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██ Hot Spring after the SCP-1673-JP event

Item #: SCP-1673-JP

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1673-JP is extremely difficult to contain due to its nature. Information on the Internet related to SCP-1673-JP is to be monitored by the Foundation webcrawlers, and those involved are to be amnestized after being identified. When the area where SCP-1673-JP occured is identified, MTF Yu-11 ("Bath Attendant") is to be dispatched to the area to spread the cover story and search for eyewitnesses.

Description: SCP-1673-JP is a humanoid entity with the appearance of a mature caucasoid that manifests irregularly at open-air baths in Japan, and the anomalous events caused by it.

SCP-1673-JP manifests in the male changing room of the said facility holding a staff. After that, it repeatedly vocalizes in an unknown language1 and adds the people around it to its line, then proceeds on its way to the nearest open-air bath.

When SCP-1673-JP and the people who joined the line (hereinafter referred to as the subject) reach the open-air bath, SCP-1673-JP raises its staff while screaming. With this action, the surface of the open-air bath splits in two with a rumble of unknown origin, and a path leading to the underground appears in the split. All anomalies disappear when SCP-1673-JP and the subjects go down this path and are no longer recognized by the surrounding humans and recording devices.

It has been suggested that the vocalization of SCP-1673-JP may be mind-affecting to the listeners. This hypothesis is supported by the statistical results that in almost all of the SCP-1673-JP events, more than 80% of the eyewitnesses were unaware of the SCP-1673-JP vocalization.

Please note that the above descriptions are based on eyewitnesses' testimonies, and the research team in charge has not succeeded in direct observation of SCP-1673-JP to date.

Addendum: 1 Interview Log - 1673-JP - Date 2016/11/18

The following is a transcript of an interview conducted with an eyewitness of the event when the Foundation first became aware of the existence of SCP-1673-JP at █████ Public Bath in ██, Gunma Prefecture.

Subject: Kenji Ogikubo (Eyewitness of the SCP-1673-JP event. Hereinafter referred to as Mr. Ogikubo)

Interviewer: Researcher Fusehara (hereinafter referred to as interviewer)

Note: Mr. Ogikubo was informed that this interview is a voluntary questioning by the police. There were other eyewitnesses besides Mr. Ogikubo, but he was selected because he was found to be mildly mind-affected by SCP-1673-JP, and had detailed information about the SCP-1673-JP event.


Interviewer: I will now begin the voluntary questioning. Mr. Ogikubo, it's pleasure to meet you.

Mr. Ogikubo: Yeah, nice to meet you.

Interviewer: Have you calmed down?

Mr. Ogikubo: Not so much after what happened. I'm still a little rattled.

Interviewer: Okay. Please take your time and answer my questions. First of all, please tell me what happened first in that large public bath.

Mr. Ogikubo: [silence for few seconds] I think I was washing my hair at the time. Oh, then I heard someone talk behind me in a language I didn't know, and I turned around to see an old white guy walking with a bunch of other people.

Interviewer: I see.

Mr. Ogikubo: At that time, I thought "What the hell is this guy doing?". The strangest thing was that I couldn't even understand what language the old man was speaking, but I could somehow understand what he was saying.

Interviewer: What do you mean by that?

Mr. Ogikubo: To put it simply, it's as if the meaning of the words resonates in my brain separately from the words I hear. I don't know if you believe me, but that's how it felt.

Interviewer: I believe you. Do you remember what it was about?

Mr. Ogikubo: It's a rough way of saying, but it was kind of like "I'm on my fucking way to the promised land, so just follow me". It sounded strangely comforting, and I almost got taken underground.

Interviewer: But you didn't follow him. Why is that?

Mr. Ogikubo: I actually followed him to the open-air bath out of curiosity. But the cold air outside made me suddenly calm down. Maybe it's because I wasn't dizzy. Those who were soaking in the hot water followed the old man 'til the end.

Interviewer: I will used that as a reference. Is there anything else that happened?

Mr. Ogikubo: [silence for few seconds] Come to think of it, the old man said that the promised land is a place where hot water and sulfur flowed. Putting aside hot water, a place full of sulfur doesn't sound like a good place to be.

[Mr. Ogikubo continued with a detailed description of the situation until SCP-1673-JP and the subjects disappeared]


<Special Note> Mr. Ogikubo was released after being amnestized. A geophysical exploration of the entire underground area of ██ conducted after the interview did not reveal the location of the missing SCP-1673-JP and the subjects, nor any evidence of the existence of a large underground space.

Addendum: 2 Case - 1673-JP - Date 2018/12/09

A female announcer Miwako Ishido (29 years old at the time) and a cameraman Koji Kibayashi (44 years old at the time) who were recording a hot spring program for a local TV station ███ went missing while filming at ██ Inn in ██ Hot Spring at ██ city, Shizuoka Prefecture. During the same day, the Foundation webcrawlers pointed out the connection with SCP-1673-JP, and the occurrence of SCP-1673-JP event was confirmed onsite after MTF Yu-11 ("Bath Attendant") was dispatched immediately. The cover story "elopement" was applied to bring the situation under control as soon as possible.

Late in the evening of the same day, the source pump of ██ Inn malfunctioned. As a result of MTF Yu-11 ("Bath Attendant") disguised as a worker of the management company investigating the cause of the problem, a P2 card wrapped in a 0.2 m diameter sphere of geyserite2 was found inside the source pump. It is noteworthy that no corrosion or damage had occurred in spite of contact with the geyserite and exposure to high temperature water.

The following is an excerpt from the video recording on the P2 card. The study of the video recording is now considered essential to establishing a safe Containment Procedures for SCP-1673-JP and elucidate the full extent of the anomaly, and has been given the highest priority.

Since this incident, no new SCP-1673-JP events have been confirmed.
The whereabouts of SCP-1673-JP and Mr. Kibayashi are still unknown. The search by MTF Yu-11 ("Bath Attendant") continues including the location of the area in the video.

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