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A D-Class personnel attempting to see SCP-1548-JP.

Item #: SCP-1548-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1548-JP is to be stored in a stainless steel container, which is located in a Medium Threat Object Containment Basement Locker at Site-████. Personnel who handle SCP-1548-JP directly are to wear light-impermeable blindfold and keep a distance of at least 30 cm between their face and the anomaly.

21██/██/██ Additional Special Containment Procedures: Non-Foundation personnel involved in extraterrestrial exploration are to be briefed in advance on SCP-1548-JP's properties, and information containment is to be implemented.

Description: SCP-1548-JP is a 20 cm tall cylindrical sculpture made of an unknown material. Due to its anomalous properties, details of its appearance have not been confirmed. The composition of SCP-1548-JP is undetermined as its abnormal hardness has prevented sample collection, and the application of electromagnetic and optical analysis equipment such as X-ray is not feasible. While there are engravings on the surface that are believed to be previously undiscovered glyphs, their meaning has not been successfully deciphered.

Any attempt to direct a light-sensing device or organ against SCP-1548-JP is inhibited by an unknown force. While the force does not act on objects that simply reflect or project light, such as mirrors and film-type cameras, images and photographs of SCP-1548-JP share the aforementioned properties. The origin of this anomalous force is believed to be the engravings on the surface of SCP-1548-JP, because when engravings are cast in materials such as plaster, both the female and male molds exhibit the same properties. When an individual attempts to look directly at SCP-1548-JP, their eyeballs are forcibly moved to prevent SCP-1548-JP from entering their field of vision; depending on its position, this can lead to rupture of the extraocular muscles or optic nerve due to forced eye movement.

When obscured by an opaque obstacle, SCP-1548-JP does not affect optical instruments. However, eye movements are still inhibited so that the line of sight is not pointed directly at SCP-1548-JP. When the distance to SCP-1548-JP is reduced to less than 20 cm, there is a risk of ocular destruction, even if the subject's vision is blocked by using a blindfold or similar means. When an individual attempts to look at the covered SCP-1548-JP, and the angular diameter relative to it is only a few arc-minutes, they usually will not realize that their vision has been inhibited. To avoid affecting people outside the Foundation, SCP-1548-JP is contained at Site-████, which has no non-Foundation facilities within a ██ km perimeter.

Addendum: In 21██, astronauts from the ████████ Aeronautics and Space Administration on an exploration mission to Mars reported that they felt as if they were having difficulty seeing the Earth. Through further inquiries, it was revealed that although the Earth was clearly visible through the spacecraft's exterior cameras, the crew became unable to move their eyes in the direction of the Earth's presence as they moved away from it, making it more difficult for them to observe the Earth. Since it has been suggested that this phenomenon is caused by SCP-1548-JP, it was decided to inform only the limited individuals involved in extraterrestrial exploration at greater than 50,000,000 km away from the Earth, the distance at which the effect can be perceived, of its properties. If the angular diameter relative to the Earth is more than a few arc-minutes, the Earth's presence can be observed by peripheral vision; less than that, it is impossible to recognize it as the Earth.

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