-JP Related document-2. These texts are thought to be addressed to the researchers in junior colleague.

SCP-1407-JP Related document-2(Excerpts)


From today, I'll take notes besides experiment logs, regarding the possibility of memory opacitas from the natures of the experiment.

I wanted to use Homo sapiens as a subject, but it couldn't bear the overload. Therefore, I will use chicks instead.
In addition to this, as I think that oblivion is the very clue, I myself will also relinquish this memory till the next experiment.
I hope the effect won't spread to the eye-drops.

The objective of this experiment is to search for the entity, which has formerly existed and was "forgotten" from our current memories.
Although it is unknown that where our memories and the concept of that street depends, but if it isn't limited to human beings, the missing links2to contemporary species may also be found.
It will contribute to our studies very much. It will also be some fund if I sell it to dilettantes.
I'd like to expect it to be a meaningful experiment.


The experiment tentatively succeeded. Maybe because of the forceful extract from inevitable oblivion, the image was vague.
One of the ten chicks succeeded to bring an object back, though. This return is far more bigger than the lost of four.
Hope I can achieve the original objective.


By now, objects that were brought back were nothing but rubbish.
Commonplace toys, ornaments, books I can't read. Some of them sold well since they were said to have precious value.

That street is immeasurably big. Both images and movies are becoming stable, but the scenery changes each time I see it.
It's like a kaleidoscope. Or does it change with observer's recognition?
Moreover, not only objects are there. It seems that some concepts are also "forgettable".

I was surprised when [REDACTED] burst out crying. What did he recall, and what did make him go mad?


It was the first example that was an anomaly. Fortunately, its trait wasn't so dangerous, but I'll have to think what to do if a lethal one would be found.

In addition to this, I found something familiar in the rubbish. Although I don't know when I saw it, oddly I'm interested in it.

I researched and found that it was a company emblem of JOICLE when it was founded. It's a bit strange to call us a company but anyway twas a thing like that.
So, it was natural to be familiar with it, huh. But also a rubbish anyway.


Finally, I achieved the objective. Though it's a fossil, a missing link to the contemporary Chiroptera is in my hand.
I'll have to praise the chick that brought it back.

Now the question is the existence of that street. In hypothesis the base of it is in the structural domains of human beings' collective unconsciousness, but there are some records of ages that human being clearly don't exist.
Currently, everything is only a hypothesis and lacks evidence. I may understand that place if the videos become a little clearer at least.
I don't like the theory of that place by the way. Our policy is to continue making progresses. To resolve, to analyze, to dissect, to unravel, that's it.

Even if it courts the death of the world, it will be a beautiful end.


I recalled. I recalled the objective of JOICLE.
Once we were the protector for the human, once we were the light bringer of the science.

Chicks, O'chicks. Could you remember?
Since when, since when had we been Croesus?
Since when had we been the darkness itself, the devourer of the world? Since when had we been the madness itself?

Though it's still not too late, I believe. There must be someone who hasn't forgetton our pride.
I'll go and see the "professor". And I should ask her for help. Chicks, wait for me here till I return.
We'll never lapse into the City of Drunkness. We'll have to continue making progresses without going mad.
We'll have to resolve, analyze, dissect, unravel, even if the subjects are ourselves.

I'll leave this note here. Someone who may read this, recall what I recalled. Recall what we once forgot.

I did find the company emblem from the rubbish.

The world is too beautiful to be broken by the madness.

The person who recorded this note is thought to be in cooperation with "professor", who currently have knowledge of multiple anomalies and contained objects in JOICLE.

Are the chicks fine?
You frequently come to this street, but now you don’t, which make us feel so lonely
If you want to come to this street, you may do so at any time. There's no difficulties

Till we meet again

We'll wait for you, forever

From Drunkness Street, with love

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