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【Reference Image】
Panopticon diagram created by Jeremy Bentham

Item #: SCP-1693-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1693-JP is to be placed under constant surveillance. Dismantling of the adjacent former Site-81██ is suspended for the purpose of SCP-1693-JP investigation. Entry into the watchtower and individual rooms inside SCP-1693-JP requires the approval of at least 3 senior director researchers.

Description: SCP-1693-JP is a circular building presumed to be the D-Class barracks in former Site-81██. SCP-1693-JP was discovered and contained during the dismantling of Site-81██. No personnel were aware of this building during the period when Site-81██ was in use, and SCP-1693-JP is not confirmed in the construction plans and documents.

The interior of SCP-1693-JP roughly resembles the Panopticon1 developed by Jeremy Bentham. The wing presumed to be the living quarters of the D-Class personnel is 5 stories high, and contains 500 rooms sealed off by iron bars. Except for the rooms described below, the interior of each rooms can be viewed from the watchtower in the center.

27 of the private rooms have been sealed off, replaced by a black space described as painted over. The sobbing and snickering of an unknown person can be heard from these enclosed rooms on rare occasions. The interior investigation done by a remote drone only confirmed that similar spaces exist for at least 10km, and discovered no significant results.

When a human (hereinafter referred to as SCP-1693-JP-A) enters the watchtower in the center of SCP-1693-JP, the watchtower will be closed by unknown means. The Foundation's current tools and technology have not been successful in breaking the closure, but supplies and foods can be provided through the lower opening. Inside the watchtower, there are supplies and equipment necessary for the living, and the walls are covered with N. Harou-Romain's "Plan for a Penitentiary"2.

When SCP-1693-JP-A enters the watchtower, humanoid entities with the same appearance as SCP-1693-JP-A (hereinafter referred to as SCP-1693-JP-B) appears in each private rooms. SCP-1693-JP-B is extremely indifferent to changes in the surrounding environment, and will not be damaged, weakened, or killed except in the manner described below. This is also true for SCP-1693-JP-A.

Although the behaviors of SCP-1693-JP-B are not consistent, it is assumed that their personalities and beliefs are the same as SCP-1693-JP-A. The following are examples of actions taken by SCP-1693-JP-B in private rooms.

Action Log 1693-JP-B (excerpt)

  • Engage in simple tasks such as woodworking
  • Shouting and punching the wall
  • Sit cross-legged and meditate
  • Read out the guilt of SCP-1693-JP-A
  • Stare at the watchtower

SCP-1693-JP-A is capable of giving instructions to each SCP-1693-JP-B from inside the watchtower. These instructions include rewards and penalties to SCP-1693-JP-B, and when this instruction is received, an unknown humanoid entity will appear in SCP-1693-JP-B's private room and perform the action according to the instruction3. Only by the action of this humanoid entity, SCP-1693-JP-B's breakdown and damage will be confirmed. Also, when ordered the death penalty in this instruction, a similar entity will appear and execute the SCP-1693-JP-B hanging. The executed corpse will disappear at the same time as the humanoid entity, and the private room will be released.

The following is a conversation log with SCP-1693-JP-A.

Audio Log 1693-JP-01-03 - Date 20██/██/██

Person in Charge: Dr. Kusunoki

Subject: D-1998 (3 days have passed after becoming SCP-1693-JP-A)

«Begin Log»

Dr. Kusunoki: D-1998, we are beginning the periodic report. Is there any problem with your condition?

D-1998: No, I'm fine, sir

Dr. Kusunoki: Vitals have been confirmed. No problems are identified. Now, let's review the current situation, it has been confirmed that yesterday you ordered SCP-1693-JP-B in rooms 61, 178, and 334 to cease work, SCP-1693-JP-B in 227 and 298 to rest, 388 to be punished, and 419 to be executed. Could you please explain the intent of this as specifically as possible?

D-1998: As for ceasing the work, I decided that since they had been doing the same work since I started monitoring them, I thought I should stop them for a moment. Rest is in lieu of reward because the results of their work have been confirmed. As for the punishment, I decided that it was behaving dangerously and that it would have a negative impact on it

Dr. Kusunoki: I see, why did you order the death penalty?

D-1998: That's because, [silence for about a minute] number 419 was, looking at, me

Dr. Kusunoki: Does that mean, you felt its eye on you? However, there are several SCP-1693-JP-B that have been confirmed with similar behavior. Why did you sentence only 419 to death?

D-1998: [silence for about a minute], no, it's just that, if I'm being honest, I'd like to put everyone who looks at me to death

Dr. Kusunoki: I see, may I ask why?

D-1998: If what you're saying is right, then I am, I am……, monitoring them, right? I'm the one monitoring, and they're the one being monitored, right?

