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SCP-1440-JP after it has finished growing (top),
SCP-1440-JP with lines extending from it (bottom)

Item #: SCP-1440-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1440-JP is currently attached to a sheet of A4 paper and stored in a vault with humidity controls. It is forbidden to bring liquids that may evaporate at room temperature into SCP-1440-JP's containment chamber.

When growing new SCP-1440-JP, pack and transport the required SCP-1440-JP, ensuring that the objects are not exposed to light in uncontrolled environments. Personnel working with SCP-1440-JP growing past the end of the second must wear protective clothing.

Objects on which SCP-1440-JP have adhered are stored in a darkroom with humidity controls. The use of a flashlight is recommended when entering the darkroom to search.

If SCP-1440-JP adheres to a human subject, the subject must be quarantined immediately. If SCP-1440-JP reaches the end of its second stage, a transparent box is to be attached to the subject to contain all new instances of SCP-1440-JP. Following this, the SCP-1440-JP is to be removed by skin removal surgery. After recovery, the skin is to be stored in a freezer within a darkroom.

Sector 1440 has been constructed around the location where SCP-1440-JP was discovered, enclosing the affected areas. The original source of SCP-1440-JP has been sealed off.

Description: SCP-1440-JP is an unknown entity with unknown origins. SCP-1440-JP's defining trait is its appearance, resembling the hiragana letter と (to) written in regular script with ink. Initially, SCP-1440-JP is 5 cm in height, and has virtually zero thickness; it is impossible to perceive SCP-1440-JP from the side.


just before
adhering to
the floor

SCP-1440-JP has the ability to adhere to any surface. This ability is apparent immediately following its production in the reproductive behavior described below. SCP-1440-JP adheres to objects with larger surface area than the instance itself. Although objects that SCP-1440-JP attaches to do not undergo any changes, it is impossible to remove SCP-1440-JP from an object once it has adhered to it. If the surface is broken into fragments, it will continue to adhere to fragments with a larger surface area than the instance itself. However, if more than 90% of the original attachment surface has been destroyed, it will remain fixed in space, maintaining its shape and becoming intangible to everything except light. No method has been found of completely destroying SCP-1440-JP.

If the humidity of the surrounding area is above a certain level and sunlight is allowed to reach it, SCP-1440-JP will begin to grow in a manner similar to that of plant life. As it is impossible to confirm whether SCP-1440-JP possesses any organs that can absorb nutrients, the relationship between these conditions and its subsequent growth is currently unknown.

The following is a description of the changes that SCP-1440-JP undergoes while growing.


SCP-1440-JP: first stage

Stage 1: This is the first stage of SCP-1440-JP growth. SCP-1440-JP will expand in surface area, without changing its thickness. After expanding to a certain size, extra branch-like strokes will grow in the area above the point where the first and second strokes join. Multiple branch-like strokes will grow, and subsequently extend. These extra strokes may sometimes branch out into multiple strokes themselves.


SCP-1440-JP: end of second stage

Stage 2: The second stage of SCP-1440-JP growth begins when the branches stop extending. After a certain amount of time, circles will form at the end of the branches. These circles will slowly fill in as time passes, and eventually become fully filled. When this occurs, SCP-1440-JP will cease to change in shape, and after a certain amount of time, new SCP-1440-JP will be launched out of the circles. Following this, the original SCP-1440-JP will cease physical transformation.

The SCP-1440-JP instances produced in this process will, after being launched approximately 1 m away, fall to the ground, affected by wind and other environmental effects, and eventually adhere to other objects.

Discovery: SCP-1440-JP was discovered in a mansion owned by Mr. ████████, located in ███████ City, ████████ Prefecture. A relative who was visiting Mr. ████████ reported the anomaly, located in the mansion study. At the time of discovery, SCP-1440-JP had been deactivated by covering all the light sources in the study with its own propagation, and the Foundation, after recovering the bare minimum of items, successfully sealed the mansion.

The only relation between Mr. ████████ and SCP-1440-JP currently known is that he was a calligrapher.

According to his relatives, he had not responded to any attempts to contact him since 20██/██/██. The Foundation is currently working with the police force to investigate his whereabouts. Mr. ████████ has not been located.


Original source of SCP-1440-JP

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