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Item #: SCP-149-IT

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Device SF-M.4803 "Gate of Uriel", linking Baseline Reality to SCP-149-IT, is placed inside of Security Chamber A07 of Site Angerona. Safety protocols are the same as the ones of "Pons Inter Universa" experiments (procedure started by Dr. Righini; see Addendum-149-IT-01 for further details). Therefore include: the use of 1 Reality Cell System and 3 Kant Counters on-site to prevent possible drastic changes in the SHL. (Standard Hume1 Level). Experiments on D Class Personnel have been indefinitely suspended by Report-2017-29 of Ethical-Moral Regulation Section; the notice follows.



What has been witnessed in "PIU-15 File" and "PIU-16 File" brought out the behaviors of SCP-149-IT when human beings are present. Such reaction, as shown in Test-29’s results, does not take place when animal subjects are exposed to SCP-149-IT. The staff of the Physical-Mathematical Section is therefore prohibited from engaging Class-D personnel in experiments on the above element, given the severe psychological repercussions to which D-5783 has been subjected. It is inhumane to allow a person's psyche to torture them.

Description: SCP-149-IT, also known as "PIU-7 Reality", is an alternative universe discovered with the “Pons Inter Universa” project, linked to Baseline Reality (designation of our reality) via Device SF-M.4803. Element is presented as an infinite empty space capable of absorbing 98.2% of the light with which it comes into contact, where gravity is absent. Although it was not possible to collect oxygen (O2) samples, every individual exposed to SCP-149-IT will be able to breathe and will not need to drink or eat, it is in fact possible to enter subjects in SCP-149-IT for an indefinite time and extract them while still alive. This occurs because of the temporal alterations to which the H. sapiens are exposed during this period, likely due to the psychological repercussions recorded. In fact, time within SCP-149-IT tends to progressively [REDACTED].

The classification of Gamma-9 has not yet been changed to SCP-149-IT-1, as it is uncertain whether D-5783's testimony is reliable or influenced by hallucinations.2

Addendum-149-IT-01: Project "Pons Inter Universa" has been proposed and started by Research Team “Argonauts”, under the direction of Dr. Righini. It was created to establish a contact between the Foundation of Baseline Reality and that of other universes. For the development of the proposal see below.

Project Proposal: "Pons Inter Universa"

Research Team: “Argonauts”

Project Date: ██/██/2017

Revision No.: 0

Proposal Deposition:

The goal of the project is to establish communication with individuals in the Foundation outside of Baseline Reality. Once such contact is established, a likely refinement of the Containment Procedures for many of the SCP objects cataloged to date and the organizational reform of the Foundation as a multi-dimensional entity will follow.

Research Team Leader: Dr. Righini (Vice-director of Physical-Mathematical Section)

Assistant Managers: Dr. Felice Pilati (Director of Astronomical & Extraplanetary Section)

Resources Required:

  • Access and use of Device SF-M.4803 "Gate of Uriel"
  • Access and use of mini-rover mk-II "Giasone"
  • Access and use of Sector 046 for experiments and establishing of the hyper-wormhole
  • Access and use of 3 "Kant Counters"
  • Access and use of 1 "Reality Cell System"
  • Presence, during the test phases, of not less than 2 operatives from SPeV-I "Acies Aegis"
  • Estimated budget of €

Project Details:

We will proceed by making it possible for organic matter and living things to pass through an Einstein-Rosen Well with a nearly stable space-time and SHL.

On ██/██/████, construction of Device del SF-M.49033 has been completed, so that it will allow the Foundation to find 30.851 universes per second, via hyper-wormholes (Einstein-Rosen Wells) present on specific Hume levels (Setting: 0 Hume; SHL). To ensure the SHL in Sector 046, 3 "Kant Counters" and 1 "Reality Cell System" will be active at all times; the presence of armed personnel on the premises serves to prevent the crossing of undocumented cryptids.

After securing the passage, we will proceed to introduce "Giasone" in Device SF-M.4803, to perform experiments proving the existence of the basic physicochemical laws. If the result of the experiments is positive, the surrounding area will be briefly explored. Specialized personnel will then be introduced to the perimeter.

Given the Third Law of Multiverse4, it is sure the existence of universes in which Pons Inter Universa is being executed, reason for which it is considered certain a possible future contact with the Foundation located beyond the Baseline Reality.