Dr. Kusunoki: As for the purpose of the structure of SCP-1693-JP, you're right

D-1998: And yet, those guys are monitoring me. They're staring at me, and they're looking at me looking at them. At first I didn't care, but I'm the one, I'm the one who's watching them, and I have the right to watch them and even kill them, but they're staring at me all the time like they want to. Not only the ones looking at me, but the ones working, the ones screaming, and the ones with their eyes closed, they're all looking at me too

Dr. Kusunoki: Please remain calm, D-1998. SCP-1693-JP-B are not you. We'll provide you with stabilizers if you need them, as well as any other supplies as much as possible

D-1998: [silence for about a minute], I'm sorry, I lost my cool. Thank you. But, doctor, I still think. That I'm the one locked up in that prison, staring at what I would do. And I'm waiting for the day they're going to tell me that I'm going to be executed, that I'm going to be sentenced to death from that empty room, telling me "this is where you belong"

«End Log»

Incident Report 1693-JP-01 - Date 20██/██/██

On 20██/██/██ (3 days after the above audio log), it was discovered that D-1998 (designated as SCP-1693-JP-A), and all SCP-1693-JP-B had disappeared. This incident was carried out in spite of full surveillance, and the director was not aware of its occurrence.

After examining the video log, it was confirmed that D-1998 and all SCP-1693-JP-B opened the doors of the watchtower and each individual rooms at the same time, and all the individuals entered the private room vacated by the execution, with D-1998 in the lead. This private room was transformed into the aforementioned black space and then closed, and it was found that the voice emanating from inside was that of D-1998, and that the response of the GPS terminal possessed by D-1998 could be confirmed from the inside.

In addition, the fact that D-1998 and all SCP-1693-JP-B individuals were smiling when entering the private room is considered to be the special report.

Since then, with the exception of the incident described below, all subjects designated as SCP-1693-JP-A disappeared and the numbers of sealed rooms have increased.

Incident Report 1693-JP-02 - Date 20██/██/██

On 20██/██/██, D-1994 (designated as SCP-1693-JP-A) returned alive without disappearing. At the time of the incident, D-1994 and all SCP-1693-JP-B had escaped by destroying the watchtower and their respective private rooms, and as in the previous incident, the director was not aware of the occurrence. The damage to SCP-1693-JP that occurred during this incident has been recovered by unknown means.

The following is an interview log with D-1994.

Person in Charge: Dr. Kusunoki

Subject: D-1994

«Begin Log»

Dr. Kusunoki: D-1994, could you tell us the situation at the time of the incident?

D-1994: I don't think I have anything to talk about, you saw the cameras, right? I smashed the door as you have seen

Dr. Kusunoki: We weren't able to break that door with the equipment we had. How did you manage to do it?

D-1994: You know how there are chairs and stuff in that watchtower? I was banging on the door with that thing, and it broke

Dr. Kusunoki: I see, let's change the question. Why did you decide to break the door?

D-1994: That's cuz I wanted to get out, I thought if I stayed in there and continue watching them, I'd probably lose it

Dr. Kusunoki: Lose it, huh?

D-1994: That's right, when I look at them, sometimes our eyes meet. That makes me kinda pissed off, you know? I'm the one looking at them, so why are they looking at me?

Dr. Kusunoki: That's what the participants in the previous experiments have said as well

D-1994: Right? You told me this is a watchtower. That's why I thought I had to keep an eye on them at first, but after thinking about it, I don't have to, right?

Dr. Kusunoki: …… Right, we're not asking you to monitor them

D-1994: So I thought I don't have to look, and didn't take it that seriously. But they get in the sight once in a while, right? Then I would know what they're doing. And then I realized that it's me who's trapped in there

Dr. Kusunoki: You think SCP-1693-JP-B is you?

D-1994: Yeah, it doesn't make any sense, but the one who's angry, the one who's staring at me, they're all me. So, I'm not monitoring them. The ones over there are me, and the one here is also me. And that's not a bad thing, and there's nothing to worry about. Cuz I'm the one who's watching me

Dr. Kusunoki: In other words, you've taken SCP-1693-JP-B's gaze into your own?

D-1994: Don't talk about difficult things, it's not like there's some bossy guy watching me, I'm the one that's watching my trapped self, and I'm also the one watching while being trapped. That's what I thought, and then something else pissed me off

Dr. Kusunoki: Another anger, huh?

D-1994: I wondered why am I the one keeping an eye on each other. I'm me, not someone who's bossy and mighty or someone who just needs to go away. So probably, I don't know what to call it, the way this place works, it pisses me off. I'm the one who's keeping us in here and making me monitor, so I figured if it's this place and this system that's wrong, then I'll break out

Dr. Kusunoki: I see

D-1994: So I broke the door, and all the self that were being monitored also broke the doors. They all came towards me. I don't remember where it went from there, though. [silence for about a minute], you know, doc. I don't know why, but I was crying when I broke that door. Not just me, all the self over there were also crying. It's not cool, right?

«End Log»

After the incident, a detailed inspection of D-1994 was conducted, but no anomalous properties were found compared to before the entering of SCP-1693-JP. As a result of this incident, entering into SCP-1693-JP has not been conducted to date. In addition, after D-1994's escape, an internal investigation confirmed that "Plan for a Penitentiary" in the watchtower had disappeared. This has not been found to date.

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