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An instance of SCP-167-JP-1.

Item #: SCP-167-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-167-JP is secured as private property of Site-81██. A Mobile Task Force is to be stationed, in order to patrol the surrounding area and prevent the civilian vessels from entering SCP-167-JP. Admittance to SCP-167-JP from outside, such as for the transportation of daily necessities, must be approved by Security Clearance Level 3 or higher personnel. In the event that any creatures inhabiting SCP-167-JP transform into croquettes or cabbages outside of testing, personnel are to wait for them to transform back into their original shape.

(Since Addendum 1 Incident): In the event SCP-167-JP-5 manifests, the stationed MTF is to be dispatched to suppress the entity in question.

Description: SCP-167-JP is an area where anomalous creatures inhabit. Area-SCP-167-JP is consisted of an uninhabited island located ███km off the coast of █████ Prefecture (approximately 2 sq. km) and its surrounding waters (a radius of approximately 100m).

Creatures inhabiting the area display an overt anomaly. When these creatures are stimulated beyond certain level, they rapidly lose their mobility, cover their bodies with an abnormal secretion and transform themselves into the shape of common foods. Currently, four species of creatures have been confirmed to have these anomalous properties.

Creature Designation Anomalous properties
Red rock crab (Grapsus grapsus) SCP-167-JP-1 Transforms into a crab meat cream croquette when stimulated. (See below)
Japanese pufferfish (Takifugu rubripes) SCP-167-JP-2 Transforms into a cabbage when stimulated.
Festive sea slug (Hypselodoris festiva) SCP-167-JP-3 Transforms into a tomato when stimulated.
Cladophora ball (Aegagropila linnaei) SCP-167-JP-4 Transforms into a parsley when stimulated.

These creatures are able to inhabit the area without any problems, despite the environment being very different from their original habitats1. In addition, they are killed instantly when they leave the boundaries of Area-SCP-167-JP. It is unknown why these creatures transform into foods, how these inhabit this unsuitable environment, why they die upon leaving the area, and what causes these anomalous properties.

The following is an excerpt from the description regarding the transformation of SCP-167-JP-1 (Crab). Please refer to attached documents for details about the transformation of SCP-167-JP-2, 3 and 4.

SCP-167-JP-1 displays its anomalous properties when it receives a stimulus such as a hard slap on its body. SCP-167-JP-1 folds its forceps ("claws") and ambulatory legs inside its own body and instantly covers its entire body with an unique secretion fluid. This secretion changes within seconds to a hardness, which is described as "crispy", its color turning light brown. The secretion in this state is often described as a "batter coating". In parallel with this process, the temperature of SCP-167-JP-1 increases to approximately 60-70°C. Ultimately, SCP-167-JP-1 takes on a shape that closely resembles the food commonly known as "croquettes".

The croquette-shaped SCP-167-JP-1 has high heat-retaining property and water repellency, drying out in seconds and keeping its temperature constant even after being wet in cold water. Creatures that prey on SCP-167-JP-1 are injured due to its heat in many cases; predators that learned this will not eat SCP-167-JP-1 again. If no stimulation is applied for more than 1 minute, the secretion is peeled off and SCP-167-JP-1 transforms back into a crab.

When the croquette-shaped SCP-167-JP-1 is exposed to a high temperature of 90-███ ºC2, its internal structure changes to a cream-like substance. Testing has shown that its taste is identical to that of common crab-meat cream. SCP-167-JP-1 in this state does not transform back to a living crab.

Test Log 1 - 20██/██/██

Subject: D-167-JP-1, -2, -3 and -4. Hereafter simplified as like "D-1".

Method: D-1, D-2, D-3 and D-4 were instructed to eat a "set meal" that is consist of transformed creatures of SCP-167-JP.

Result: All D-class personnel finished their meal, and subsequent medical examination did not reveal any problems. All of them commented positively on its taste, claiming "it was the greatest crab-meat cream croquette ever" and "cabbage, tomato and parsley were also quite delicious".

Analyze: Interestingly enough, the crab parasites and pufferfish toxicity seem to have disappeared. —Dr. ██

SCP-167-JP was discovered on 20██/01/29, when a Foundation vessel was accidentally drifted ashore due to stormy weather. After the confirmation of native creatures' anomalous properties, SCP-167-JP was put under the Foundation control as a private island, and current Special Containment Procedures were implemented.

Addendum: On 20██/11/02, an unusual activity was observed near the lighthouse on SCP-167-JP; 3 portals, depicted as "gaps of space", manifested in the sky. Following this, an entity that resembles to a pair of large human arms (later designated as SCP-167-JP-5) appeared from two of these portals. SCP-165-JP-5 repeatedly "grabbed" a large number of creatures within Area-SCP-167-JP and retrieve them into the third portal. During a course of this action, a MTF member was nearly captured, and other MTF members fired on SCP-167-JP-5. SCP-167-JP-5 retreated into the portals immediately after being shot at, and the portals disappeared.

As of 20██, SCP-167-JP-5 has manifested 4 times. Due to the fact that MTF members are also targeted for attacks by SCP-165-JP-5, and in order to prevent the decline of native creatures, attacking SCP-167-JP-5 was officially authorized; Special Containment Procedures has been revised accordingly.

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