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Item #: SCP-154-KO

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: First of all, what must be carved into the top priority is that the document is not a naturally occurring abnormal object, and that the document of SCP-153-KO registered as SCP-154-KO is authentic It is to recognize that it is an abnormal object and follow the accommodation protocol below. [Subsequent Discard]

The online accommodation of SCP-154-KO was put on hold. Both the document and SCP-154-KO are treated as abnormal objects.

Description: SCP-154-KO is the document SCP-153-KO of the Foundation database. SCP-154-KO suddenly appeared on the foundation database on September 2, 2008. At that time it consisted of numbers and special characters that had no meaning, and we could not delete / modify it in any way. As a result, on September 20, the same year, it was officially recognized as an abnormal object, and the contents related to the abnormal object SCP-154-KO was described in the database SCP-154-KO (hereinafter referred to as "THAT document").

However, immediately after THAT document was created, SCP-154-KO changed its own content, mimicked THAT document and conversely claimed THAT document was an abnormal object, plus SCP-154-KO also modified its own document creation time and wrote it as a document that was written before THAT document, causing considerable confusion at the abnormal object manager in charge….

After that, THAT document was also revised to be content that describes that SCP-154-KO is a genuine abnormal object after repeated refurbishment. SCP-154-KO also corrected its own contents each time, and on the contrary stated THAT document is an abnormal object. Due to this situation, many Foundation officials who are working only on-line became impossible to distinguish between SCP-154-KO and which of the documents are genuine abnormal objects.

In order to solve the influence of SCP-154-KO, a number of measures were proposed and actually added to the special accommodation protocol. However, every time additional measures were taken, the abnormality of SCP-154-KO spread not only to document SCP-153-KO but also to the entire Foundation database1 and to other parts. Here is the content of the response SCP-154-KO indicated to SCP-154-KO, which was attempted up to now by the measure taken to compare THAT document online, and its measures.

Date Details Correspondence of SCP-154-KO
10/01/2008 Taking the fact that SCP-154-KO is not deleted / modified, it deletes THAT document temporarily and restores it. When SCP-154-KO was temporarily deleted, it was possible to actually delete itself. After a certain period of time from deletion, it restored itself.
10/25/2008 In addition to THAT document, create a new document to describe SCP-154-KO. At the same time as creating the document, a new document type abnormal object similar to SCP-154-KO was registered in the foundation database. This abnormal document disappeared as the Foundation deleted a new document.
12/10/2008 Confirm the contents with e-mail of person in charge of SCP-154-KO described in protocol. The contents of the e-mail of the person in charge was changed during transmission.
01/09/2009 Communicate directly with the person in charge with the call number of the video calling device described in the protocol. The transmitted video was also altered during the communication. An image in which the shape of the person's mouth and voice was skillfully modified was received.
02/21/2009 Insert multiple links of THAT document into other pages. A considerable number has been altered. A part of the document, which has not been modified, was discovered and research was advanced. But this was already treated as if we did not deliberately modify the foundation staff who knows abnormality of SCP-154-KO.
04/02/2009 Create a document on SCP-154-KO on the emergency database that the Foundation uses as an aid. That database is not connected to the existing foundation database. SCP-154-KO on emergency database was deleted immediately after creation. It was confirmed that the scope of influence of SCP-154-KO abnormality is not limited within the foundation database.
07/20/2009 After announcing contents concerning all the foundations offline, delete THAT document. To grasp the fact that the only documents remaining are abnormal objects. So, SCP-154-KO deleted itself. Initially it was judged that abnormality had disappeared. However, after the occurrence of the situation █ all object reports that existed on the foundation database were deleted. After restoring THAT document, documents were restored at the same time SCP-154-KO occurred again.
08/30/2009 Including the content of giving up the distinction on line and added in Special Containment Procedures, "Face to face with Dr. ████ and let me hear the fact ". Dr. ████ was killed by Memetic kill agent from received e-mail within the Foundation. The sender of the mail was O5-█.
10/08/2009 SCP-154-KO was responsible for holding Dr.██████ ████ informs the researcher at the site directly the facts. We confirmed late Dr.████ was exposed to memetic kill agent one year ago from the periodic spiritual examination of the foundation staff at the end of 2009. Already Dr.████ was in the position of chief executive more than five times with the procedure of several accommodation protocols described above. After that, according to the questionnaire about SCP-154-KO, it was confirmed that opinion on which of the two documents is already genuine is already divided for each foundation site.

As a result of such a series of events, proposals of content to withhold further online accommodation of SCP-154-KO in line with the results of O5 staff meeting in 2010 will pass did. The existing accommodation protocols were discarded and in effect was instructed to consider both SCP-154-KO and THAT document as objects.

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