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Item #: SCP-1495-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The appearance of SCP-1495-JP is to be recorded to the AI in the server; in the event that SCP-1495-JP is detected on any device that the Foundation does not authorize, the image would be displayed with SCP-1495-JP removed. Personnel who acknowledge SCP-1495-JP can receive amnestic treatment if necessary.

Description: SCP-1495-JP is a humanoid entity that manifests in Google Street View1, one of the features included in Google Maps, a mapping application operated by Google Inc.

SCP-1495-JP resembles a middle-aged Asian male. It is physically overweight, wears a white T-shirt and sand-stained jeans, and maintains an upright position; it always turns its face to the camera and makes eye contact. While no more than one instance of SCP-1495-JP can be found in one location, there are confirmed cases where multiple instances each appeared in different locations at the same time when the application was launched on several different devices. In addition, the location of SCP-1495-JP is not constant, changing each time the application is launched. Based on these facts, it is assumed that SCP-1495-JP is an informational life form that depends on the device that launched the application.

Although Google Street View normally blurs detected human faces, this feature does not affect SCP-1495-JP. While it is unclear why it does not function, it is believed that SCP-1495-JP is not directly manipulating the AI, since erasing the anomaly itself is possible as stated in the Special Containment Procedures.

When an individual who once perceived SCP-1495-JP (hereafter referred to as "the subject") recalls the anomaly while at the location where it appeared, the subject immediately goes into cardiopulmonary arrest and expires. When this happens, the subject remains upright and their facial expression changes to one that closely resembles that of the SCP-1495-JP they perceived. If the subject expires while SCP-1495-JP is displayed on the application, a still-living version of the subject appears on the application, and then SCP-1495-JP can be seen pulling the subject's hand and leading them to an unobservable position2. Although the subject is aware of SCP-1495-JP and tries to back away from its hand, there is no case where the subject was able to escape from SCP-1495-JP. It is unclear why the subject and SCP-1495-JP are able to move in the photographs.

SCP-1495-JP tends to manifest in secluded locations, most of which have no humans other than SCP-1495-JP photographed. In addition, the facial expressions of SCP-1495-JP in natural locations with no man-made structures, such as mountains and rivers, are generally described as smiling in many cases. Exceptionally, when the devices launch the application from inside the Foundation facilities, SCP-1495-JP most often appears around the Foundation facilities; in such cases, SCP-1495-JP's expression is invariably a straight face. Since this behavior was first observed after the Foundation implemented the Special Containment Procedures for SCP-1495-JP, it is assumed that SCP-1495-JP is aware of the Foundation. However, there has been no case in which SCP-1495-JP has responded to any action from the Foundation's side, and all attempts to communicate with it have failed.

Addendum: Recently, a number of unexplained phenomena have been reported by the personnel in charge of SCP-1495-JP. The following are selected excerpts. Their relevance to SCP-1495-JP is currently under investigation.

Reported by Description Investigation results
Dr. Hibiya Feels an intense sense of being pressured while at work. No abnormalities were detected.
Researcher Sakano The frequency of supply restocking is noticeably high. No abnormalities were detected.
Dr. Hibiya Feels abnormally somnolent when in his room. No abnormalities were detected.
Researcher Emoto The doorknob of their laboratory is always warm. No abnormalities were detected.
Dr. Hibiya Hears "rapping" noises in his room late at night. No abnormalities were detected. Following the investigation, Dr. Hibiya reported that he no longer hears rapping noises.
Researcher Sakano Feels abnormally thirsty when in the laboratory. No abnormalities were detected.
Researcher Emoto Experiences a sudden and unidentified sense of terror while at work. No abnormalities were detected.

Interior view of the laboratory recorded by a fixed-point camera. No notable abnormalities can be observed. (Center left: Researcher Sakano)

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