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Retrieved SCP-1448-JP-1

Item #: SCP-1448-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: If missing person events related to SCP-1448-JP are confirmed, police and other people involved are to be given Class-C Amnestics. Retrieved SCP-1448-JP are to be stored, and any other item not meant for containment is to be incinerated. If a person who has escaped SCP-1448-JP-α is found, they are to be protected, interviewed, and checked for anomalies.

Description: SCP-1448-JP is a package with an anomaly that manifests on the night before the full moon in Japan. SCP-1448-JP appears at the doorstep of ordinary houses without passing through post offices, delivery companies, etc. Common features of people who receive SCP-1448-JP are the following:

  • Unmarried women of ages 16~50.
  • Target’s parents divorced during their childhood, and have remarried.
  • Received abuse by their families.

SCP-1448-JP contains no information other than the name and address of the receiver, and any information on the sender is currently unknown. SCP-1448-JP contains SCP-1448-JP-1 and SCP-1448-JP-2.

SCP-1448-JP-1 is a Cucurbita pepo pumpkin1 with a diameter of 15~50 cm. SCP-1448-JP-1 has been hollowed out using an unknown technology, with no visible apertures.

SCP-1448-JP-2 is a letter included with SCP-1448-JP. The content is modelled after a common letter of invitation for a company-sponsored marriage party, the letter mentioning that the target will be invited free of charge.

When SCP-1448-JP-2 is seen by the target, SCP-1448-JP-1 grows to around 3 meters in diameter over a period of 1~3 hours, transforming into the carriage portion of a horse-drawn vehicle. At this time, the interior of the carriage is fitted with party dresses, shoes, etc. that have the appropriate measures for the target. It’s been confirmed that people other than the one listed in the package can become targets if they meet the conditions mentioned above.

Once the target has fully entered SCP-1448-JP-1, SCP-1448-JP-1 and the subject will disappear. Currently, following seven experiments, no human has been confirmed to return from SCP-1448-JP, and the situation inside SCP-1448-JP-α is difficult to ascertain due to the above case.

Once the target has fully entered SCP-1448-JP-1, SCP-1448-JP-1 will transport the target into a space known as SCP-1448-JP-α. The target will appear in SCP-1448-JP-α alongside SCP-1448-JP-1, wearing the clothes that were inside of SCP-1448-JP-1, the target’s former clothes reappearing in the same space before translocation.

Based on recorded footage, SCP-1448-JP-α is a space with a radius no less than 1km. Attempt to locate SCP-1448-JP-α using methods such as GPS have failed thus far. Inside SCP-1448-JP-α there is a modern-style residential castle.2 (Hereafter referred to as SCP-1488-JP-β.) The time before and after translocation is not congruent, the time in SCP-1448-JP-α immediately after SCP-1448-JP-1 translocation always being nighttime.


Photo of SCP-1448-JP-β

Inside SCP-1448-JP-β, a ball takes place as soon as SCP-1448-JP-1 arrives, with the target being forced to attend it. Multiple humanoids (Hereafter referred to as SCP-1448-JP-γ) exist inside SCP-1448-JP-β. The SCP-1448-JP-γ at the venue wear formal attire in a 19th century, Western Europe-style, and judging by the differences in clothing worn, there is a distinction in gender of SCP-1448-JP-γ individuals. SCP-1448-JP-γ speak standard Japanese.

Multiple entrances into SCP-1448-JP-β have been identified, each guarded by several armed SCP-1448-JP-γ3.

SCP-1448-JP was acknowledged as an urban legend in several urban areas in connection with a real unsolved disappearance in 19██ known as the “Heisei-era Cinderella”, its circulation attracting the Foundation, who attempted several times to contain it. As of 20██, SCP-1448-JP cases have occurred a total of ██ times. Currently, experiments involving usage of SCP-1448-JP have been prohibited indefinitely. Refer to Addendum 2.

Addendum 1: The 8th experiment using D-class personnel finished with the target D-class returning alive. Following analysis and interviewing of the target led to more information regarding SCP-1448-JP-α, and the description was changed. Below are the 8th experiment’s records and interview log:

Experiment Record 08:

Target: D-17329 (24 years old at the time of interview, suicidal. Employed at Foundation following suicide attempt. Target’s parents divorced in early childhood, and was abused by their stepfather.)

Procedure: D-17329 is to collect SCP-1448-JP-1 from ordinary citizen, and visualize SCP-1448-JP-2. Following confirmation of SCP-1448-JP-1’s growth process commencing, D-17329 and SCP-1448-JP-1 are to be moved to Site-8128’s large vehicle hangar.

Result: SCP-1448-JP-1 disappeared. 4 hours and 20 minutes later, SCP-1448-JP-1 and D-17239 reappeared inside the hangar, in the state they were before the growth process.

Interview Record: 20██/██/██

Interviewee: D-17329
Interviewer: Researcher Shinozaki
Note: Interview with D-17329 was conducted two days after the 8th experiment. Preliminary examination showed that D-17329 had no physical issues, save for fatigue in arms and legs, and light abrasions and bruises due to excessive stress.

<Start Recording>

Shinozaki: Good morning. How have you been feeling?