Update: “Pons Inter Universa”

Research Team: “Argonauts”

Update Date: ██/██/2017

Addendum No.: 14

Reported Developments:

The “Argonauts” team, using Device SF-M.4803, has been able to find, out of 3.882 attempts made, 15 hyper-wormholes with SHL. Following is an extract of the explorations carried out and to be carried out.

  • PIU-1 Reality: Basic physical laws not respected
  • PIU-2 Reality: Basic physical laws not respected. "Giasone" lightly damaged
  • PIU-3 Reality: Reached Thermodynamic Equilibrium; 0 K (-273,15 °C)
  • PIU-4 Reality: Basic physical laws not respected
  • PIU-5 Reality: Basic physical laws not respected
  • PIU-6 Reality: Variable Hume Level

Closure notice:

During the next week, we will proceed to metaphysically stabilize “Einstein-Rosen Wells” for researches regarding other 9 PIU Realities with an SHL. The chance of exiting from the other side of a “Gate of Uriel” from an alternative Foundation, despite being unprobable, remains a possible event.

Update: "Pons Inter Universa"

Research Team: “Argonauts”

Update Date: ██/██/2017

Addendum No.: 15

Reported Developments:

PIU-7 Reality, despite it too having anomalous characteristics, is the only one of the dimensions explored so far to be suitable for human exploration. The laws of thermodynamics and space-time are congruent with our own. It is an empty space capable of absorbing most of the light radiation, however, while presenting itself as a hostile place, it is at the same time one of the most hospitable environments seen so far. It is hoped the future construction of a containment site within it.

Closure notice:

At the time of writing, "Test-28" (exploration of PIU-7 Reality with the mk-II mini-rover "Giasone") and "Test-29" (exploration of PIU-7 Reality with a subject of Canis lupus familiaris, equipped with video equipment but not breathing equipment (tank, respirator etc.). The individual is recovered unscathed from the experiment).

Addendum-149-IT-02:On ██/██/2017, Sector 046 is prepared for Test-30. D-5783 is brought to the site as a test subject. PIU-15 File (filming of the experiment) and PIU-16 File (transcription of D-5783's microphone) follow.


Pons Inter Universa-15 File

Transcription of Test-30

Date: ██/██/2017

Hour: 11:30 a.m.

Foreword (written after the anomaly has been cataloged as SCP item): Participating in the test are Dr. Pilati, Dr. Orlande, and Dr. de Auro, who equip the experimental chamber with a K-09 Suit. It has been modified for the introduction of D-5783 into SCP-149-IT. The subject, in preparation for the experiment, has been subjected to amnestic therapy due to its psychological situation. More information can be found in Addendum-149-IT-04.


Dr. Pilati: Here is the senior researcher Felice Pilati, director of SAE and Assistant to the Head of "Pons Inter Universa". I’m here coordinating and documenting Test-30, together with metaphysician and senior researcher François Orlande, assistant Gianpaolo de Auro and the 2 operatives of SPeV-I. In addition to us, Mr. Manfredi’s also present here, from here on to be identified as D-5783.

D-5783: Hi.

Dr. Pilati: Good morning. Please, slip into the K-09 Suit.

D-5783: No idea how to open that.

Dr. Orlande: Claudio, could you help him?

Agt. Farinelli: Yeah, sure.

(D-5783 slips his arm into the suit, aided by Mr. Farinelli to tighten the clamps.)

Agt. Farinelli: Stand still.

D-5783: Ouch, fuck. Stop, stop, it hurts. Wait, why is it so stiff?

Dr. de Auro: ‘Cause it doesn’t have to move. It’s against our and your best interests for you to "fall" into the void. The more you move the higher this probability goes. That is why you must stay still. If it’s uncomfortable for you we can remove the visor and respirator, but not the clamp around your temples.

D-5783: (Stops) Care to explain how the experiment will go?

Dr. Pilati: Do you see that mechanical arm? It will push it for 100 m in PIU-7 Reality. If you want you can verify it since it is measured. However, you don't have to worry. You will have a microphone that will transcribe everything you say and we can see it on this monitor. We’ll also attach a video camera with 6 hours of autonomy. Once outside, we'll take a look at the footage.

D-5783: Doctor, how long will the test be?

Dr. Pilati: 5 mins, 7 at worst. Don’t worry, this is one of the shortest and safest tests ever, believe me.

Dr. Orlande: Yeah.

D-5783: Do I have your word?

Dr. Pilati: You do. In fact, the suit has a built-in clock. You can check the time anytime you want. Now let Agent Farinelli help you with the harness.

(D-5783 slips in the K-09 Suits. The registration equipment is mounted. The suit is then attached perpendicularly to the arm by means of magnets.)

