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Item #.: SCP-168-DE

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-168-DE itself is not dangerous. The maintenance personnel of the Fernsehturm Berlin consists solely out of Foundation assets, which together with the Department of External Affairs have to prevent SCP-168-DE’s true nature becoming public.

SCP-168-DE is to be sweeped for parchment sheets biannually.

Description: SCP-168-DE is a faithful copy of the Fernsehturm Berlin that at the moment takes the place of the original at the Alexanderplatz train station in the Berlin district Mitte. The whereabouts of the original are unknown at this time.

SCP-168-DE possesses the same properties and functions as the structure it is modeled after and can be operated like the original Fernsehturm in all its aspects. In fact, SCP-168-DE is indistinguishable from the Fernsehturm without closer inspection, as for example determining the age of certain structural components. However, parchment sheets manifest biannually in parts of SCP-168-DE only accessible by the maintenance personnel. Their always identical content is written in red ink and transcribed below.

Behold and awe at the diabolical masterpiece presented to you by the one and only Evil Overlord! The Fernsehturm Berlin, the highest landmark of the German capital, has been stolen by me. I demand the preparation of 500 Billion Euro on the highest floor if you want to see your attraction ever again.

P.S. I left you a replacement. I didn’t want to endanger jobs.

Until now, no clues could be derived from the letters to identify the author. At the moment, the Foundation has decided to not pay the demanded sum of money, because SCP-168-DE can be contained with relative ease.

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