D-17329: I still… Still can’t believe what happened back there… Doctor, please help me. That was… T-that was…

Shinozaki: Tell us what happened and we will do all we can to protect you. If we don’t know what it is, we can’t create countermeasures against it. First, can you tell us what happened after the camera was recovered?

D-17329: That horseless carriage appeared in front of what appeared to be the front gate of a castle, it suddenly stopped and the gate opened. There were people who looked like guards, and they took the electronics and all other stuff.

Shinozaki: We’ve confirmed this thus far. What was it like inside the castle?

D-17329: It was like that one scene from that cartoon movie I saw when I was a kid. It was filled with ornaments and flowers… Would it be ok just calling the place magnificent and gorgeous? I was overwhelmed the moment I stepped in.

Shinozaki: Were there others in there?

D-17329: When I arrived, there seemed to be a party happening at the castle, and many men and women were around, wearing tailcoats and dresses.

Shinozaki: I see. Please, continue.

D-17329: (Losing composure) At first they looked human. But… It then… It came off…

Shinozaki: Please calm down. Explain from start to end.

D-17329: A ball was being held. Everyone was dancing there. There were snacks at the end of the room, so I went to get a sandwich and then watched at the others dancing. Then this extremely handsome guy came up to me. He was wearing these really splendid-looking clothes. He was like the prince or the knight in shining armor from a fairytale.

Shinozaki: And? What did he do to you?

D-17329: He walked straight up to me and asked me “Will you dance with me?”. And I… Well, in this situation… No one had ever asked me something like that… I was ecstatic, but I don’t know anything about dancing, so I turned him down at first. But then he added “I would love to dance with you by my side.”, and… And I…

Shinozaki: You danced with him?

D-17329: Yes. At first it was for only one song, but halfway through, I really began to enjoy it. In the end we danced for three songs. A woman much prettier than me asked him several times “Won’t you dance with me?”. He turned her down.

Shinozaki: Did you wonder why something like that happened?

D-17329: Yes, I actually asked him the same thing while there. And he replied with “Your soul is the most beautiful”. I was distraught because I didn’t know what that meant.

Shinozaki: How did you know they weren’t human?

D-17329: Once the third song was over and we were resting, a bell rang. It rang twelve times. I remember thinking ‘Oh, is it time already?’. Suddenly, I looked up and stared at his face. Everyone’s faces crumbled, except mine.

Shinozaki: They crumbled?

D-17329: Their skin peeled off. Pus-like stuff began oozing from various places, and the smell of rotting flesh began coming off. You could see bone, and even though they were crumbling… They kept on dancing as though nothing had happened. They rather looked at me as if I was the strange one. Then he, smiling and laughing, talked to me. “Ahh, you’re like that because I fell in love with you the moment I looked at you. One second, I’ll kill you right away!”. I immediately ran away.

Shinozaki: How did you escape?

D-17329: I was so out of it I can’t remember much. I thought I would rot away if I stayed there, and even though up until then I found it irresistible to want to die… The moment I saw that I realized I didn’t want to die. I jumped out a window, and ran to that carriage. I even took off my dress in order to be more agile. (Panicking) A sword slashed at me from behind…

Shinozaki: It’s alright. You’re safe now. Rest assured.

D -17329: I got back to the carriage just in time, and then I was back here. I can still hear the sound of the wind. It’s like it’s been etched into my mind…

Shinozaki: That’s but a illusion. You’re temporarily hypersensitive due to the fear of what you’ve been subjected to. Do you want me to increase your dosage?

D-17329: I can tell. They haven’t given up yet.

Shinozaki: Given up? Given up what? Why?

D-17329: (Silence for a few seconds) … There’s no way the prince would ever give up… The hero is always the one who gets a happy ending, no?

Shinozaki: If that is indeed the case, then you shouldn’t give up either. A tragic heroine would make up for a fantastic tale.

D-17329: That’s what’s strange about it all, isn’t it?

Shinozaki: … Strange? What is?

D-17329: (Faint chuckle) Now that I think about it, what would be a happy ending for me? At that time, I didn’t want to die, but now I’m thinking that I do want to die again. I’d never experienced something so beautiful and so horrifying before, and I don’t think I ever will again. I wonder… What would have happened had I died back then?

<End Recording>

Addendum 2: At night on 20██/██/██, D-17329 suddenly disappeared. D-17329 had been quarantined at Site-8128’s hospital ward in order to run further checkups following the interview. The surveillance camera in the room showed the shadow of a suspicious person, but the biomedical sensor showed no response. No details on the suspicious person have been established.
No new SCP-1448-JP cases have occurred since this event.

There were no signs of a struggle in the bed occupied by D-17329, and a piece of what appeared to be paper and a pair of glass shoes were found next to the bed.


Glass shoes found at the location of D-17329’s disappearance. Shoe size matched that of D-17329.

No anomalies were detected in the items discovered. The paper is believed to be composed of human skin, being a match to that of D-17329’s DNA. The paper had ink writing on it, its contents being the following:

And the two deaded happily ever after.

The End.

D-17329’s whereabouts are currently under investigation.

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