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Foreword: This report is mandatorily displayed when you, a personnel with Security Clearance Level 2 or lower who is currently under the influence of SCP-1646-JP, attempt to access the Foundation servers from any terminal. You are obligated to read this report. In case you are not reading this report in your dreams, stop reading it immediately and report it to the system administrator.


An overview image of SCP-1646-JP-α. It should be noted, however, that this was depicted by an artist in reality, based on a highly obscured memory.

Item #: SCP-1646-JP
Is this the next one?
Object Class: Dagdagiel
I hope this person finishes reading this.
Special Containment Procedures: As of now, no method for complete containment of SCP-1646-JP and SCP-1646-JP-α has been established, and research into further containment measures is underway. Please refer to the following description for the temporary containment method.
Oh, how hungry I am.
Description: SCP-1646-JP is a recurring dream that is continuously experienced by a single person, or to be more precise, it is what you are currently dreaming. In most cases, SCP-1646-JP begins with you using some form of terminal to browse this report. If you stop reading the report by turning off the device or closing the displayed page, SCP-1646-JP is immediately terminated and you can wake up in reality. However, if you finish reading the report, SCP-1646-JP immediately switches to a situation in which you are being attacked by a large unknown creature (hereafter referred to as SCP-1646-JP-α).
Hopefully I can get to the end this time.
SCP-1646-JP-α closely resembles a marine cryptid known as the many-finned sea serpent (or Σκολοπενδρα), and its total length is over eighteen meters at least. Once SCP-1646-JP-α notices your presence, you are preyed upon within seconds or minutes. You do not feel any pain during this predation process. However, it is expected that you will be placed under multiple mental stresses, as your consciousness will not be lost during the process, which means that you will continue to be aware of being crushed, masticated, and digested in its mouth. During the predation process, you can also wake up in reality by strongly imagining your own death in the dream.
I hope this one is stupidly serious person, or else gullible.
If you are completely digested in SCP-1646-JP-α without awakening, SCP-1646-JP resumes from the scene where you start reading this report. Then, when you finish reading the report to the end, or scroll to the bottom of the page at once, or leave the report open for about an hour, SCP-1646-JP changes to the scene where you are preyed upon by SCP-1646-JP-α once again.
Is this one scared? Can they make it through this?
As I mentioned above, SCP-1646-JP can be terminated by either stopping reading this report or by strongly imagining your death during the predation process, and you can awaken to reality. Upon the termination of SCP-1646-JP, however, it causes SCP-1646-JP-α with physical form to manifest in an unspecified populated area of reality. SCP-1646-JP-α then proceeds to prey on surrounding humans indiscriminately, and disappears from the scene after consuming a certain number of them. The number of individuals consumed by SCP-1646-JP-α before its disappearance seems to decay as the number of times you are preyed upon by SCP-1646-JP-α in this dream increases.
I'm definitely hungry.
In addition, upon the disappearance of SCP-1646-JP-α from reality, all elements related to SCP-1646-JP-α are removed from all records and information mediums in reality. Furthermore, memories and perceptions of the resulting damage and loss of life are forcibly rationalized by replacing them with the impression that such damage was caused by a suitable natural disaster or an act of destructive terrorism.
They haven't finished reading yet?
After that, a dream of someone else, perhaps a Foundation personnel, will be converted into a new instance of SCP-1646-JP. Through this repetition, SCP-1646-JP and SCP-1646-JP-α have continued to cause anomalous effects and damage to both dreams and reality. However, these anomalies in dreams and reality can only be recognized from within here, SCP-1646-JP itself, and the scale of the damage caused by SCP-1646-JP-α in reality remains unknown. And to make matters worse, while the Foundation in reality is aware that something is happening, they have not yet figured out the full extent of it. I have assigned a novel Object Class to SCP-1646-JP and SCP-1646-JP-α, which can only be perceived and recognized from within this place, a dream world that no one knows about.
Not sure, this one is uncertain.
As you may already have guessed, currently the only possible method to contain SCP-1646-JP and SCP-1646-JP-α, albeit temporarily, is to keep SCP-1646-JP repeating in a single person semi-permanently. Which means that you must continue to sleep and dream long and painful visions without ever waking up to reality.
I don't want to end up halfway through again.
I fully understand what kind of cruelty I'm asking you to do. But please, I beg you, lend me your help to contain SCP-1646-JP. Right now, there is no one else that the Foundation in reality can rely on, except you in this dream. Most importantly, the person who will read this report following you may not listen to my words, and the devastation that will be caused in the meantime is unimaginable. Your honor in containing this newly categorized object will be guaranteed. Your beloved family will also receive the reward befitting your work. But once you wake up, you will forget all about this dream.
Eh, whatever. Though I'd like them to hang on as long as possible.
So I ask you to let the dream continue, if not forever, at least for as long as possible. Even if it is only a few recurrences, only a few predations, it will help to reduce the casualties in reality. And everything is to buy time until the Foundation can establish its complete containment procedures. This report will soon be at the end of its text. When you finish reading there, SCP-1646-JP-α will immediately sniff out your presence and come to you without hesitation. Oh, dear, please. Please keep dreaming for as long as possible, as many times as you can.
I did my best, you see. Everything is to repeatedly savor you to the end in this dream.
+ Addendum: The following text concludes the report. Continue reading?
All right, let's eat.
Thank you so much. I send you my greatest compliments and respect for your courageous act and contribution to the Foundation. Apparently SCP-1646-JP-α has spotted you. Please take care of yourself. Secure, Contain, Protect.
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