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Item #: SCP-1581-JP

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All facilities under the Foundation's control are required to comply with SCP-1581-JP response flows. In case of a situation similar to SCP-1581-JP, the surrounding area is to be observed by satellites; if an activity corresponding to funeral or body abandonment is observed at the location in question, agents are to be dispatched to the scene.

Whether SCP-1581-JP has actually occurred is to be determined at the scene, and the containment procedure should continue if the occurrence is confirmed. Anyone who witnessed SCP-1581-JP occurrence is to be amnesticized; an appropriate cover story is to be disseminated to the surrounding area in parallel. Individuals who do not witness the occurrence but may still be affected are to be ignored due to their low threat level.

Description: SCP-1581-JP is a phenomenon that occurs when the disposal of a human (Homo sapiens) corpse is conducted outdoors. In all previous cases, SCP-1581-JP targeted corpses with about 40% or more of their total volume being stored in some kind of container.

SCP-1581-JP occurs during transport of the corpse contained in the container to a predetermined location outside.

When SCP-1581-JP occurs, the aperture of the container such as doors, walls, knots, locks or fasteners becomes unlocked, resulting in the container being opened. At the same time, numerous rubber balloons are released from inside the container, and confetti and colored smoke are also expelled. The rubber balloons are filled with some kind of lifting gas at the time of their appearance, and thus begin to rise into the sky. While the gas in balloons has not yet been recovered, analysis has determined that all other materials are non-anomalous.

At the time of SCP-1581-JP occurrence, the corpse in the container disappears along with their attached items. Items that were placed separately from the corpse, such as burial accessories, remain in the container. While the predominant theory is that the corpse is converted into SCP-1581-JP related objects, the conditions inside the container up to the opening have not been observed to date.

Most of the ascending rubber balloons will burst due to factors such as expansion caused by a decrease in air pressure. The sound of these balloons popping can be perceived by anyone who witnessed SCP-1581-JP phenomenon, regardless of physical distance. Interviews with personnel have revealed that people who had a close relationship with the corpse also perceive the popping sound.


Sky after an occurrence of SCP-1581-JP

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