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Item #: SCP-149-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-149-KO is stored in a standard object locker. To prevent CCTV damage, SCP-149-KO must be put in an opaque box or wrapping during transportation. The object must not be viewed for over thirty minutes, except during experiments. Photography equipment that shot SCP-149-KO should be stored separately from regular equipment.

Description: SCP-149-KO is an artefact made of steel wire sized, 21cm x 21cm x 39cm, that was found in the basement of ████ Gallery of Art. A semi-transparent white text that reads 'Are We Cool Yet?' appears in the centre of footage and images of SCP-149-KO. Photography produced by analogue film cameras also displays the same phenomenon.

When photographed over 100 times or filmed for over thirty minutes with the same equipment, the text will display on all images and footage produced by the equipment. This phenomenon can be stopped by changing the equipment's lens. However, the affected lens cannot be physically distinguished from normal lenses. When the affected lens is attached to unaffected equipment, they also display the same anomaly.

If a human sees SCP-149-KO for over thirty minutes, the same watermark appears in the centre of the person's vision, even if their eyes are closed, causing chronic optical fatigue. The watermark does not automatically fade away, though it is confirmed that replacing the victim's cornea can remove the text.

The watermark was visible on the warehouse CCTV footage of ████ Gallery of Art where SCP-149-KO was discovered. Three janitors of the gallery expressed optical fatigue caused by SCP-149-KO. They were treated with cornea replacement surgery and amnestics, and the warehouse CCTV was contained by the Foundation.

Addendum: Interview Log-01

Interviewee: ████. Civilian, Korean, Warehouse keeper of ████ Gallery of Art, expressed optical fatigue due to SCP-149-KO.

Interviewer: Researcher ██████

Foreword: Interview recorded to study SCP-149-KO's anomalous effects on humans. The interview was recorded before the interviewee was treated for SCP-149-KO's effects.

<Start of Log, 2014.03.22-13:31>

Researcher ██████: Recording started. Do your eyes feel better?

████: Yes, the eye drops really helped. Though, I can still faintly see it.

Researcher ██████: Ahem, now, when did you first see the wire artefact in the gallery you were working at?

████: (Brief Silence) Probably a week ago or so. That was when the gallery bought artefacts in bulk. That must be one of them.

Researcher ██████: Did you notice anything different from that piece?

████: Hmm… I think the box said 'No photographs due to copyright'. The creator was anonymous. Nothing more, I think.

Researcher ██████: When did you notice something wrong with your eyes?

████: Two days ago, or about… five days since the artefact arrived. I opened the box and dusted it off - wooden boxes tend to shed dust. It was then my eyes started acting strange.

Researcher ██████: (Flipping documents) How much time did you take to clean the artefact?

████: Only a couple of minutes. Though, I left it outside the box for about forty minutes while I sat next to it having lunch that my coworker █████ brought.

Researcher ██████: What did you do after your eyes were affected?

████: I first rinsed them with water. I thought it was dust. But it didn't go off. So I went to see the ophthalmologist with █████ and ████ who were with me. The doctor told me nothing was wrong, but I couldn't sleep since I could still see that strange thing. I stayed up all night.

Researcher ██████: Any other notable things about that piece?

████: (Short Silence) Nope. I don't know much. I'm just a janitor. Ask the gallery director.

Researcher ██████: Okay. Ending recording.

<End of log, 2014.03.22 13:57>

Conclusion: The interviewee was treated with cornea replacement surgery and amnestics. Further investigation revealed that the gallery director knew nothing about the purchase of SCP-149-KO. Everyone who was present in the optical clinic when ████ visited was also treated with amnestics.

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