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Photograph of SCP-1570-JP, shortly after manifestation, taken by target

Item #: SCP-1570-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: If SCP-1570-JP has been confirmed to have manifested and injured its target, field agents will be dispatched to the scene in order to interview and administer A-class amnestics to the target and all witnesses. All photographs and film recorded will be replaced, and all damage will be explained using an appropriate cover story.

A protocol to regulate meals in Sites within the Tōhoku region was introduced, but rejected due to the lack of certainty in SCP-1570-JP’s conditions.

Description: SCP-1570-JP is an entity that appears to be a sculpture resembling a woman about 180cm tall. Its specific composition has not been studied as samples of its material have not been able to be collected.

SCP-1570-JP manifests around people eating or drinking (Hereafer referred to as the target) across all aread of the Tōhoku region. Upon manifesting, SCP-1570-JP releases fierce winds with speeds over 50m/s from its mouth, towards the target’s food and drinks. This wind can blow away people and objects around, including the target and their food, which can receive damage due to scattering, as well as cause damage to buildings and other people due to wind pressure and flying debris. Cases in which wooden houses have collapsed have been registered. SCP-1570-JP releases wind for about 1 minute, after which it demanifests immediately. Currently, SCP-1570-JP has caused ███ injuries, and █ fatalities.

SCP-1570-JP manifests approximately once every 6 months. SCP-1570-JP manifestations have been confirmed ██ times, and the earliest case recorded by the Foundation occurred on 200█/██/██, at a ramen shop in ██ prefecture. SCP-1570-JP manifestations vary, and its targets include households, people eating at restaurants, and families having picnics, but the following common features have been recognized:

  • Foods and drinks are at high temperatures.
  • The person being targeted has difficulties with foods and drinks at high temperatures.
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