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Item #: SCP-168-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: If SCP-168-KO is found in public, the instance must be retrieved, and amnestics are to be administered to the owner and their relatives. If any people got injured or killed by the effects of SCP-168-KO, they are first to be moved to the closest base and then have their memories wiped. One SCP-168-KO instance is to be put on top of each shelf inside the containment chamber. Additional experiments regarding SCP-168-KO are under review.

Description: SCP-168-KO is a household microwave oven developed and sold by Gwangheung Electronics (GoI-168-KO) since 2007. SCP-168-KO's output is 700 Watts and has various options for different kinds of cooking. SCP-168-KO's magnetron is a unique product not seen in other microwave ovens. The anomaly of SCP-168-KO appears when one selects the option "Stir Fry". If one puts an object into SCP-168-KO which has the option "Stir Fry" selected and uses it for or more than a minute, the object that was inside SCP-168-KO (SCP-168-KO-1) gains anomalous property.

SCP-168-KO-1 triggers a cognitohazardous effect which affects the person who touched or ate it. The affected individual does not recognise the ingredients of SCP-168-KO. For example, if one puts a carrot inside SCP-168-KO under the Stir Fry option, the SCP-168-KO-1 instance is recognised as a "Stir-fried carrot", but not as a "Carrot that has been stir-fried". Also, if one analyses the composition of SCP-168-KO-1, it is recognised as consisting of "100% stir-fry". Affected individuals try to eat SCP-168-KO, even when the ingredients are harmful and inedible, and recalls them as being very delicious. Some show an obsession with SCP-168-KO-1 and continues to consume it.

SCP-168-KO was found in a house at Namyangju-Si of Gyeonggi-do. Police searching the area after a report of a missing person entered the long-abandoned house and found an SCP-168-KO instance along with the body next to it. At the location were pieces of clothing and garbage scattered around and fresh-looking footprints. The body was identified as the missing person, ██████ Kim, and contained large amounts of metal, glass and plastic in its abdomen. A cold Mug Stir-fry was inside SCP-168-KO. Security Cameras around the house caught a person with a black hoodie exiting the building in a hurry before the police discovered the scene. The person is yet to be identified.

SCP-168-KO is identified to be used by several GoIs and terrorist groups. The Foundation retrieved 26 instances of SCP-168-KO, but it is estimated that several hundred instances still exist in public.

Addendum 1: Excerpt from SCP-168-KO's user manual.


4-3. Stir-fry Option

Out of the eight options, the 'stir-fry' option is the most special. Since people are divided over whether if they like stir-fries or not, we've put particular effort on this option. It is also good for children who avoid vegetables.

It is easy to cook with the 'stir-fry' option.

  1. First put the ingredients into a bowl (no paper or plastics) and put it inside the microwave.
  2. Close the microwave door and set the timer to your time of choice. 10 to 15 minutes are usually sufficient.
  3. Press "Start" after setting the timer.
  4. After the timer rings and the microwave stopped, carefully remove the dish. Contents may be hot, so we advise you to use an oven mitt or towel to protect your hands.

The stir-fry option lets you make delicious stir-fries without the need to think what ingredients to put in or use the frying pan with the risk of oil spilling over. Also, our special microwave rays allow kids to enjoy healthy and delicious vegetable stir-fires. Make your table richer by using our stir-fry option.

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Addendum 2: Interview with D-04028

Interviewer: Dr Jihoon Park

Interviewee: D-04028

<Start of log>

Dr. Park: Good day, D-04028. How are you feeling?

D-04028: Fine. But I'm so hungry. I liked what you made me with that microwave. Can't I have some more?

Dr. Park: Unfortunately not. That was for an experiment, not for actual cooking. Also, didn't you just have dinner?

D-04028: Dinner? I didn't even touch it. My appetite's gone.

Dr. Park: Are you feeling unwell?

D-04028: I don't know, I just don't want to eat. I want something good. I'm too hungry. Why can't I use that microwave again?

Dr. Park: I told you. Didn't you hear the precautions before the experiment? It can have harmful effects on your health if you eat something like that.

D-04028: Crap, a guy is starving, and he can't have some decent food? What's so big about it? I'm just asking for some fries, for crying out loud.

Dr. Park: (Sigh) Don't you remember what you had?

D-04028: Umm, actually I remember it's some sort of stir-fry, but I don't remember what it is.

Dr. Park: So, you mean that was the most appetising?

D-04028: Sure it is! It was the best thing I've ever eaten in my entire life. Man, it makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Dr. Park: Even though it was made with a leg from SCP-505-KO?

D-04028: What do you mean? That was… Oh, I remember now. It was a Leg Stir-Fry. Is it made out of something?

Dr. Park: Do you honestly not remember?

D-04028: It's just a Leg Stir-Fry. What do you mean it's made with a human leg? Disgusting.

Dr. Park: (Brief silence) Okay.

<End of log>

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