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Item #: SCP-161-FR

Threat Level: Green

Object Class: Euclid



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-161-FR-1 is to be contained in a cell with a ceiling height of at least three (3) meters with pressure sensors on the floor. SCP-161-FR-2 is to be kept in a locked standard anomalous items chest. Three pen (whose working must be verified each week) must be kept near the chest. The access to the SCP-161-FR-2's containement room must have an airlock and pressure sensors on the floor. Nobody is authorized to use it without a level 4 or higher accreditation (except during an SCP-161-FR-1's containment breach where the required accreditation is 3).

In the case of SCP-161-FR-1's escape, a staff member benefiting from accreditation level 3 or higher must go in the SCP-161-FR-2's containment chamber, and after check that SCP-161-FR-1 is outside, must take SCP-161-FR-2 and write inside the following sentence: "SCP-161-FR-1 decide finally to return in its cell and to wait that it is locked." Once the pressure sensors detect SCP-161-FR-1 presence, the chamber is to be sealed.

NOTE: SCP-161-FR-1 appears to have a blood system. As the latter is not invisible, it is possible as a last resort to hurt him in order to be able to track him1.

Description: SCP-161-FR-1 refers to an entity and an item named SCP-161-FR-1 and SCP-161-FR-2 wich are respectively a creature and a book.

The size of SCP-161-FR-1 is estimated to be between two (2) and three (3) meters high. It is usually not hostile to humans, as no subject interacts with SCP-161-FR-2. If someone uses SCP-161-FR-2, once its effect is achieved, SCP-161-FR-1 will seem to memorize the person of the subject (even without visual contact with him) and will become extremely aggressive towards the latter for an indefinite period. SCP-161-FR-1 is invisible to the human eye, cameras, thermal cameras, and any other type of wave-based detection. He seems to be able to move at a speed of 45 km/h with low noise, and appears to have claws approximately 6 cm long according to medical-legal reports. SCP-161-FR-1 does not appear to have tail or coat.

SCP-161-FR-2 is a book of 34 x 22 x 7 cm and has a brown leather cover and a red binding and a total of ████ pages of which 49 were torn off. The first 48 pages are among those torn off. The ███ page has been uprooted by the Foundation for experimental purposes. ████ pages are still blank. The other pages contain texts written by different authors (hereinafter referred to as "subjects") where orders are given to SCP-161-FR-1. Right now, 12 of the first 48 pages have been recovered. The first 7 pages remain untraceable. Of the 12 pages found, only three (3) present information of interest for SCP-161-FR-1 - pages 8, 9 and 13. Of these three (3) pages, two (2) were burned to more than 70%. The text written on these three pages is entirely written in Armenian. Several elements of the text refer to the anti-Russian propaganda carried out by the British forces in the 1890s. This suggests, according to the position of these pages in the object, that this one made its appearance in the years 1860-1870. SCP-161-FR-1 is referred to as Amenaber.

When a subject writes inside SCP-161-FR-2, SCP-161-FR-1 appears to be obligated to perform the actions described therein. An action telling SCP-161-FR-1 to change its thinking will have no effect. Actions outside the abilities of SCP-161-FR-1 are not taken into account by the latter. When nobody writes, a text describing the actions of SCP-161-FR-1 in real time appears in the language of the last user, And with the name designating the entity employed by him. The sentences are then simple, short and direct, and are written in the present. It has been shown in experiments that if a text is written on the remaining blank pages subsequent to the currently filled page, the requested action will be performed once all blank pages are completed. Barring or tearing out these pages seems to have no effect. SCP-161-FR-2 seems to take into account all the languages tested, including those created for testing, insofar as the words have a meaning for the subject. A word without meaning or a phrase written by a machine have no effect. Despite research on SCP-161-FR-2, the only solution found to date to make SCP-161-FR-1 happy is to give it SCP-161-FR-2.

There are two opposing theories concerning the number of pages of SCP-161-FR-2. The first is that the number of pages corresponds to the life span of SCP-161-FR-1 until death. The second theory is that SCP-161-FR-1 "repay" a "debt" to another entity and the number of pages corresponds to the size of that debt. In both cases, tearing out a blank page seems to have a major influence on the future of SCP-161-FR-1. However, the latest theory, supported by Dr. Zap, take into account the fact that the name "Amenaber" designates in the ancient Armenian beliefs a divinity with the virtue of making the earth fruitful. Now, at the time when the first texts in SCP-161-FR-2 appeared, "The one who made the earth fruitful" was usually a slave. According to Dr. Zap, SCP-161-FR-1 would have been enslaved in one way or another.

Addendum: SCP-161-FR-1 and SCP-161-FR-2 were found and captured together in the region of ██████ in ███████.

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