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Object# SCP-148-TH

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-148-TH is to be stored in a high-security locker. It is currently located at Area-23351 No individuals are allowed access to SCP-148-TH after testing (see Appendix).

Description: SCP-148-TH resembles a comic book titled "Laughter for Sale," Version 148.1, pocket edition. It consists of 35 pages2, The yellow book had a large lettering, Sell Laughing, on the cover and a portrait of two women in a swimming pool with an elderly man spying on them. The book bears the logo of "The Knowing Publishing." When opened, all left-side pages are in black and white, while all right-side pages are in color. No abnormalities have been found in the materials used.

The anomaly of the object lies within the book itself. There are observed movements of the contents within the book, such as alternating pages, shifting positions of the cartoon characters, and even changing the storyline of the cartoon. Additionally, the characters within SCP-148-TH (referred to as SCP-148-TH-2) do not match the cartoon characters or art style of the publisher.

Upon close observation, it has been noted that sometimes the stories within SCP-148-TH bear similarities to current events, undisclosed secrets, imitations of various objects found in the same location as the object, stories about the readers, and occasionally [data redacted].

Furthermore, testing has demonstrated that SCP-148-TH is capable of providing stories according to the desires of the reader, necessitating the object to be kept in a highly secure location.

Test Log by Dr.Cijan:

Date: 05-10-████, Pages 13-14
A politically themed cartoon that appears innocuous at first glance. However, the left page contains subtle violent imagery, while the right page depicts scenes of brutality.[Data redacted].

Date: 25-10-████, Page 8
Dr. Cijan discovered previously unknown information about SCP-001-TH on this page.

Date: 02-11-████, Pages 2-3
Both pages are part of the same sheet. Page 2 features an image of SCP-████-TH in a form recognized by personnel, while page 3 displays an alternate form of SCP-████-TH that causes immediate fatality upon viewing. However, no adverse effects occur when inside the book.

Date: 18-04-████, Page 26
Depiction of SCP-096. Any further testing involving SCP-148-TH has been immediately suspended.

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