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Object #: SCP-148-CS

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Documents containing the SCP-148-CS trigger phrase, including the original file containing the phrase, are stored in the Site-16CS warehouse.

Description: SCP-148-CS describes an anomalous extradimensional location with variable dimensions. This location can be accessed by uttering the phrase "I will finish what I started on behalf of Uren, the City of Light". Persons who say the phrase are immediately transported to SCP-148-CS. This anomalous location often changes in appearance, but the following information could be pieced together from the statements of several test subjects:

  • The location looks like the ruins of an ancient city, but the specific details vary.
  • The area is shrouded in darkness except for the subject's immediate surroundings.
  • There is always an object on a pedestal in front of the subject.
  • After interacting with the object, a humanoid figure with no clear features approaches the subject and gives the subject instructions.
  • After complying with the humanoid figure's request, the subject is moved back outside of SCP-148-CS. Any items, knowledge, or experiences are retained by the subject.

Addendum: Experiment Log

Test I.

Subject: D-4851

Result: The subject was transported to SCP-148-CS, was disoriented, and claimed to feel cold upon return. He had an unfinished puzzle of several pieces on a pedestal in front of him, whereupon a figure approached the subject and asked him to complete the puzzle. After completing the task, the subject moved back and testified along with the completed puzzle, which formed a picture of D-4851's wedding photograph. The subject testified that the figure's presence was warming and very pleasant.

Test II.

Subject: Researcher Adam Pokorný

Result: The subject was transferred to SCP-148-CS and reported no side effects. A piece of a half-carved wooden figurine and a knife appeared on the pedestal in front of him. The humanoid approached the subject and asked him to complete the figurine. Upon returning, the subject confirmed that it was a figurine from his childhood that he never completed. The subject also testified that he could see the outline of the ruins around him more clearly because some of the walls were in good condition.

Test III.

Subject: Dr. Jiří Štěpán

Result: The subject was instructed to attempt to converse with the humanoid figure inside SCP-148-CS. Subject returned just two minutes later. A transcript of the conversation follows.

Dr. Štěpán: Alright, good morning, I'm-

Figure: Doctor?

Dr. Štěpán: How do you know- That doesn't matter- (His voice is shaking.) Why is this here?

Figure: Doctor, please finish what you started.

Dr. Štěpán: I- No, I won't, I-

Figure: Doctor, you're not leaving the ruins of Uren until you help with the construction.

Dr. Štěpán: U-Uren? Is that what this place is?

Figure: It used to and it will be again. I'll personally see to it. Just like you, this place has some unfinished business.

Dr. Štěpán: (Silence) Do I have no other choice?

Dr. Štěpán came back with an open slash wound on his wrist. He was taken to the infirmary and was subsequently advised to seek professional help for his self-harm issues. Testing was suspended.

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