Dr. Pilati: Comfy?

D-5783: Really.

Dr. Pilati: Perfect. Agent Minni, it is mounted?

Agt. Minni: Yes sir.

Dr. de Auro: Ok, I’m turning on the arm.

(The piston begins to push D-5783 into the "Gate of Uriel")

D-5783: Will it hurt?

Dr. Pilati: Your arms and legs’ll be in pain after the spaghettification. Nothing special.

D-5783: Oh, shit.

(D-5783 makes contact with Device SF-M.4803. What is being said by D-5783 begins to appear on the monitor connected to the microphone. View a complete report with the PIU-16 File.)


Dr. Orlande: I think we’re done. Take him back.

Dr. de Auro: Okay. (The arm starts to go back) What’s the D Class doing?

Dr. Pilati: Currently singing "The Final Countdown". Apparently, everyone keeps calm in their own way. Wait- come here?

Dr. de Auro: Sure.

Dr. Pilati: Isn’t there an error? It’s too fast.

Dr. de Auro: Mh, I don’t think so. Maybe he just talks like that.


Dr. Pilati: He’s now talking quadruple-fast at least. That can’t be normal. He’s also starting to get annoyed. Are you sure all parameters on Test-29 were right?

Dr. de Auro: Yes, Felice. Let me see. (Checks microphone’s settings). I don’t understand what’s wrong: everything seems okay.

Dr. Orlande: Is it possible the feedback is being altered?

Dr. Pilati: I don't see any other option. Can we take him back faster? Every two seconds at least ten pages are being written.

Dr. Orlande: I don’t know.

GAI "MINOSSE"5: Excuse me, authorized user, but the memory of the terminal you are using is currently full.

(D-5783 emerges from Device SF-M.4803. He is unconscious. Agents Minni and Farinelli, followed by Dr. Gerardi, go to check the health condition of D-5783.)

Dr. Orlande: Remove the thing and check the pulse. Auro, how come the terminal is full?

Dr. de Auro: I’ve zero clues. Yesterday it was completely empty. Give me a moment.

(Agent Farinelli unbuckles the belts and zippers on the suit. The clamps are then loosened. D-5783 opens his eyes, taking on an annoyed expression, probably from exposure to light.)

Dr. Pilati: How are you feeling?

(10 seconds pass. D-5783 gets used to the light, then stares at Dr. Pilati.)

(D-5783 assaults Agent Minni, biting her ear. Minni loses her grip on the weapon once the ear lobe and most of the eardrum are ripped off. Agent Farinelli fires on D-5783, shooting him in the leg. D-5783 screams in pain, then grabs Minni's gun and hits Farinelli's right arm. The D Class turns towards Pilati, against whom he fires 4 times, hitting him only once in the right shoulder, probably due to eyesight problems. Throwing the gun to the ground, he physically attacks Pilati, who gets punched in the face until the left eye isn’t removed. Farinelli fires one more time on D-5783, hitting him at the level of his right kidney. The subject falls supine.)

(In the background is heard the cry of Agent Minni.)

(Dr. Pilati has lost consciousness.)

Dr. de Auro: Fuck! Shit, no!

Dr. Oralnde: (Speaking after pressing the emergency button) For God's sake, send us someone from DMRI, one agent injured and 3 men down! Hurry up.

D-5783: (Panting) Motherfucker, you deserve it, dickhead. 5 mins you said, you piece of shit. (Crying) Billions of billions of millennia with the Dégmaforeo6. (Coughs). You asshole…


Afterword: Dr. Pilati has been medicated. His eyeball has been replaced with a bionic prosthesis. Reconstruction with a 3D printer of Agent Minni's ear is in progress. The camera used during the experiment ran out of charge during immersion in SCP-149-IT (PIU-7 Reality) and the footage is to be considered useless for research purposes. Interviews with D-5783 proved inconclusive, making inaccurate statements7. In addition to this, Dr. Comete, a psychiatrist in the Medical Division, diagnosed the individual with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Schizophrenia. An additional dose of amnestics was prescribed.

Addendum-149-IT-03: The microphone collected about 100 TB of memory, which was designated as "PIU-16 File". Analyzed by the appropriate staff, the most important passages of the transcript were attached in part to the SCP-149-IT file (new PIU-7 Reality designation).

Addendum-149-IT-04: What occurred to D-5783 is believed to be related to the crime that led to his arrest at Regina Coeli prison. The following is his ULIS-registered profile.

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