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SCP-1677-JP-1, photo taken during Test #001

Item #: SCP-1677-JP

Object Class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures: As Nagamine Corporation has been purchased by the Foundation, its management is under the full control of the Foundation. In order to confirm that SCP-1677-JP's anomalous properties keep existing, one D-class personnel, who are indebted to Nagamine Corporation, are contained in a double-layered containment unit at Site-8104. One Scranton Reality Anchor is deployed and activated in this containment unit. The D-class personnel in question is not authorized to speak with SCP-1677-JP-1.

Description: SCP-1677-JP is a collective designation for reality altering events that occur in connection with debts of Nagamine Corporation, a consumer finance company, and its demand for payment. It occurs when one week passes from the due date without any payment after the debtor owes a debt from Nagamine Corporation. SCP-1677-JP proceeds in the following sequence.

  1. Every day at 17:00 (JST1), a humanoid entity that appears to be an Asian male wearing a blue aloha shirt and sunglasses (SCP-1677-JP-1) manifests on the opposite side of a door closest to the debtor.
  2. SCP-1677-JP-1 begins knocking on the door and calling the debtor's name in a threatening manner. In case SCP-1677-JP-1 has difficulty knocking on the door or SCP-1677-JP-1's voice does not reach the debtor, a reality altering event occurs, allowing SCP-1677-JP-1 to knock on the door and its voice to reach the debtor.
  3. If the debtor attempts to speak to SCP-1677-JP-1, it demands payment through the conversation. If the debtor promises to pay, or does not attempt to speak to SCP-1677-JP-1 until 17:30 (JST), it demanifests.

Addendum 1: Within a week from 20██/██/██, [DATA EXPUNGED] Police Department received four reports of "an unfamiliar thug coming to collect a debt" and seven reports of "a strange individual suddenly vanishing". During a Foundation agent embedded in [DATA EXPUNGED] Police Department was checking the caller's house, SCP-1677-JP-1 manifested in the agent's vicinity. After detaining SCP-1677-JP-1 and administering Class-A amnestics to all involved parties, the agent attempted to transfer SCP-1677-JP-1 to the nearby Site-8164; this attempt was unsuccessful as SCP-1677-JP-1 demanifested at 17:30 (JST).

Subsequently, SCP-1677-JP-1 manifested twice in the jurisdiction of [DATA EXPUNGED] Police Department. During this time, SCP-1677-JP-1 mentioned the name of Nagamine Corporation, which led to investigation of the company; it was eventually determined that one of the debtors of Nagamine Corporation was a para-technology engineer. When interviewed, the engineer stated that SCP-1677-JP-1 is a conversational AI-equipped android and that SCP-1677-JP is an artificial and automatic phenomenon that includes SCP-1677-JP-1 as a component. As the results of verification tests were consistent with their statement, the Foundation hired the engineer in question as a Foundation researcher, purchased Nagamine Corporation, invalidated the company's debts and administered Class-A amnestics to its employees. Since the anomaly was completely brought under the control of the Foundation, its Object Class was reclassified from Euclid to Safe.

Addendum 2: The following tests were conducted for detailed review of SCP-1677-JP's anomalous properties. The debtors of each test were instructed not to attempt to speak with SCP-1677-JP-1.


Method: One debtor was instructed to sit on a folding chair at the plaza of Site-8104. A wooden swinging door was placed on the right side about 30cm of the debtor.

Result: At 17:00 (JST), SCP-1677-JP-1 manifested on the opposite side of the door and started knocking on it. At 17:30 (JST), SCP-1677-JP-1 demanifested.


Method: One debtor rode in the driver's seat of a car and drove on the driveway within Site-8104.

Result: At 17:00 (JST), the car ceased its movement, including internal items and the debtor. Shortly after, SCP-1677-JP-1 manifested in front of the driver's side door and started knocking on it. 17:30 (JST), SCP-1677-JP-1 demanifested.


Method: One debtor, wearing protective suits and an oxygen tank, was placed inside an experimental vacuum unit at Site-8156. A vacuum was then created inside the unit.

Result: At 17:00 (JST), atmosphere of similar composition to that near the Earth's surface was generated inside the experimental vacuum unit. In addition, the door of the unit was transformed into a thinner one. Shortly after, SCP-1677-JP-1 manifested outside of the unit and started knocking on the door. At 17:30 (JST), SCP-1677-JP-1 demanifested. After the test, the debtor reported that the knocking sound and SCP-1677-JP-1's voice was heard normally.


Method: Five debtors were placed inside a standard experimental unit at Site-8104.

Result: At 17:00 (JST), five instances of SCP-1677-JP-1 manifested in front of the door and started knocking on it simultaneously. All SCP-1677-JP-1 instances were identical in appearance and voice, and some failed to knock on the door due to overcrowding. At 17:30 (JST), SCP-1677-JP-1 instances demanifested.


Method: One debtor was instructed to sit on a folding chair at the plaza of Site-8104. A wooden swinging door, 10cm in height, was placed about 30cm to the right of the debtor.

Result: At 17:00 (JST), SCP-1677-JP-1, about 10cm tall, manifested on the opposite side of the door and started knocking on it. At 17:30 (JST), SCP-1677-JP-1 demanifested. Subsequent similar tests determined that the minimum door height triggering the manifestation of SCP-1677-JP-1 is 10cm.


Method: One debtor was placed in a small experimental unit located in a large-scale laboratory at Site-8104. The unit was then suspended in the air by a mechanical crane.

Result: At 17:00 (JST), SCP-1677-JP-1, equipped with a turbofan engine-type jetpack, manifested in front of the door of the small experimental unit. SCP-1677-JP-1 started knocking on the door while hovering in place with its jetpack. It was noted that the noise generated by the jetpack was less than normally expected. At 17:30 (JST), SCP-1677-JP-1 demanifested.

Addendum 3: On 20██/██/██, in light of the non-negligible increase in the number of extraterrestrial anomalies, as well as the fact that space exploration by other paranormal organizations has been confirmed, the Foundation launched a project to construct a lunar base. At this time, the research head of SCP-1677-JP recommended the utilization of SCP-1677-JP for the lunar base project. The details are as follows.

A Proposal For The Lunar Base Project

I would like to recommend to integrate SCP-1677-JP into this project, as follows.

  1. Once the construction of the Foundation lunar base is completed, several debtors are to be transferred to the Moon.
  2. After all debtors in spacesuits have entered the base, all doors except the entrance airlock are to be opened by 17:00 (JST).
  3. Once SCP-1677-JP-1 instances manifest on the Moon, the oxygen levels in the base are to be checked. The debtors are then to wait until SCP-1677-JP-1 instances demanifest at 17:30 (JST).

This procedure is expected to significantly reduce the transport costs of atmosphere (especially of nitrogen) that would otherwise be incurred. It seems to be well worthwhile since SCP-1677-JP itself is already under full control of the Foundation.

The Foundation Department of Accounting supported the above proposal, citing that while the launch itself would be more expensive, it could reduce the overall project budget enough to justify the utilization of the anomaly. As the Ethics Committee also deemed the proposal acceptable, O5 Council passed a resolution; the proposal was approved by a majority, and SCP-1677-JP was integrated into the lunar base project.

The reliability of SCP-1677-JP was verified through 21 trials similar to Test #004. After the construction of the lunar base and its adjacent air tanks, three D-class debtors were transported to the Moon, triggering SCP-1677-JP at the lunar base. The atmosphere transportation by SCP-1677-JP was deemed to have been successful without difficulty, as a breathable atmosphere with approximately identical composition to that of the Earth was generated in the lunar base and its air tanks.

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