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Photo of SCP-1475-JP taken while testing

Item #: SCP-1475-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1475-JP is to be stored in Low Threat Level Items Storage Locker located in Site-81██. Personnel performing experiments with SCP-1475-JP must gain permission from two Level 3 or more personnel, and must perform experiments outdoors. Also, experimenters must request Site-██ in North Carolina, United States to have personnel wait in the specified location. It is restricted to use SCP-1475-JP-13 in experiments.

Description: SCP-1475-JP is a wooden chair carved “Welcome to America” on the backrest. Sample inspection revealed the material of the object as Cryptomeria japonica originated from Japan. 13 instances of SCP-1475-JP are contained by the Foundation.

SCP-1475-JP activates when a human being takes a seat on the object. The person claims that they are unable to stand up from SCP-1475-JP, and from that time on gains invincibility from any harmful interference, such as damaging with a knife, or burning with a flame radiator. The person changed to this state is now classified as SCP-1475-JP-A. Objects worn by the person also gains durability to some extent. Experiments to shoot SCP-1475-JP-A down caused the person’s clothes to be scorched, showing durability applied to clothing weaker than that of SCP-1475-JP-A.

Approximately 3 minutes after the person seated becomes SCP-1475-JP-A, the instance begins to vibrate1, and 5 seconds later launched with an explosion sound at an angle of 45° ahead, at a speed of ████ km per hour. Obstacles in the direction of travel causes the instance to collide into the obstacle and to halt, resulting in no damage to either side. No sonic booms are observed during the injection. High-speed cameras owned by the Foundation showed that SCP-1475-JP-A are launched in an upright position. A large flame appears in front of SCP-1475-JP at the moment of injection. The flame does not generate heat, does not burn to other objects, and ceases in about 5 seconds.

SCP-1475-JP-A retains their consciousness midair, and it is possible to communicate via any means of telecommunication. Also, SCP-1745-JP-A begins to pass through objects 20 seconds after injection, and becomes transparent from sight. SCP-1475-JP-A in this state can be recognized only by GPS device signals and/or means of telecommunication. This state of transparency is canceled 20 seconds ahead of impact.

Approximately 2 hours and 16 minutes after injection, all many of the SCP-1475-JP-As crash in an area of 20 m radius around ██████°N,██████°W, located in North Carolina, United States. After 3 seconds from impact, SCP-1475-JP-A loses its abnormal durability, and its sturdiness returns to that of a normal human. No craters are created at the moment of impact, and investigations are being made about where the vast amount of kinetic energy has gone to. The reason why North Carolina is the major impact site is yet undiscovered.

SCP-1475-JP was discovered after the Foundation became aware of a strange report to the police describing a vagrant that disappeared with an explosion. As agents approached to the scene to find SCP-1475-JP, detailed anomalies of the subject was identified when Agent Asuka mistakenly took a seat on SCP-1475-JP unaware of its anomalies, resulting in Incident 1475-JP-01. Witnesses were administered with class B amnesiacs. Agent Asuka, who crashed into North Carolina, made an interview to the shocked vagrant, revealing facts that SCP-1475-JP was thrown away as oversized trash, and that SCP-1475-JP-A can pass through objects without being discovered. 12 other instances of SCP-1475-JP were found from garbage dumps all over the country. No incidents by SCP-1475-JP were found to occur except for those associated with its initial containment.

Incident Log 1475-JP-02: On ██/██/20██, while performing experiments to confirm the anomaly of the newly contained SCP-1475-JP-13 found in Foundation waste disposal, Incident 1475-JP-02 occurred. The following audio recordings were recorded in Incident 1475-JP-02.

Subject: D-1475-04
Representative: Researcher Komono
Notes: Since the first half of the record is of low importance, the record starts after injection of D-1475-04 that became SCP-1475-JP-A. For convenience, D-1475-04 would be referred to by his D-class number.

<Begin Log>
D-1475-04: H-hey! What’s this, I’m f-fl-flying! Fast!

Researcher Komono: D-1475-04, report your surroundings.
D-1475-04: What do you mean by report!? I can only see the sea! It’s high! It’s fast! I can’t move!

Researcher Komono: Then keep waiting until……

D-1475-04: [Collision sound]Wow, something hit me. A bird or something…?

Researcher Komono: The 20 seconds…… has not passed. Well, did the collision affect you in……. What? The speed of the GPS signal dropped?

D-1475-04: Oh, I got something off in the clash earlier. Was it the GPS device?

Researcher Komono: ……Yes. It is a slightly unexpected situation, but continue with the flight. Foundation personnel are waiting at the impact site.

D-1475-04: Wait, did you say “impact” right now!? Hey, tell me what’s going to happen!

[Conversation of little importance omitted for two hours]

D-1475-04: [Crashing sound]Owwch! That killed me…… not? Where is it here?

Researcher Komono: It’s North Carolina of the United States. Make contact with the Foundation personnel nearby and……

D-1475-04: There’s nobody around.

Researcher Komono: Is it true? But it can’t be……

D-1475-04: No, there’s no one here. Not a sight.

Researcher Komono: ……D-1475-04, explore the vicinity for a while. Agent Asuka, send an emergency telegram to Site-██ immediately!

D-1475-04: H-hey, is anything wrong?

Researcher Komono: No, we will head there to collect you. Is there anything nearby that stands out?

D-1475-04: Um, there’s nothing… wait, I can see some lights over there! Should I go?

Researcher Komono: Yes, definitely.
[Silence for 20 minutes. Emergency telegram sent to Site-██ at this point]

D-1475-04: Now I can see the light nearby! It was a streetlamp. I can see a big road around.

Researcher Komono: Is there anything nearby that stands out now?

D-1475-04: Not much, but there’s a sign! With place names written on it!

Researcher Komono: Then approach and confirm your location.

D-1475-04: Okay. [Silence] ……Hey! Are you nuts? You lied to me!

Researcher Komono: What is the matter?

D-1475-04: This isn’t North Carolina at all. It’s South Carolina!

<End Log>

D-1475-04 was then found in ██████, South Carolina, by personnel of Site-██. Additional experiments with SCP-1475-JP-13 affirmed that the object launches persons towards North Carolina 97% of all times, South Carolina 2%, and West Virginia 1%. Since there are possibilities of other impact locations, experiments with SCP-1475-JP-13 are now forbidden.

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