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Item #: SCP-1657-JP

Object Class: Keter Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1657-JP is currently impossible to fully contain. Information mediums that may potentially disseminate SCP-1657-JP are to be monitored at all times, and any undiscovered information corresponding to SCP-1657-JP is to be contained as soon as possible. Experiments involving SCP-1657-JP are permanently prohibited. Information regarding SCP-1657-JP is confidential to all but the assigned personnel, and the Extraterrestrial Department is to conduct cover-up operations depending on the location where SCP-1657-JP-A appears.

Description: SCP-1657-JP is a collective designation for telephone numbers that lead to a company that refers to itself as "Heavenly Comfort Services". As far as the Foundation has been able to determine, three such numbers have been identified to date, and all attempts to locate the caller have been unsuccessful.

When a call is made from a communication-enabled terminal, an operator1 takes the call and then prompts the caller to specify the location where they wish to receive the "heavenly comfort", as well as the date and time in ten-minute increments. Throughout the experiments, it has been confirmed that the location can be specified from a single room in an apartment complex to a specific place based on latitude and longitude, and the date and time can be specified up to two months in the future.

If the caller accepts the operator's final confirmation after specifying the location, date, and time, an ice block estimated to weigh 15 tons (hereinafter referred to as SCP-1657-JP-A) appears at an altitude of about 350 to 400 km about one minute before the specified time; it then accelerates up to a speed of approximately 2,300 km/h to impact the specified location. Regardless of whether the caller accepts the final confirmation, a 30 yen charge is added to the usage fee for any calls made to SCP-1657-JP.

SCP-1657-JP was discovered in the phone records of Mr. █████, a victim of an unexplained explosion in Kochi Prefecture on January 5, 200█, when the shadow of a fallen object was witnessed at the scene. Subsequent experiments with D-Class personnel verified its anomalous properties — Due to a miscommunication regarding the latitude and longitude, Site-81██, which was used for the experiments, suffered a catastrophic situation. See Incident-81██-1657-JP for details.

As of February 200█, there are eight incidents in which SCP-1657-JP is considered likely to be involved, and ███ confirmed casualties.

Addendum 1: On October 10, 200█, a letter describing "Heavenly Comfort Services, Altitude Power Up!" in illegible scribbles was sent to the former location of Site-81██. On October 18, the Foundation monitoring satellite "Kogarashi" captured the appearance of an ice block believed to be SCP-1657-JP-A. This instance of SCP-1657-A appeared outside the Earth's gravitational field, and was confirmed to be a teardrop-shaped. It is believed to have been shattered by a collision with the asteroid belt between Earth and Mars about 398 minutes after its discovery.

Addendum 2: On September 12, 201█, a letter describing "Heavenly Comfort Services, Altitude High Power Up!" in illegible scribbles was sent to the former location of Site-81██. All subsequent instances of SCP-1657-JP-A discovered by the Foundation have appeared between the Sun and Mercury, or between Mars and Venus. The reclassification to Euclid class was approved on December 15, as the likelihood of damage on Earth has been reduced to an absolute minimum.

Addendum 3: On December 7, 201█, the Foundation space probe "Amatsukaze" successfully secured an instance of SCP-1657-JP-A that appeared in the vicinity of Mars; the following engraving in Japanese was found on its surface.

For dry eyes, eyestrain and blurred vision

As a result of investigating its fragments, it has been confirmed to be made up of components almost equivalent to human tears.

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