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Oldest retrieved image of SCP-1517-JP.

Item #: SCP-1517-JP

Object Class: Safe Euclid (Provisional)

Special Containment Procedures: All discovered SCP-1517-JP instances are to be brought into containment by a Mobile Task Force from a nearby containment site. Following this, the entity is to be contained in a nearby Site's Reinforced Humanoid Containment Unit and constantly monitored by means of video recording.

Description: SCP-1517-JP is a group of military combat humanoid droids, measuring 1.81 m in height and massing 155 kg. Currently, the Foundation has contained two instances, respectively designated -1 and -2. See Addendum 5.

While obscured due to age and wear, the remnants of a Hakenkreuz1 painted onto SCP-1517-JP's right shoulder are recognizable. The following inscription is present on the back of each object:

W-200 - Rass, 1940

Based on the contents, it can be determined that these objects were created by Mister Rass, the leader of the Group of Interest "Fourth Reich" during his work for the Third Reich.

SCP-1517-JP are primarily composed of an alloy closely similar to high-grade duralumin. The object's eyes are made of glass, and are suspected to be be capable of sight. SCP-1517-JP is entirely mechanical, and active entities are capable of autonomous movement.

As SCP-1517-JP instances are highly resilient, inspection of their internals is difficult. In addition, as they possess a slow-acting ability for self-repair, the object is impossible to fully neutralize.

Some of the SCP-1517-JP currently in containment are in an inactive state. Inspection of the interior of these entities has shown that there is an empty space in their chests, which indicates that their power source has been removed.

Following the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945, SCP-1517-JP-1, in an inactive state, was retrieved by the Main Foundation. Up until the discovery of SCP-1517-JP-2, SCP-1517-JP-1 was thought to be an isolated anomaly.

Addendum 1: From the retrieved documentation, prior to become inactive, SCP-1517-JP-1 possessed the following abilities:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • The ability to fire machine guns attached to both arms
  • A high degree of physical ability

Further research into the object is planned.


SCP-1517-JP-2 on discovery.

Addendum 2: On 1946/██/██, while investigating post-war Japan, the Foundation discovered a similar object to SCP-1517-JP-1 in a forest on Iwo Jima2 and moved it to Site-81AZ. Following this, the entity discovered in Germany was designated SCP-1517-JP-1, and the newly discovered instance in Japan was designated -2.

SCP-1517-JP-2 was discovered to possess traces of a Nisshōki3 painted on its left shoulder, and was in an inactive state similarly to SCP-1517-JP-1. Based on the area surrounding its retrieval location4, it is suspected that SCP-1517-JP-2 was in use in a combat capacity. Investigation is ongoing.

Addendum 3: Following investigation revealed that SCP-1517-JP-2 was sent to the Empire of Japan at the signing of the Tripartite Pact between Germany, Italy and Japan. Following this, SCP-1517-JP-2 was under the management of the Imperial Japanese Army, and was used in combat multiple times.

Addendum 4: With this discovery, the Foundation carried out an interview with a former Nazi scientist:

Interviewee: Vladimir Hollmann

Interviewer: Agent Marx

Note: Vladimir Hollmann was involved with Nazi scientific research projects. Following the arrival of the Foundation, he was taken into custody as he was thought to be involved in the creation of various anomalous objects.

<Begin Recording>

Agent Marx: Let's start the interview.

Hollmann: Understood.

Agent Marx: Do you know about SCP-1517-JP — or rather, I believe you called it W-200?

Hollmann: Yes. In fact, it was a collaboration between Rass and myself.

Agent Marx: Please, tell me more.

Hollmann: In 1940, Julian5 from the Totenkopf6 asked me to make a duplicate of a robot for him. The same year, I reported that I'd successfully duplicated it, and the same day it was decided that I'd work with Rass.

Agent Marx: The same day?

Hollmann: Yes. Either way, Rass seemed to be involved in making droids for a decent while before that. However, in order to do that, he needed people, experience, and a prototype, and at that point he was looking for people. Though I don't know if it's just my conceit, he might have marked me since long ago.

Agent Marx: Go on.

Hollmann: After that, Rass and I made the W-200. Rass had put a duplication mechanism on them, so that they could be manufactured infinitely.

Hollmann: After the practical tests, though it was just a prototype, we started to use them as disposable weapons. … Perhaps we produced them in the right numbers.

Agent Marx: I see… But if you were to make so many of them, it'd drain the country's coffers, no? Would that not be a problem?

Hollmann: No, the Party immediately saw that. However, Rass immediately started work on another kind of droid. At that point… Julian had another idea.

Agent Marx: Go on.

Hollmann: He suggested we sell the W-200 to other groups. And we took his idea.

Agent Marx: Who did you sell them to?

Hollmann: There weren't that many of them, but they were quite large-scale. The main ones were Prometheus and MC&D, but we also made sales to smaller ones. When sales were hard, we had to sell them off via hearsay and hide their origins.

Hollmann: And also, when we made the pact with Japan and Italy, as a gift of good will, we sent a W-200 to each company. Soon enough, the W-200 were not used for much other than as a product.

Agent Marx: And… did that help the combat prospects of the Nazis?

Hollmann: It let us expand our territory in '41, I believe. After that, we used the money from sales to fund more robot production and droid research. That proposal really gave the higher-ups a lot of material to do that. But in the end, we failed. We were attacked by the Soviets, and the droids were destroyed. There can't be too many of them left.

Hollmann: That's all I know. As for where the last W-200s went… I'm sorry, but I don't know.

Agent Marx: Thank you for the information. We'll end it here.

<End Recording>

From the information obtained, it was later determined that the object was used in Project "Reversing the Reversal"7.


Image of SCP-1517-JP obtained during suppression of GoI-███.

Addendum 5: Following the interview, the Foundation conducted a further investigation of the information retrieved from the Nazi science program. Following this, suppression of various Groups of Interest indicated in the documents led to the retrieval of 17 further SCP-1517-JP instances, both active and inactive, which have been designated SCP-1517-JP-3 ~ 19 and stored in nearby containment sites.

As active instances are confirmed to exist, the Containment Procedures have been revised, and the Object Class has been raised to Euclid. Further changes of Object Class are in consideration.

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