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Item #: SCP-1576-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Media containing SCP-1576-JP and SCP-1576-JP-A are to be stored in a non-autonomous anomaly storage unit at Site-3304. Viewing of SCP-1576-JP requires permission from the Head Researcher and the Site Director. Personnel who may be exposed to SCP-1576-JP-A through experiments or other circumstances must take memetic countermeasures.

In the event that an SCP-1576-JP-related incident outside of Foundation control is confirmed, information suppression is to be carried out by personnel who have taken memetic countermeasures, followed by decontamination via amnestics or other necessary procedures.

Description: SCP-1576-JP is a mathematical proposition possessing anomalous properties. SCP-1576-JP is often claimed to be a "proof of the existence of God" by affected individuals. However, it is impossible to logically prove or disprove SCP-1576-JP, due to the logical inconsistencies and mathematical errors inherent in the proposition itself.

Anomalous properties of SCP-1576-JP manifest when it is perceived by a person who holds some religious or equivalent dogmatic ideology and has mathematical ability equivalent to the stage of higher education completion (hereinafter referred to as "the subject"). The subject attempts to prove SCP-1576-JP by an unknown logical process, despite the fact that the content of SCP-1576-JP contains the aforementioned errors. Once the subject is confident that they have successfully proved SCP-1576-JP, they become strongly convinced that the proposition is true. This mental effect seems to be formed in a manner compatible with the religious beliefs of the subject1. The process of SCP-1576-JP proof performed by the subject is designated SCP-1576-JP-A.

SCP-1576-JP-A possesses anomalous memetic properties, causing a person who understands most or all of it to experience the same mental effects as the subject. As countermemetic measures inevitably impede the understanding of SCP-1576-JP-A, it is impossible to comprehend SCP-1576-JP-A in its entirety without being subject to memetic contamination. This mental effect can be eliminated by erasing relevant memories using amnestics.


POI-1347. Photo provided by the Horizon Initiative during the Incident [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-1576-JP was discovered in a house presumed to be the hiding place of the late POI-1347 ("Daniel Mascar")2, a known applied thaumatological engineer, located in Bourges, Cher, French Republic. SCP-1576-JP was described in an unfinished paper; while this paper contained several mathematical and philosophical propositions relevant to his research, along with biblical rhymes, no anomalies worthy of containment have been identified except for SCP-1576-JP. The following is an excerpt of the relevant sections.
Note: SCP-1576-JP and SCP-1576-JP-A have been omitted in the interest of security and memetic contamination prevention.

I knew, in the radiant rise of Akiva, that it was the words of the Lord Himself. And I learned that the secret of His existence is hidden in the very laws of the world, which are His great creations, even though He does not reveal Himself to the world. That is, in the number itself.
We all know that the greatest number is Seven, for the world is composed of Seven. We also know the greatness of Three, for it is the most stable number. And these sums, Ten, represent the harmony of all things, as St. Pythagoras the Pioneer said.
On the basis of these three numbers and the secrets of the Lord that I have learned so far, I have derived the following sacred proposition and its proof.

That is,
Thus it is true, the Lord exists.
Finally, all people will praise the name of the Lord.
So be it. 

A Foundation investigation did not detect any significant variation in Akiva radiation during SCP-1576-JP-related events, suggesting the absence of divine intervention in SCP-1576-JP.

Addendum: On March 4, 2010, a containment breach of SCP-1576-JP was confirmed in Montrisson, Allier, French Republic. This breach was attributed to the involvement of the Society of the Atheists Partisans of Progress for the Halt of the Irrational and Religious Enemy3, also known as "SAPPHIRE", which is active in the area. Due to the nature of this meme, which requires an understanding of the extensive SCP-1576-JP-A content as a prerequisite for exposure, the breach was small in scale and are believed to have been ultimately stopped by SAPPHIRE themselves. During this event, an unspecified number of SAPPHIRE members and two civilians were killed as a result of decontamination treatment by SAPPHIRE.

Given their ideology4, it is unlikely that SAPPHIRE will actively seek to exploit SCP-1576-JP in the future. However, as it is undeniable that SAPPHIRE may still be in possession of SCP-1576-JP and that SCP-1576-JP may have been leaked to other individuals and organizations, monitoring of related events outside the Foundation is to be maintained.

The following document was successfully obtained by the Foundation Intelligence Agency in connection with this incident.


Completion Report of the Proof of God's Absence

by ZIRCON BERYL Emmanuel Ferrier

Since our establishment, we have repeatedly asserted that blind faith in and service of gods, spirits, and other invisible supernatural beings is a threat to the Reason and independence of all humankind. Among these, the paranormal religions, as represented by the Mekhanites, the Fifthists or the Ortothans, must be regarded as a threat distinctly separate from other trivial superstitions.
This is not only because they have access to extraordinary means of deceiving people's minds, but also because their knowledge of the supernatural has only reinforced their religious blindness. In essence, they are confident that their mysterious artifacts and seemingly magical capabilities are proof of their gods' existence.

Breaking this obsession requires solid scientific evidence; the disproof.

We have been informed that a theologian (although I am rather reluctant to consider those devoted to the study of non-existence as scholars) once associated with the Horizon Initiative had attempted to prove a proposition for the existence of God. The proposition in question is as follows.
My team and I have been studying this proposition for many years now, obviously, to find a rebuttal to it (i.e., to prove the absence of God). And at last, we have succeeded in demonstrating disproof of this proposition.

Our achievements are described below.
Hence, God does not exist. (Q.E.D.)
This indicates that the Lord of the Abrahamic religions, which the Initiative devotes to, is nothing more than a banal imagination. Not only that, but it also suggests the non-existence of all other gods. This is undoubtedly a glorious triumph of our Science and Reason.
And for those who have not yet abandoned their misguided passion for religions, we will announce this clearly.
Mekhane is a rusted heap of junk. 5 is just a number. Rakmou-leusan is nothing but an anemic and dying parasite.

It is time to accept the truth.

We will demolish your false faith.
Fear Our Luster!

When in doubt, doubt.

Note: The above incident implies that SCP-1576-JP considered the atheist ideology of SAPPHIRE to be a type of doctrine. However, no atheist at the Foundation has ever been affected by SCP-1576-JP, and it is presumed that there were some individuals within SAPPHIRE who accurately identified the anomalous nature of SCP-1576-JP and took action to address it. Based on these, it has been hypothesized that in order to be subjected, one must not only have a non-religious or atheistic ideology, but also some sort of religious passion and/or systematization sufficient to be called dogmatic. An experiment has been proposed to verify this hypothesis.
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