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Item #: SCP-150-PT

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-150-PT must be held in a standard container designed for the containment of anomalous objects in Site-██. Access to the object must be approved by the responsible Site Director.

The entrance to SCP-150-PT-1 must be constantly guarded by a group of Foundation security guards posing as geologists conducting experiments in the area. The entrance of other Foundation personnel is permitted only with authorization.

Description: SCP-150-PT is a ballpoint pen that belonged to PoI-P███ G████ between the period of 1971-1974, whilst the PoI acted as the main vocalist of the progressive rock band ████. The object itself emits low levels of atoxic radiation, and was apparently constructed by the relevant PoI using dismantled parts of other pens (the relevant characteristics of the used pens are currently unknown).

The anomalous effects of SCP-150-PT are produced whenever the PoI uses the object to compose any art pieces, especially song lyrics that are considered of objectively satisfactory or superior quality by the user. The relevant locations mentioned on these lyrics become reality, through a currently unknown process, within a type of underground dimension1.

Within the dimension, a humanoid entity of physical characteristics similar to a yellowish-coloured figure can be observed, as it has no discernible appearance. The entity, called SCP-150-PT-IT, appears to have two distinct personalities: Rael and John, which despite showing an affectionate brotherhood relationship, compete to become the entity's "ego"2.

Addendum: In the year 197█, the disappearance of the PoI was noted. In the same year, during an expedition inside the interior of SCP-150-PT-1, a new identity belonging to SCP-150-PT-IT was identified. This new identity does not participate in dialogues or power disputes, but it was identified as [DATA EXPUNGED] by the personality Rael, referring to the new identity as "Master".

SCP-150-PT-1 is accessible through a cavern in Mount Ida, Greece, and houses certain relevant localities mentioned on the songs written by the PoI:

  • A restaurant built with oak wood, the entrance of which has a sign written "Harold the Barrel!". The place is equipped with wooden tables, and glass bowls serving a type of reddish-coloured liquid substance3
  • A wide complex of simple-built condominiums equipped with ventilation and central heating systems.
  • A supermarket stocked only with products from England. Posters written with "Hell-O" can be seen hanging from the walls.
  • A small agricultural district with several houses, and a single church, next to a vast pine forest. The structures seem to be damaged by various projectiles4.
  • A cave, whose stalactites and stalagmites unite forming a structure similar to a cage.
  • An automobile factory, that manufactures automata produced with material of human origin. The biologic material´s DNA is compatible with the PoI's: ████, ████ and ███.
  • A wooden spiral staircase, built towards the ceiling, leading to an expansive oval-shaped hall with thirty two hermetically sealed doors.
  • A small ghetto neighbourhood of New York, populated by stunted humanoid creatures, with a high rate of physical regeneration5.
  • [DATA EXPUNGED] on a willow farm.

Object Containment: The object was contained in 19██, after Foundation agents arrested the PoI, unaware of its anomalous characteristics. The entrance to SCP-150-PT-IT was found during an expedition seeking alternate entrances to SCP-1351, on which the similarities of the abstract structures were linked to the songs created by PoI.

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