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Item #: SCP-163-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-163-JP is housed at a Class-A Dangerous Organism Containment Room at Site-8182, with the lights always turned off, sealed, with over 10% of its content filled with vaporized ammonia. Due to SCP-163-JP’s nature, no meals are required.

Save for experiments using D-class personnel, anyone who enters the containment room, upon confirming they made visual contact with SCP-163-JP, are eligible for psychiatric examination and eyeball enucleation as long as they have Security Clearance Level 2 or higher. If clearance is lower, they are to be terminated.

If SCP-163-JP escapes, and cannot be recontained within 1 hour, Site-8182 is to be sealed, and its interior is to be filled with at least 10% of its volume of vaporized ammonia. Evacuation is not to take place at this point.

Description: SCP-163-JP is an entity that can only be identified in the rod cells of Homo sapiens. It cannot be perceived through any biological or mechanical means other than by visual contact through rod cells.

It’s extremely harmful to perceive SCP-163-JP. It induces strong dread, uncontrollable confusion, and potent violent tendencies in any subject that perceives them (Hereafter referred to as SCP-163-JP-1).

Upon perceiving SCP-163-JP, everytime SCP-163-JP-1’s rod cells are active (This includes blinking), the subject will perceive SCP-163-JP’s figure. This has an extremely harmful effect on SCP-163-JP-1, often resulting in the subject gouging out their eyes or committing suicide. Although it is possible to escape SCP-163-JP’s influence by the removal of one’s eyeballs, the subject often becomes extremely afraid of the dark, and will attempt to commit suicide when being unable to stand the darkness caused by the total loss of vision.

SCP-163-JP can be temporarily deactivated in an air environment with over 5% of ammonia concentration. During this period, perceiving SCP-163-JP will not lead to an “infection”.

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