Item #: SCP-166-PT

Threat Level: Red

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-166-PT cannot be effectively contained due to its nature. MTF PT6-Ο designated "The Light Hunters" should go everywhere SCP-166-PT can possibly be located or appear.

The duty of MTF PT6-Ο is to retrieve instances of SCP-166-PT-1 and ensure that they are brought to Site PT6 to prevent civilian casualties. For this, MTF members carry specialized equipment called "True Darkness", consisting of sunglasses and a suit covered with an abnormal liquid capable of absorbing abnormal light rays.

Light sources designated as SCP-166-PT-1 are currently contained in Site PT6 for testing.

Description: SCP-166-PT is an effect that affects light sources randomly in Portugal. Light sources affected by a color change are called SCP-166-PT-1. The color change is a passive effect of SCP-166-PT. People affected by the third stage of SCP-166-PT1 are designated SCP-166-PT-2.

The active effects of SCP-166-PT begin after direct observation of the light source for at least ten minutes. After 10 minutes of exposure, the individual who visualized the light source will begin to see their environment distorted, changing the perception of straight lines, which become waves, and creating an impression that the ground is shaking. The maximum recorded time for the optical effect is one hour.

SCP-166-PT was found in Lisbon on 06/11/2015 during the investigation of a village where 30 people died. Three members of MTF PT6-Ο were sent to the village as a result of inquiries that detected anomalous activities in the area.

Recorded effects of SCP-166-PT:

Exposure time: Description of events:
10 minutes after exposure: Vision becomes blurred for approximately 2 minutes; then the perception of the room changes, seeing waves instead of lines and walls slowly crumbling with the sensation of the floor trembling. D-Class experiments at this stage show that this view can only be seen after exposure to SCP-166-PT.
20 minutes after exposure: The perception of the individual, designated SCP-166-PT-2, turns black and white and shows a static image of a childhood memory of the subject, with screams of what appears to be babies in the background. D-Classes show signs of headache and place their hands over their heads, starting to cry slowly.
30 minutes after exposure: D-Class no longer responds to scientist's orders. D-Class starts breaking any possible object in the room in which they are. The eyes of SCP-166-PT-2 change completely to white and they repeat the phrase: "The Light shows the way, sends me to court so that I may be judged".
40 minutes after exposure: The skin and fingers of the D-Class begin to change to white, showing a phenomenon similar to calcification. D-Class still doesn't respond to orders and continues to cry.
50 minutes after exposure: After 50 minutes, the calcified parts begin to fall form the body of the D-Class, mainly flesh and muscle. All attempts to stop the progression of these events lead to failure.
1 hour after exposure: The remains of the D-Class are just their skeleton. The calcified parts turn to powder.

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