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Item #: SCP-148-DE

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Threat Level: Blue

Special Containment Procedures: For containment, a Class CBE-3 Containment Chamber in the form of a cylinder with a diameter of 8.5 metres is required. Inside the chamber is a white board with water-soluble markers. On the north side is a mirror.

Staff should treat the object like a human being, keeping in mind that their behaviour shapes the object. For this reason, access is restricted by a psychological evaluation and training by Senior Research Staff (primarily Dr. Richter). Access to the containment chamber of the object is only allowed with permission from the Site Director until SCP-148-DE's effect on objects and especially humans is understood.

In the event that SCP-148-DE escapes its containment chamber, the MTF DE28-𝕾 shall lure the object into a ℍ𝔼𝕃-transport containment that is at least a CBE-2 Zajin class. Personnel should be careful not to use unnecessarily violent methods to lure SCP-148-DE into the transport containment so as not to cause irritation. PCPBPRP1 Protection is mandatory during this operation.


A close-up of SCP-148-DE

Description: SCP-148-DE is an unidentified organism consisting of a bluish viscous mass. SCP-148-DE often appears as a steadily moving sphere with an average diameter of two metres. The object is surrounded by a transparent membrane that holds together the fluid inside. SCP-148-DE's membrane exhibits exceptional plastic deformability, which allows it to deform almost without restriction. The membrane is selectively permeable, which allows certain objects to penetrate SCP-148-DE. For this reason, the surface is perceived as slightly sticky and pleasantly warm. SCP-148-DE is able to regulate its body temperature, even though it is strongly influenced by the room temperature. Where it gets its energy from is under investigation. So far, it has not been required to consume any form of food, apart from negligible amounts of liquid.

SCP-148-DE is capable of reaching a velocity of 10 m/s, although it never normally exceeds 1.2 m/s. Examination of tissue samples revealed that SCP-148-DE consists mainly of water and animal proteins. SCP-148-DE has a pH of 5.5 at last examination.

SCP-148-DE did not respond to auditory and visual stimuli at the beginning of its containment, but this changed during its time in the custody of the SCP Foundation. SCP-148-DE appears to be intelligent, perhaps even possessing the intelligence of a human being. The object uses outgrowths to pick up objects or touch personnel. It reshapes these each time, only to reabsorb them into the base mass later. The object has so far shown great interest in Foundation personnel and interacted intensively with the maintenance staff and researchers present. Researchers and agents stated that SCP-148-DE is very cautious and gently scans their bodies. It removed possessions several times and apparently studied them, before returning them. SCP-148-DE appears to make active attacks difficult by dodging and deforming. When attempting to take samples, the object formed club-like outgrowths and fought back with them. Dr. Sturm suspected it mistook the researchers for predators in this case.

Discovery: SCP-148-DE was found by a group of senior citizens in an abandoned house. It was subsequently brought to site-DE16-EX to initiate investigations. After the discovery of SCP-042-DE, SCP-148-DE was relocated.

Addendum: SCP-148-DE continues to evolve through interactions. Thus, the object increasingly began to change its shape to have semi-human features. On 10 June 2003, it was able to form itself completely into a copy of the present Dr. S. Faust, Agent A. Peterson, Dr. M. von Reichstein and Dr. A. von Reichstein. In doing so, it did not alter its colouring. Since then, this behaviour has not changed and SCP-148-DE actively began to imitate the actions. For better communication, the object was therefore taught to write. It was noticeable that SCP-148-DE learned this quickly and partly began to develop new creations for missing terms.

    • _

    Foreword: This is SCP-148-DE's first interview. SCP-148-DE's answers were in writing and therefore had different colours at hand. SCP-148-DE's appearance did not resemble any known researcher or agent, but rather her own, consisting of parts of the staff.

    <Interview started>

    Dr. Richter: Hello.

    SCP-148-DE: [Hello. Hello. Hello.]

    Dr. Richter: Do you understand me?

    SCP-148-DE: [I understand. I understand you. I understand us?]

    Dr. Richter: Do you mind if I talk to you about yourself?

    SCP-148-DE: [You may talk to me. I cannot talk to you.]

    SCP-148-DE emits a slurping sound and a burp.

    Dr. Richter: I understand.

    SCP-148-DE paints a something with blue paint that appears to be itself with a smile. It also adds a more clearly identifiable female researcher with a clipboard.

    Dr. Richter: Is that me?

    SCP-148-DE: [You] (Taps on the figure.) [All of you. You] (Paused.) [You CoCreatures]

    Note: CoCreatures in this spelling is a neologism mentioned in the document.

    Dr. Richter: May I ask what you are?

    SCP-148-DE: [I am You] (It underlines "You" several times.) [We are now alike] (Crosses out the sentence.) [We are almost alike.]

    SCP-148-DE paints a semicircular lump with blue. Over it a sad face

    Dr. Richter: Can you tell me what … which creature you are?

    SCP-148-DE looks at Dr. Richter in confusion.

    SCP-148-DE: [I am a Human.]

