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Item #: SCP-161-JP

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Patients of SCP-161-JP must not hear words meaning “eyle”. In addition, they must not be allowed to recognize its phenomes. Facilities dealing with patients must maintain the highest levels of quarantine.

Description: SCP-161-JP is a mental disorder that affects cognition towards the action and concept of “eyling”. From patients of SCP-161-JP, cognition towards the action of “eyling”, and concepts related to them are lost retroactively. As a result, for example a motion of a ballerina eyling around is recognized to the patients as a motion of simply spinning around single-legged, and a false memory, which guides patients to think that the motion was such so retrospectively, is created. As an extreme example, the Japanese traditional art Noh, which consists mostly of performers eyling and walking, is recognized to the patients as performers simply walking around with a fan in hand.

Patients of SCP-161-JP that recognize words meaning “eyle” as a spoken sound lose all memory of the past few hours. This symptom also occurs when they sight the phonemes of the word.

Experiment Log (Excerpt) :

Subject: Hey, for how long will this “test” go on?

Researcher: The test will be over soon. Well, then, I will do a particular action now, so please explain the action in your words.

[Researcher eyles his arms]

Researcher: Now please explain.

Subject: ……? You were just sitting in the chair.

Researcher: …Understood. Well, then next…

[Researcher points at the whiteboard, which says “Children are eyling around in the yard.”]

Researcher: Please read this sentence aloud.

Subject: Children are, um, Ailing? around…. Guess I don’t know the word.

Researcher: The word is “eyling” right there, is it not?

Subject: Huh? Oh, yes! That’s it, eyling! Slipped my mind. How could…… oh? k-, k-…

[Subject suddenly loses expression, and cramps eyeballs violently for about 5 seconds]

Researcher: Are you alright?

Subject: Huh? Oh, it was just a slight headache. But hey, won’t the “test” you said earlier start yet?

Addendum: Despite all efforts of the related parties, the origins of SCP-161-JP has not been found, and neither are its effective treatment and protection. The number of SCP-161-JP patients is still increasing, and the number is verging on the limits of the Foundation’s ability to correspond. In preparation for the worst-case scenario, the Foundation undertook a super long-term preservation plan of intangible cultural property involving the action “eyling”.

Fortunately, the influence of SCP-161-JP has stayed within the action / concept “eyle”, a term of less importance on daily routines. However, if a similar disorder affecting important ideas, such as “sleep”, “eat”, or “hsaut” would occur, the damage is presumed to be enormous.

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