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A kind of SCP-1687-JP-1

Item #: SCP-1687-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The mountainous area, including where SCP-1687-JP is operating, is treated as a national park under the direct jurisdiction of the Irish government.The site where SCP-1687-JP is located is prohibited to civilians as a toxic gas area, and anyone who enters SCP-1687-JP without permission will be subjected to Class A amenestic and urged to descend the mountain by an employee posing as a national park administrator.

SCP-1687-JP is maintained by the Foundation's technical team once a week to object protection. Such as Interviews.should be conducted after applying for permission from the staff member in charge.

The flower field of SCP-1687-JP-1 is completely blocked with a tempered glass dome to prevent the dispersal of seeds. If unidentified species are found, a survey is conducted on site in the presence of SCP-1687-JP.

Description: SCP-1687-JP is a humanoid whose body is mostly composed of unknown devices. In semblance, SCP-1687-JP resembles a Caucasian man in his early thirties, but it has many physical abnormalities, such as a very large height of 2m42cm, partial peeling of the artificial skin on the surface, and a missing left arm. SCP-1687-JP's original body and equipment, although crudely synthesized, are completely sealed with no seams on their connecting appearances. SCP-1687-JP has intelligence comparable to that of an average adult male, it and is able to communicate in Japanese and English. From the rust and moss erosion seen when it was first discovered, it is known that it had been exposed to the elements for at least 30 years.

In the abdomen of SCP-1687-JP, there is a capsule-shaped device with a diameter of 30cm, which activated once every 24 hours. The activated capsule creates plant seeds inside, and the ejected seeds grow at an abnormal rate (Hereafter, the plant is tended to as SCP-1687-JP-1).

All of cases, SCP-1687-JP-1 has been found in a form that retains the characteristics of common herbaceous plants, and 1273 species have been identified to date. Most of the confirmed cases are consistent with known herbaceous species, but about 30% of it is unidentified species, it that should exist as trees such as cherry and camellia, and species with multiple floral characteristics. The survival period of SCP-1687-JP-1 is much longer than that of normal herbaceous plants, and among the confirmed cases, there is a report of a case where no sign of cell deterioration was seen for 10 years. Besides that highly viable and can grow in extremely polluted environments as long as soil is present, and is highly tolerant of environmental factors such as high and low temperatures and strong winds. Currently, the total number of SCP-1687-JP-1 is about 14,000.

Discovery Log: SCP-1687-JP was discovered by a field agent who was investigating an urban legend in Ireland. The urban legend is that "There is a place on a plateau where all the flowers in the world bloom, and a robot guards there. "It is believed to have been spread by ordinary people who encountered SCP-1687-JP before the Foundation came into contact with it. The plateau where SCP-1687-JP was active was an area where fog tends to occur throughout the year, so the Foundation spread the cover story "Illusionary Fog" to the surrounding areas to prevent further information from spreading. SCP-1687-JP was placed in the custody of the Foundation on the condition that it is friendly to the field agents and does not interfere with the growth of the flowers.

Addendum 1: The following is a transcript of an interview with SCP-1687-JP at the time of initial containment.

Interviewed: SCP-1687-JP

Interviewer: Agent ██

Foreword: The first interview was contained in after SCP-1687-JP was admitted.

<Begin Log>

Agent ██: Okay. Let's start the interview. Let me once again thank you, SCP-1687-JP.

SCP-1687-JP: Nice to meet you too. Well [a moment of silence] I'm not used to you calling me that.

Agent ██: Please patient there. This is also a rule.

SCP-1687-JP: I know. No matter what you call me if you lay waste flowers.

Agent ██: Thanks. OK, let's get down to the main topic. Please tell me about you.

SCP-1687-JP: Yeah. My existence as you can see. I have a lot of machine and making various flower seeds in my stomach. I'm just the dull guy.

Agent ██: Have you been that figure since you birth?

SCP-1687-JP: That can't be. I'm a human. Although such a looks.

Agent ██: That's means, someone make alteration you to look like that?

SCP-1687-JP: Yes. My precious one made alteration me.

Agent ██: A precious one?

SCP-1687-JP: Yeah. I don't know where she is, but she should be somewhere now.

Agent ██: However judging from your status, she must be quite old, right? Your rust, moss and deterioration tells you’ve passed 30 years or more.

SCP-1687-JP: Not at all. She is undead.

Agent ██: [silence]What did you say?