    Dr. Richter: I don't mean your current form. You…

    SCP-148-DE: [I do not understand you. I have taken your form, but I am still a Human.]

    Dr. Richter: Actually …

    Dr. Richter hesitates.

    Dr. Richter: It is unusual for you to say that you are a Human.

    SCP-148-DE: [Why? Are there problems?]

    Dr. Richter: Because we call ourselves Human.

    SCP-148-DE's "face" shows an exaggerated display of surprise.

    SCP-148-DE: [That makes no sense. How do you call me then?]

    Dr. Richter: We call you SCP-148-DE, although that's just a code. Your kind is … We would call you a "blue, sapient Slime".

    SCP-148-DE's "face" shows an exaggerated depiction of disgust. However, this quickly changes and it appears thoughtful.

    SCP-148-DE: [I am a blue, sapient Slime](?) [But blue, sapient Slimes are unnatural. So I am not Human, you say?]

    Dr. Richter: Yes, but that is not a problem.

    SCP-148-DE's "face" shows an exaggerated depiction of joy, perhaps even Schadenfreude.

    SCP-148-DE: [Can you prove to me that I am not Human and you are?]

    Dr. Richter: Äh…

    SCP-148-DE: [As long as you can't do that, I'm a Human and you pink Slimes](!)

    Dr. Richter sighs. Over the radio she is suggested to confer with her colleagues.

    Dr. Richter: [To the anomaly] Give me a moment to think.

    SCP-148-DE: [Fine]

    SCP-148-DE paints a blue human figure and next to it with pink an undefinable figure. The last one reworked it to look more like a human being. SCP-148-DE showed signs that were interpreted as stress.

    <Interruption of about 10 minutes>

    Dr. Richter enters the anomaly cell accompanied by Dr. Zwingli and three agents (Ms Peterson, Ms Fuchs and Mr Wolf). The agents carry a rectangular object. SCP-148-DE had collapsed in their absence. As soon as it sensed the presence of the two researchers, it reformed back into a human. It had only an undetailed outline for a period of two minutes before taking on a distinctly male appearance. Again, no member of the staff could be identified.

    SCP-148-DE: [I have waited patiently. What proof do you present to me?]

    Dr. Zwingli I suggested we try a little experiment. We have a mirror here. You don't have to be afraid, we'll do this one step at a time. Where is it best?

    Agent Wolf: Where is it best, Mrs Researcher?

    Dr. Richter: Here, I think.

    Dr. Zwingli: Yes, there.

    SCP-148-DE: A mirror?

    Dr. Zwingli: A simple experiment in self-perception.

    SCP-148-DE: (Word not definable; probably experiment and/or self-perception)

    Dr Richter stands in front of the mirror so that she and the anomaly are visible from SCP-148-DE's supposed field of vision.

    Dr. Richter: Please answer me the question, how many living beings do you see?

    The answer is delayed.

    SCP-148-DE: [6]2

    Dr. Zwingli: How many do you see in the mirror?

    SCP-148-DE: [2]3

    Dr. Zwingli: And which one are you?

    SCP-148-DE: [Who am I(?)](It once underlines the question.)

    Dr. Richter: Yes, that's what we would like to know.

    Dr. Zwingli: I think it understood us. That's not the problem.

    Dr. Richter: Oh, come on. Don't tell me they're having a breakdown.

    SCP-148-DE: [I am not a Human. I am a Monster]

    Dr. Zwingli: We didn't say that.

    Dr. Richter: It is too late. Their personality is in shambles. We have to wait and drink tea. Maybe time can heal the wounds.

    At the same time, SCP-148-DE collapses.

    <Interview ended>

    Closing Remark: SCP-148-DE no longer responded. Since there was hardly any case of a similar nature, no disciplinary proceedings are envisaged against Dr. Richter or Dr. Zwingli.

    • _

    Interviewee: SCP-148-DE

    Staff: Agent Phillipp

    Foreword: Agent Phillipp (SCP-121-DE-A1) was suggested by Dr. Ainsworth to communicate with SCP-148-DE using his telepathic ability. Approved by O4 Council and O5-5, under guidelines of Project Trickster and given questions. SCP-148-DE's answers were reproduced by Agent Phillipp during the test and supplemented later.

    <Interview started>

    SCP-121-DE-A1: Hello, SCP-148-DE. Do you understand me?

    SCP-148-DE did not answer immediately.

    SCP-148-DE: Who are you?

    SCP-121-DE-A1: I am an SCiP, like you.

    SCP-148-DE again did not answer immediately.

    SCP-148-DE: How can you talk to me?

    SCP-121-DE-A1: I have telepathic powers. I can talk to you through my thoughts and you can answer me.

    Note: SCP-121-DE-A1 says SCP-148-DE is currently reflecting.

    SCP-148-DE: You said something about EsZeBe and that I was also something like that. So you are not human.

    SCP-121-DE-A1: Yes, I am.

    SCP-148-DE: The others could not.

    SCP-121-DE-A1: I couldn't do it either from the beginning. It has to do with an organ in my head. To be honest, it's not easy to use it.

