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Footage from SCP-1433-JP stationary monitoring camera (Live feed)

Item #: SCP-1433-JP

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: An artificial reservoir has been installed in SCP-1433-JP; it is to be refilled every time the water level drops by 5 cm. The residents of the area have been evicted through the dissemination of the cover story "Geyser".

Description: SCP-1433-JP is an anomalous area of 409 m2 located in Mt. ████████, Yamagata Prefecture, where rainwater becomes suspended in midair. The point of suspension is not fixed and is generally unevenly distributed at 5 m above the ground.

The suspended rainwater falls to the ground at irregular intervals. Falling velocity and impulsive force increase with the length of the suspension period. In a past case where rainwater was suspended for 330 days, a falling velocity of ████ m/s and an impulsive force of ███ N/s were recorded; four personnel on duty were fatally injured when the falling rainwater penetrated their bodies.

Transfer of the suspended rainwater has not been successful, only to have the rainwater reappear in its initial location. The attempt to cover SCP-1433-JP with a building to block the inflow of rainwater resulted in an expansion of the affected area, causing the rainwater to pause outside of the original site.

Addendum: No rainwater descent has been observed since 2006/8/22. The amount of rainwater currently suspended is [REDACTED], from which the estimated falling velocity is [REDACTED], with an impulsive force of [REDACTED]. If the rainwater falls at this point, ██% of Mt. ████████ is expected to collapse, which would cause a major landslide. In the event of rainwater descent after 20██, it is expected to reach the magma reservoir beneath Mt. ████████, leading to the occurrence of a large-scale eruption and seismic activity. Countermeasures are still under discussion.

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