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A recovered image of SCP-1577-JP

Item #: SCP-1577-JP

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1577-JP is contained in a standard biological containment unit at Site-8102. An automated system is set up to place 3kg of grass inside the containment unit every morning at 07:00; a minimum of 10kg of grass must be prepared inside the mechanism at all times. In order to prevent the occurrence of Event 1577-JP, it is prohibited to feed SCP-1577-JP any food other than grass.

In order to avoid the effects of Event 1577-JP, the assigned personnel are obliged to administer Class W mnestics. All assigned personnel must check the status of SCP-1577-JP daily. Any discrepancies identified between the assigned personnel and any other person regarding the concepts contained in the "grass-eating cow" must be reported to the Research Director.

Description: SCP-1577-JP is a Class IV Information Altering Entity in the form of a Holstein Friesian cow (Bos taurus) that does not sleep. SCP-1577-JP exchanges the names of two specific concepts in order to maintain its status as a "grass-eating cow" at any time (this exchange is designated as Event 1577-JP). Only the phrase "grass-eating cow" is unaffected by Event 1577-JP; the following is an example.

  1. SCP-1577-JP consumes a carrot.
  2. Event 1577-JP occurs as SCP-1577-JP consumed a carrot instead of grass. The name of concept ''Carrot'' changes to "Grass", and the name of concept ''Grass'' changes to "Carrot".
  3. Thereafter, carrots are treated as grass and grass as carrots until SCP-1577-JP consumes something other than carrots.

There is no location excluded from the influence of Event 1577-JP, and there are no confirmed cases of affected humans perceiving this change. It has been determined that there is approximately 1 hour between the point when SCP-1577-JP ceases to be a "grass-eating cow" and the occurrence of Event 1577-JP. The effects of Event 1577-JP can be removed by Class-A amnestics, and also can be prevented in advance by Class W mnestics.

Addendum 1: SCP-1577-JP was discovered on 2019/09/01, during a raid on an underground research facility operated by an organization (hereafter referred to as GoI-8101-16) affiliated with the Japan Organisms Improvement and Creation Laboratory. It is believed that SCP-1577-JP had been supervised by researchers belonging to GoI-8101-16, but was abandoned shortly before the raid. The following is an excerpt from a document recovered from the facility in question.


We were unable to contact Mr. [DATA EXPUNGED], an anartist who had been in negotiations over the transfer of samples since a while ago, for two days. In response to this, a staff visited his residence, only to find that he had died of a stroke in the living room. The samples were recovered without problems, as they had already been promised to be transferred, and I was assigned to study one of them, a Holstein cow that does not stop lying down. Reportedly, there was a signboard attached to the barn next to the residence that reads "Grass Eating Cow". There was a decent amount of soil in the barn, but the Holstein is mildly malnourished. A small amount of grass was found in its mouth and stomach, but it is unclear why it had stopped lying down on the grass.


The Holstein has refused to lie down. I placed some grass in its housing cell and even brought the grass close to Holstein's mouth, but it kept refusing. There was not much else I could do, so I gave it a carrot instead, and then the cow lay down on it without any problem. Was it a matter of preference?


The true nature of that Holstein was discovered. That cow are honestly attempting to adhere to its own definition of a "grass-eating cow" that was on the signboard. Frighteningly, we were unaware of the conceptual swapping of carrots and grass; we were extremely fortunate that a trial of rice against memory modification happened to be underway. From now on, I would need to borrow a sample of rice from the research team to conduct my study. Will try to negotiate with them soon.


One of my colleagues named that Holstein "Hanako". It was a very thoughtless action, but it turns out that naming it does not in itself trigger a conceptual alteration. Now I can safely give it an identification number.


Ya-0443 (Holstein) collapsed. I was so afraid of what the fuck was going on, but it's a relief for now; after a while it started eating grass around its mouth. That said, why did it suddenly start eating grass that it had not been eating much before?

Addendum 2: Since 2018/09/02, the following phenomena have been observed worldwide.

  • Malnutrition and food poisoning occurring in an unspecified number of humans regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, or other factors. Only oral nutrient intake is ineffective.
  • Malnutrition occurring in grass-feeding livestock.
  • Unexplained autonomous activities of bovine carcasses. There have been confirmed reports of these carcasses being returned to a living state when they were beaten or shot.

Event 1577-JP has been cited as a potential cause of these phenomena. Investigation is ongoing.

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