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Item #: SCP-1444-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The Misasagihara Apartment, where SCP-1444-JP is located is under ownership of a Foundation front company, and the cover story “Risk of collapse” has been used to seal the building, and a surveillance system has been installed to prevent the public from trespassing. Furthermore, SCP-14444-JP’s veranda has been covered with a wooden wall in order to make outside observation impossible.

Only Research Task Force “Peer Reviewers” are allowed to observe SCP-1444-JP-A and SCP-1444-JP-B events. “Peer Reviewers” members must carefully read the additional observation procedures document.

Description: SCP-1444-JP is room 206 of the Misasagihara Apartment, located in the Yamashina ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. The room’s layout is near identical to other rooms, with no exterior abnormalities present.

SCP-1444-JP-A and SCP-1444-JP-B are humanoid entities that can only be observed under special conditions. Their appearance is that of young Japanese women, always wearing school uniforms of a high school in Kyoto Prefecture. There are no differences between the two entities, and are believed to be identical twins or perfect copies of each other. Because of this, they are classified according to differences in behavioral patterns discussed below.

SCP-1444-JP-A and SCP-1444-JP-Bは have been confirmed to appear inside of SCP-1444-JP at specific times, and conduct specific actions respectively. However, SCP-1444-JP-A, SCP-1444-JP-B, and all items attached to them can only be observed through the glass window installed in the veranda of SCP-1444-JP, with all other methods of observation having failed thus far.

SCP-1444-JP-A/SCP-1444-JP-B behavior timeline

Time Action
16:00 SCP-1444-JP-A and -B enter SCP-1444-JP through the entrance door.
16:02 SCP-1444-JP-B takes a rope tied into a noose out of her school bag, and hands it to SCP-1444-JP-A. SCP-1444-JP-A hangs the noose from the ceiling. SCP-1444-JP-B stands back and watches.
16:15 SCP-1444-JP-A gets on top of the desk and puts the noose around her neck. SCP-1444-JP-B continues to watch.
16:17 SCP-1444-JP-A and SCP-1444-JP-B initiate conversation.
16:20 SCP-1444-JP-A takes her feet off the desk. After a moment of struggle, she stops moving. SCP-1444-JP-B continues to watch.
16:25 SCP-1444-JP-B removes SCP-1444-JP-A off the rope. Following this, she removes the rope from the ceiling, put its inside her school bag and leaves through the entrance, carrying SCP-1444-JP-A.

Careful examination of camera footage shows that from beginning to end of each event, SCP-1444-JP-A and -B are always seen smiling.

Containment history: On January 17, 2017, a police report was made regarding “A friend committing suicide” on room 206 of the Misasagihara Apartment, with police being dispatched and taking custody of a schoolgirl who was believed to have made the report. The anomalous nature mentioned above was discovered during the interview with the schoolgirl by the Yamashina ward police at around 18:00 on the same day, with a Foundation agent embedded within notifying the Foundation of said anomaly.

As a result of the investigation conducted by MTF dispatched the next day, it was confirmed that the anomaly described by the schoolgirl could be reproduced, with containment measures being taken, evicting all residents of the Misasagihara Apartment, and temporarily sealing room 206. The eviction was excused through the use of a “Risk of collapse” cover story, and the Foundation assisted with moving residents through a front company working as a real estate firm.

On February 1, 2017, once all residents had been evicted, the girl believed to have made the report and a portion of the Yamashina police station were given Class-B amnestics, and SCp-1444-JP containment measures were implemented without issue. To date, no body has been discovered that matches the information collected from the schoolgirl’s report and subsequent interview on January 17, but the existence of a schoolchild who corresponds to the friend mentioned in the testimony has been confirmed. The schoolchild in question has not been seen assisting to school since the end of winter break, and her physical traits fully match those of SCP-1444-JP-A and -B. For this reason, the cover story “missing schoolgirl” has been disseminated to the general public through the Yamashina police station.

Addendum A: Regarding the parents of the child from the cover story “missing schoolgirl” they were members of the Philosophical Association of Japan, and had left behind essays such as “Nihilistic Thought through the Paradox of Hedonism”. They left the association on 2012, and were found dead on March 22, 2014. Both father and mother committed suicide through asphyxiation by noose. It’s also known that they left behind a large quantity of material on Duncan MacDougall1 at the mansion in Okayama Prefecture, location where their bodies were found.

Addendum B: The following text is a transcription of the interview done at a later point by the Foundation once they were made aware of the anomaly thanks to the interview’s contents:

Interviewee: Schoolgirl

Interviewer: Agent Kozukata

Note: Agent Kozukata is a member in charge of investigating from inside the Yamashina police station, and reported on the interview conducted on January 17, 2017.

<Start recording>

Kozukata: So first of all, can you tell me what kind of person your friend who committed suicide was?

Schoolgirl: Of course. That girl… She was good at math and science. She was a bit strange, but also a quiet girl. During recess, she would always be on a corner at the library, reading really difficult books, and no matter what I said, she wouldn’t smile or change her expression… She didn’t have a lot of friends.

Kozukata: I see. Is there the possibility that she was being bullied?

Schoolgirl: I… I don’t think so. I never saw anything of the sort, at least. During school festivas, she would talk with people in class she wouldn’t normally talk to.

Kozukata: Hmm… You don’t think she was abused, either?

Schoolgirl: That girl lived alone so… Probably not, no. I can’t say I’m confident over whether they did something to her or not while coming back home, but no injuries stood out to me. But when she talked about her parents, she seemed happy. Proud parents, she’d say. She would tell me of their research in philosophy, among many other stories.

Kozukata: … So you didn’t have any idea about her suicide. Thank you. Now, could you tell me a bit more about the time when you reported the situation to the police?

Schoolgirl: … Of course. That day, the homeroom teacher asked me to go to her apartment and deliver some copies that were yet to be handed up once sixth period was over. I pressed on the intercom but no one came out, then I noticed the door was unlocked. I thought that if she’d been absent a lot, she might have gotten sick and had been unable to call the school all this time, so I decided to walk in.

Kozukata: And after that?

Schoolgirl: After that, I looked around the room, but I couldn’t find her. I frantically looked all over the place, and ended at the veranda, but she just wasn’t there. And then, when I turned around to go back inside the room, I saw those two girls, and…

Kozukata: One of them hung herself.

Schoolgirl: … Y-yeah. I had never heard she had twins, and I didn’t even understand why she was committing suicide… I didn’t know what was going on, or what I could do, so I decided to call the police. Then my friend… My friend killed herself…

Kozukata: And after that, you were under police custody.

Schoolgirl: Y-yes… That’s right… but…

Kozukata: Hm? Did something happen before the police arrived?

Schoolgirl: Seeing me crying… She asked me why I was crying… After, after watching such error-lacking, pleasure-filled evidence… You asked me why I was crying… I… I’d never seen you smile so beautifully… And… And then…

Kozukata: … And then?

Schoolgirl: “That felt so good… I might do it again, so come and see for yourself”… She said something like that… The girl who didn’t kill herself held the one who did in her hands… Then left the room…

<End recording>

Closing statement: The actions of SCP-1444-A and -B, which were consistent with the schoolgirl’s testimony seen during this interview, were not known to be reproducible at said point.

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