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SCP-1579-JP, image processing applied. If this image is seen as a domestic dog, memetic hazard response team is to be immediately contacted.

Item #: SCP-1579-JP

Object Class: Euclid Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1579-JP is to be contained in the middle of a large containment room at Site-81██. Transfer and experimentation on SCP-1579-JP requires the approval of the lead researcher and another staff with Security Clearance level 3 or higher. Similarly, approval is required to bring animals into the containment building where SCP-1579-JP is contained. Furthermore, personnel with animal allergies are listed on Site-81██, and if an allergic reaction isn’t triggered by the animal in question, they are to report this immediately. If a false animal registration influenced by SCP-1579-JP is discovered, the owner is to be amnesticized, and the registration removed.

[Update] Personnel taking part in SCP-1579-JP’s containment and experimentation are to be given Class-B amnestics. If an animal is discovered in SCP-1579-JP’s containment site, MTF U-11 (“Chastity Belt”) is to quickly secure and amnesticize the target. Events involving costumes are to be suspended in all sites with a history of having housed SCP-1579-JP.

Currently, an amnestization campaign is being carried out for residents of ██ City, under the belief that the residents could be SCP-1579-JP-A instances. At the same time, the amnestization is accompanied by the cover story “Epidemic quarantine measures” to livestock buildings, pet stores and other locations where animals are kept. It must be noted that SCP-1579-JP containment breaches cannot be fully controlled.

Description: SCP-1579-JP is a statue with cognition altering effects. SCP-1579-JP is a stone statue with “Kureo statue” engraved in front of it, with text explaining SCP-1579-JP was created to honor a folk pet dog engraved in its pedestal. SCP-1579-JP is observed as a Japanese dog breed1 or a crossbreed of a breed under the cognitohazard mentioned below. SCP-1579-JP was built using traditional materials and methods, and shows signs of degradation that date it to around a 100 years. However, all analyses show SCP-1579-JP was manufactured no earlier than the 2000s. Due to its discovery history, it’s believed that these features were intentionally added to disguise its year of creation.

SCP-1579-JP’s main anomaly affects subjects (Hereafter referred to as SCP-1579-JP-A) within 15,1m of SCP-1579-JP, as well as sporadically within a maximum radius of 50km (Updated in response to case 1579-JP-01). Regardless of their feelings towards them, SCP-1579-JP-A will become affectionate towards vertebrate animals2 they see, regarding them as “pets kept by people”, reporting inhibition of intrusive thoughts. There is no compulsive force to this trait, and it’s possible for SCP-1579-JP to follow outside instructions and damage the targets, with this action inducing excess self-loathing and depression3.

Furthermore, under the influence of SCP-1579-JP, certain cognitohazards occur, making paintings, toys, and costumes be seen as animals. At this point, SCP-1579-JP will recognize the target as an animal, regardless of any contradiction perceived. In this case, the target is often reported as an animal with clearly different physique and sex from the original being.

When SCP-1579-JP-A leaves SCP-1579-JP’s influence, the cognitohazardous effect remains relative to the time of exposure. In addition, during this time, SCp-1579-JP-A produces a cognitohazard identical to that of SCP-1579-JP. At this time, Class-B amnestics can greatly alleviate the cognitohazard’s strength and area of effect, making it possible to temporarily disable secondary SCP-1579-JP exposure through SCP-1579-JP-A. Furthermore, it’s been confirmed that SCP-1579-JP’s cognitohazard can be mitigated by possessing knowledge of the perception alteration beforehand.

SCP-1579-JP gathered the Foundation’s attention following a sharp increase in pet registrations in ██ City, Aichi Prefecture. The Foundation agents dispatched to investigate noted the age of the pets in the area greatly surpassed their general life span, inspection of hair samples showing that at least half of ██ City’s pets and cattle animals were non-living items, such as stuffed toys. Following this, from experiments and interviews, SCP-1579-JP, which had been established as an item of faith inside the city’s Akino Shrine, was established as an anomalous object, and was secured. No documents regarding the date of Akino Shrine’s founding or its status as a religious corporation have been discovered. Because of this, the Foundation is under the belief that Akino Shrine was established as cover story for SCP-1579-JP, and is currently searching for the firm and the architect that built SCP-1579-JP.

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