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Item #: SCP-169-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-169-KO is to be kept in a sound-insulated container in the Safe-class object storeroom at Site-145K. All personnel who handle SCP-169-KO should wear soundproof earplugs. Due to the possibility that SCP-169-KO might affect the staff, all such personnel should undergo a volition test.

Description: SCP-169-KO is a wooden box of size 50 × 50 × 50 cm3 with complex pattern carved on its surface, which was on display with a caption saying "The Volition Wins The Day" in a street exhibition before being recovered by the Foundation. SCP-169-KO constantly makes sounds of unidentified creature crying and moaning, and occasionally shakes itself with a clatter. Subject who hear these sounds falls into a state of panic, and reveals a great fear of what's inside the box. Interviews with affected personnel have indicated that they are convinced that there exists the most fearful thing for them inside SCP-169-KO.

24 hours after affected by SCP-169-KO, subject can be dividied into two groups by their tendencies. Subjects in the first group endure their fear for SCP-169-KO and open the box. When SCP-169-KO is open, they will find a small wooden statue of a man who is standing boldly with a confiden face inside the box. At the moment they discover this statue which is fixed at the bottom of the box, they no longer hear the sound by SCP-169-KO. Following tests showed that the self-confidences and willpowers of these subjects are highly strengthened after they have overcome the fear. On the contrary, subjects in the second group become more afraid of the object they fear inside the box, which actually doesn't exists there, and will be totally panic-striken to be demotived to overcome the fear. Class-A amnestics are recommended for the subjects in the second group. It turned out that all effects from SCP-169-KO, except the fear and the state of panic, remains even after the amnestic treatments. Termination of the subjects is recommended, rather than the amnestics. For further information, refer to Addendum 2.

A text which shows the connection between SCP-169-KO and Are We Cool Yet? has been found on the insides of the lid of the box. See Addendum 1 for the full text.

Addendum 1: The text carved on the insides of the lid of the box

Every human has a mighty volition to overcome their unforgettable fear.
If they cannot vanquish their horror with this power, how could we call them "human?"
Hence the one who collapses before its fear is no need to remain as human anymore.
Are We Cool Yet?

Addendum 2: It is observed that the bodys of the subjects in the second group are uncannily distorted after they opened the box. The transformed bodies are generally not in the form of human; sometimes they are curled up into a ball or became a geometric shape; a few turned into mammals such as a dog or a monkey, and a tiny fraction of them have become reptiles like a lizard. All these subjects come to die within a day.

Indeed we cannot call them "human" anymore. — Dr. Plitzer

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