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Item #: SCP-143-FR

Threat Level: Blue

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Access to the farm SCP-143-FR is located in is to be restricted, and the farm is to be monitored by seven (7) field agents in a continuous patrol, particularly around SCP-143-FR, in addition to fence walls surrounding the farm. Any person having penetrated this location must be intercepted and escorted to the outside (use of violence and Class-A amnestics is allowed).

On-location researchers are to assure an annual count of four (4) births in order to insure the availability of specimens for the Research Department of the SCP Foundation. Any additional anomaly noticed about SCP-143-FR or the farm it is located in must be reported.

Description: SCP-143-FR is a fenced chicken coop located inside a farm in the department of Lozère, France. The latter was built during the late 1800s and was abandoned in 1905. As of today, no other location inside the farm appears to be affected by anomalous events. The farm has a surface area of two hundred and fifty square meters (250m²).

After thorough testing and research conducted inside the farm (including SCP-143-FR) and on captured specimens (see addendum), Foundation researchers have come to the conclusion that the SCP-143-FR anomaly consists in a genetic mutation (occurring gradually from birth to sexual maturity) induced by the latter in certain animal species. It results in an anatomical evolutionary regression in affected animal specimens (approximately seventy (70) million years according to researchers' estimates). However, it appears that only Gallus gallus domesticus specimens born inside the area covered by SCP-143-FR are vulnerable to its effects.

Behavior-wise, the only differences between specimens contaminated by SCP-143-FR and regular specimens are a rise in violent tendencies. Cases of SCP-143-FR and regular specimens are able to procreate but hybridization always results in regular Gallus gallus domesticus.

Addendum: The farm SCP-143-FR is located in was purchased by a thirty-year-old couple in 1998 who considered rehabilitating the farm as a bed-and-breakfast while reviving agricultural activities. SCP-143-FR was renovated this same year.

On April 10th 2002, both individuals as well as three (3) field agents deployed by the Foundation discovered SCP-143-FR and upon entering, encountered life forms of a half-avian, half-reptilian type similar in appearance and measurements to Pyroraptor olympius. Upon sighting the security agents, the creatures immediately emitted subtle roars to induce a feeling of intimidation. The field agents elected to retreat from SCP-143-FR and its casualties.

The Foundation started an intervention in the aim of neutralizing instances present in SCP-143-FR through non-lethal means (animal-grade sedative gas). In total, forty eight specimens (48) of which thirty five (35) matched descriptions from field agents were intercepted and the aforementioned farm has been access-restricted ever since.

After investigation, the Foundation discovered that the couple having purchased the farm had ties to a group of interest known as [REDACTED] and whose purpose is still unclear.

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