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the formation of black clouds.

Object #: SCP-141-TH

Object Class: Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, there is no effective method of containing SCP-141-TH.

SCP-141-TH is to be monitored by the Department of Anomalies, Sector-███, to report any anomalies unrelated to the properties of SCP-141-TH to the main area of the institution for containment measures against SCP-141-TH in the future.

In the case where the conglomerate cloud forming SCP-141-TH appears as a black rain cloud, local authorities must be notified immediately to evacuate people from the area where SCP-141-TH is about to manifest.

Description: SCP-141-TH is an anomalous phenomenon in the sky that occurs simultaneously in various locations worldwide, starting from the year 1913. The visible manifestation of SCP-141-TH is a cloud-like structure resembling an eye, emitting a soft white light, which appears in 103 randomly distributed positions in the sky. It appears normally from 14:41 to 15:41 on the 14th day of the 8th month, regardless of the weather conditions. Currently, no abnormalities can be detected during the occurrence of SCP-141-TH.

The area beneath SCP-141-TH experiences a hurricane with winds reaching 50 miles per hour, which persists for 57 minutes before dissipating. However, there is a 0.050% chance that the cloud sample may turn black. If the sample turns black, it triggers a cyclonic storm and other abnormalities (see Appendix).

Reports from personnel assigned to observe SCP-141-TH indicate that the sample exhibits movement inconsistent with wind patterns or contains objects or movements resembling eye blinking.

Observations of SCP-141-TH:

  1. The sky within a radius of 35 km remains clear, even during rainfall.
  2. The surrounding cloud masses move rapidly, allowing for clear observation.
  3. The cloud mass transforms into SCP-141-TH.

Appendix: Black Cloud Observations

Date: ██-██-2493
Location: ████████
Recording: Field Agent ██████ captured black and white video footage of SCP-141-TH manifesting as a black cloud with a bright sky. The sample appeared solid black with no visible irises. A slow-moving storm vortex formed in front of the agent, causing them to retreat. The agent retreated from the center of SCP-141-TH but continued to record the sample. Although the video footage was blurry, it revealed that white fangs emerged within SCP-141-TH before the jaws opened, revealing approximately 10 layers of overlapping teeth inside. During this time, objects were expelled from SCP-141-TH's mouth before transforming into black eyeballs.

The expelled objects from SCP-141-TH were identified as animal carcasses, mostly decomposed and several days old. A total of 425 carcasses were collected. No abnormalities were found in the animal carcasses.

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