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Item #: SCP-1516-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, containment of non-anomalous objects affected by SCP-1516-KO is considered unnecessary. Information suppression assets are to remain in place to respond to any information leaks.

Description: SCP-1516-KO refers to a phenomenon that causes inanimate objects resembling plants to grow in a manner akin to their biological counterparts. SCP-1516-KO's effects are limited to some items. However, the exact effect range of effect is unknown. The criteria for an object to experience SCP-1516-KO are strict, but many artefacts are estimated to fit such criteria. The criteria are as follows:

  • Objects must bare physical resemblance to a species of the Kingdom Plantae. It does not matter whether the species is extinct or not.
  • Objects must be devoid of organs not present within living instances of the organisms they resemble. Examples include flowers attached to non-flowering plant models.
  • Objects must have a number of organs depicted in common with those of the plant which they resemble. The exact number of organs for this criterion to be met has yet to be confirmed.

After the start of growth induced by an SCP-1516-KO event, objects which cease to meet all criteria for the manifestation of the anomaly (e.g. damaged beyond recognition) will cease growth. Conversely, objects that do not initially fit the criteria listed above may begin to grow if they are made to meet the criteria.

Affected objects grow at a much slower pace than regular plants. The fastest recorded growth speed is 0.0351cm in four (4) years, which was barely noticeable due to the 4-metre height of the object.

History: Due to its anomalous nature, pinpointing when SCP-1516-KO appeared is hard. SCP-1516-KO was discovered during the containment of SCP-███-KO.1

In initial discovery, the constant weight increase of SCP-███-KO was thought to be the anomaly of the object itself. However, doubts arose as only the instances with natural objects gained weight. Subsequent reports of the same phenomena on similar anomalous objects and investigation of stored objects such as SCP-516-KO2 and SCP-7008, confirmed the existence of SCP-1516-KO on the 10th of December, 2022. Estimates suggest the first manifestation happened around March 2022, but they are inconclusive.

Revised 3rd October 2029:

The growth rate from SCP-1516-KO increases exponentially over time. It is confirmed that the rate doubles every 50 years. Thus, a reclassification of SCP-1516-KO to Euclid has been proposed.

Revised 22nd May 2033:

The growth rate of SCP-1516-KO-affected instances tripled. This phenomenon seems related to the manifestation of SCP-████-KO3 on March 3rd. It also seems relevant to the discovery of SCP-516-KO yesterday, which was re-designated to neutralised as it was not discovered after May of 2023.

Revised 23rd May 2033:

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