    Again SCP-148-DE processes what has been said. Agent Phillipp tries to guide SCP-148-DE through a conversation to the questions at Dr Ainsworth's request.

    SCP-121-DE-A1: I have some questions for you.

    SCP-148-DE: Questions? Which ones?

    SCP-121-DE-A1: First of all, what is your name?

    SCP-148-DE: My name? I am [Picture].

    Note: SCP-148-DE showed Agent Phillipp a picture in response, which the agent described to the attendant as "just what the blue goo ball looks like: round and blue".

    SCP-121-DE-A1: Ah, is okay … topic change.

    SCP-148-DE: What's your name?

    SCP-121-DE-A1: Me? People have been calling me SCiPie-Onetwoone-D-E-A-One since recently, although that's too long for most people and they just call me Agent Phillipp.

    SCP-148-DE: Do all non-humans have such gibberish?

    SCP-121-DE-A1: I told you, I'm a human. Just with an add-on.

    SCP-148-DE: I am not convinced.

    SCP-121-DE-A1: Man, you're stubborn. Where are you from, anyway?

    SCP-148-DE: I wonder about that too. I thought that was normal for humans. But I'm not sure anymore. Is there more from you?

    SCP-121-DE-A1: Do you mean because of the ability?

    SCP-148-DE: Yes, who can talk to me like that.

    SCP-121-DE-A1: If you ask like that: Yes. But I'm the only 121DEA and SCP-121-DE you don't want to meet. Trust me. Actually, a lot of the monsters in here you don't want to meet.

    SCP-148-DE: Monsters?

    SCP-121-DE-A1: That slipped out. Or misthought, or whatever it's called.

    SCP-148-DE: There is more of me?

    SCP-121-DE-A1: Depending on how you see it. But I can't tell you about other anomalies.

    SCP-148-DE: You said I am connected to you through thoughts to be able to talk to each other, right?

    SCP-121-DE-A1: Yes.

    <Interview cancelled>

    • _

    Interviewee: Agent Phillipp (SCP-121-DE-A1)

    Staff: Dr. Ainsworth

    Foreword: Agent Phillipp suffered a fainting attack as SCP-148-DE forcibly accessed his memory. SCP-148-DE began to palpate the arms and face of the agent lying on the ground with a tentacle and partially enclosed the hands before Agent Phillipp was removed from containment. As a result of this, a large section is a reconstruction through subsequent conversation.

    <Interview started>

    Dr. Ainsworth: Please tell from the time SCP-148-DE tried to access your memories.

    SCP-121-DE-A1: I told it that it would hurt me. It apologised profusely. When I had recovered a bit, it bombarded me with questions.

    Dr. Ainsworth: Which ones exactly?

    SCP-121-DE-A1: About the other anomalies, SC Protocols, the SCP Foundation, people things and culture stuff. I followed the rules and only revealed trivial knowledge.

    Dr. Ainsworth: Explain?

    SCP-121-DE-A1: Ähm … Well, how people are created. As you know, it believes itself to be a human. So I … I was and am a bit embarrassed, so I deflected it a bit with art and fashion.

    Dr. Ainsworth: I don't want to criticise you, as I would probably behave similarly, but was this the best solution?

    SCP-121-DE-A1: I want to see you explain to a bunch of blue cells about bees and flowers! I had to stop it from picturing it!

    There is silence for a moment. Dr. Ainsworth clears her throat.

    Dr. Ainsworth: Please continue.

    SCP-121-DE-A1: When I had satiated the thing's thirst for knowledge, I could ask my questions. Where it came from. Unfortunately not very successful.

    Dr. Ainsworth: I take it she didn't know?

    SCP-121-DE-A1: Bingo. It's frustrating. It just shows up and we don't know if it's an alien or just a failed hair wash. It's like someone took a video game monster and put it in front of us just to see what we'd do. It gives me a headache.

    Dr. Ainsworth: That's just our job. Secure it, contain it and see what it is.

    SCP-121-DE-A1: Well, I will finish my report. When I ran out of questions and nerves, it still wanted something from me. It wanted to touch me.

    Dr. Ainsworth: Ah, that's why it touched you.

    SCP-121-DE-A1: I was a bit cautious. I was lying on the floor and I don't know what it's made of. Maybe it would dissolve me.

    Dr. Ainsworth: Or you neutralise it.

    SCP-121-DE-A1: Very sympathetic.

    Dr. Ainsworth: You're welcome. Find out anything?

    SCP-121-DE-A1: It tickled and tingled like crazy on my skin, especially when it started sucking on me, but on my side, no. The Smurf Jell-O had THE experience on its side. It was completely enraptured.

    Agent Phillipp looks at his hands.

    SCP-121-DE-A1: They have never been so cleanly fresh.

    Dr. Ainsworth: What I wonder is: and all this happened in just seven minutes?

    SCP-121-DE-A1: Believe me. In the mind, thoughts are free and that went like a lightning storm.

    Dr. Ainsworth: Thank you, we are done then.

    <Interview ended>

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