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The JPEG file used as SCP-1431-JP (resized). The image itself is not anomalous (read article).

Item #: SCP-1431-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1431-JP's files are stored following the guidelines on the newest edition of the Manual on Storing Anomalous Data. These files are to be kept in a designated locker at Site-81██ Abnormal Data Storage Unit. Since it is highly likely that several people, including the creator of SCP-1431-JP, have a copy of SCP-1431-JP's data, in order to prevent the further exposure of the abnormality to civilians "dataSet-1431: Life cycle of a luminescent moss" has been added to the WEB search routine conducted by the information department. For more information on dataSet-1431, refer to the WEB search routine list.

Description: SCP-1431-JP is a JavaScript file titled "schistostega.min.js". When the file is opened, a message formatted like a comment explains that the program uses a MIT liscence and that "tobidasu_yahata_kun"1 created the file in 2017 appears (see Addendum 1) followed by a chain of single-byte letters with no apparent sequence that continues for ██████ characters (these characters are designated as SCP-1431-JP-1). The first half of SCP-1431-JP-1 is mostly standard JavaScript coding that has been encrypted using an original algorithm; however it is unknown whether the rest is an already-known programming language that has been encrypted, details on the operation system, or something completely different.

When SCP-1431-JP is loaded by a web page using html elements, head elements, and body elements (referred to as SCP-1431-JP-α) and opened by a designated communication device, SCP-1431-JP-1 will create an image element and a div element at the beginning of the body element using non-anomalous means. The image element inserted is a JPEG file of a luminescent moss (Schistostega pennata) (referred to as SCP-1431-JP-2) and is an inline image that has been encoded using base64. The following message is shown in the div element.

Image: Luminous Moss
Copyright: (c) Yusuke Miyahara
License: CC BY 2.0

(The text and link both use strong elements, a elements, and br elements.)
The information in the message is all correct.

The following conditions have to be met in order to activate the anomalous properties of SCP-1431-JP.
1 Load SCP-1431-JP and a jQuery file released later than v1.92 onto SCP-1431-JP-α using a device that can connect to the Internet, open it with a modern web browser3 (as of 2017/██) and have the subject read over 60% of SCP-1431-JP-2.
2 The subject often watches over a specific website or group of websites and frequently shares the information gathered by this act to others on the Internet4.

When the previous two conditions are met, the subject will become completely stiff for 1~2 seconds. According to an interview conducted after the recovery, the subject experiences "the life cycle of a luminescent moss". There are no clear explanations as to what exactly a "life cycle of a lumiscent moss" is like, with subjects describing it as "realizing you've become a large organism and then just sitting there, not thinking, for a very long time while sticking onto something", "feeling yourself dry up in the air and slowly dying, then suddenly being a human again", and "just instinctively knowing you've just experienced the life cycle of a moss". With current technology it is impossible to tell whether these experiences are accurate to the life cycle of a luminescent moss told by the moss's point of view.

After 300 seconds pass after SCP-1431-JP-α is displayed with condition 1 met a message from tobidasu_yahata_kun appears in the body of the website (see Addendum 3).

Addendum 1: SCP-1431-JP's MIT liscence.

/* [ turn into schistostega ] Copyright (c) 2017 tobidasu_yahata_kun This software is released under the MIT License. */

Addendum 2: On 2017/██/██, the online occult club "Qitan-qitan" and a city-based light music club caught the attention of an agent keeping an eye on Qitan-qitan when they were spreading the incomoprehensible joke "they were net-watching so much that they got turned into moss". Durning investigation, three individuals explained that they were "discovered" by the person they were watching and were "shown a web site and experienced the 'life cycle of a luminescent moss'" but they had "no records of the web adress and no memory of how the web site was sent [to them] or even who sent [them] the web site in the first place".

Based on the statements, the web page that the three supposedly saw was found through searching the rental servers provided by the Internet service "Sakura Internet". Immediately the owner of the server deleted their account, and the incident was passed off as a "strange experience" using cover stories and amnestics. It should be noted that the SCP-1431-JP-2 on the web site had an additional em element reading "stop it ya
Peeping Tom, and the dopeness" appeared after the incident.

An investigation is currently being done to find the person who exposed SCP-1431-JP-α to the subjects (thought to be the same person as tobidasu_yahata_kun). While this person has the characteristic of being a part of serveral tight-knit but unrelated Internet communities, so far there has been no evidence to hint at who this person may be.

Addendum 3: The following is a message that appears after SCP-1431-JP-α has been displayed for 300 seconds5

Yo, what'cha doin', taking this stuff seriously? It's literally just a communication thing like you'd better consider yourself lucky I didn't turn you into moss! … *special thanks* jockjamsvol6/voodoobuzz/gaycopmp4/everyone in the kitan-kit an community/similarly MyMem from Yotsuya [Redacted]/and me… 2017[Date Redacted] tobidasu_yahata_kun

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