SCP-1687-JP: She is undead and immortal, not only that smart and beautiful. She’s the greatest.

Agent ██: Just to be sure, you don’t use it metaphor, do you?

SCP-1687-JP: Without a metaphor she is immortal. Her wounds will heal in a few minutes or so, and don’t get sick. Even if it dies, it’ll be revived immediately. There is not a mistake because I’ve seen it many times.

Agent ██: [a moment of silence] I see, so your body was modified by her.

SCP-1687-JP: I wished. Don’t way of saying “was modified”.

Agent ██: Sorry. [a moment of silence] then, why did you want to modify?

SCP-1687-JP: I wanna live at the same times.

Agent ██: [silence]

SCP-1687-JP: She was sad. Everyone leaves her. Everyone who laughed, sad, and communicated together become wrinkled and expose their dead face. Despite lifetime passed, her face without any change is reflected in their sapless eyes.

SCP-1687-JP: She broke the relationship with people and was curled up in a ball like a stone. Maybe she didn’t make a good feelings when I met for the first time.

Agent ██: How did you get here?

SCP-1687-JP: It’s a coincidence, this is no joke. I have no relatives, and I was still a child, so I can’t work, because I embark on a journey in order to things of interest. It was an aimless wandering.

Agent ██: It’s a brave.

SCP-1687-JP: I’m timid. I just used the scenery and people of the places I visited as a way to escape loneliness. I wanted a place to stay because it could be anywhere, in anyone. [a moment of silence] At that time, I met her.

SCP-1687-JP: I believed when I looked her transparent green eyes. I’d like to live for her. To put it simply, I fall in love at first sight. Therefrom, I knew about her a lot. She is immortal, she likes flowers, she’s a crybaby, she has a nice smile that she sometimes shows, so many things.

Agent ██: And, you thought that you want to be with her.

SCP-1687-JP: “We got together even if it takes for decades.” She was happy when I told it to her. Since then, we go around various places. We went wherever there was story regarding immortal. And then, I found.

Agent ██: That was a modify.

SCP-1687-JP: In retrospect, it was simple. If I replace my body with a machine, as long as regularly maintenance, I can move as much as I want. The man who we met during the journey cooperated. He said “whimsical” but he stayed till the end. He was a good person.

Agent ██: I’m interested in about the man [silence] well I ask you later. So your body modifying was successful.

SCP-1687-JP: [silence] I agree.

Agent ██: What’s wrong? It was success right?

SCP-1687-JP: [silence] There was only the man.

Agent ██: [silence]

SCP-1687-JP: The man told me. "She went out saying I don’t wanna see you again. She leave to say ‘Savor to same hell.’ Your surgery was successful. You are now a member of immortalities."

SCP-1687-JP: It becomes pitch black in front of me. But I didn’t get a shocked to be immortal. I despaired that I couldn’t understand her mind at all. I was alone. Naturally I’m resented. After all, it is a reason to share the suffering of immortality. I just loved her.

Agent ██: Then have you been here all the time?

SCP-1687-JP: [silence] I have only this. This on my stomach will generate flowers and loved as much as I want. At least This place I met her, I want to keep it beautiful. And [silence] and if she come back, I [sobbing after a moment of silence]

Agent ██: Thank you. I’ll finish interview.

<End Log>

Addendum 2: A physical examination conducted with permission to record information on SCP-1687-JP revealed a biological mechanism in the seed-producing portion of SCP-1687-JP-1's abdomen. This mechanism consisted of an object that appeared to be a human organ with water injection cables, multiple electrodes, and a group of machines that appeared to be nanomachines, etc. In the organ part, human DNA was found that did not match any genetic information produced from SCP-1687-JP's body. Upon closer examination, skin, muscles, organs, and other parts of SCP-1687-JP's body were found to have the exact same genetic material as the organ parts, and it was found that the cells produced from these parts were responsible for the extremely delayed deterioration of SCP-1687-JP's original body. It is also noteworthy that the cells of the subject showed no signs of deterioration, and the microscopic wounds made when the cells were harvested disappeared without a trace in a matter of minutes.

Addendum 3: 20██/█/█. An unidentified humanoid entity was observed in the flower garden managed by SCP-1687-JP. The entity appeared instantaneously and disappeared after 30 seconds, so it could not be secured. The following note was found near the confirmation point.

Her conduct were full of love
please, be happy eternally.

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