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Item #: SCP-170-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-170-JP instances are to be contained in the organism housing facility at Site-8163 and are to be mated periodically to maintain the population. Postmortem samples from SCP-170-JP and SCP-170-JP-h are stored in the biological storage unit at the same Site. Deceased instances are to be incinerated unless required for research.

In the event that uncontained SCP-170-JP instances are discovered, they are to be immediately captured and transported to Site-8163. Any sightings by civilians are to be handled either by applying an appropriate cover story or by administering amnestics. The recommended cover story is "Fake Occult Footage Filming."


An SCP-170-JP instance

Description: SCP-170-JP is a brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) with abnormal physical features. Genetic analysis indicates that it was originally a Wistar rat, which is commonly used for animal experiments.

The most prominent feature of SCP-170-JP is a single horn on the forehead, which is a protuberant and sharply pointed portion of the frontal bone, piercing the skin and exposing itself outside the body. It is approximately two to five centimeters long and curves slightly upward. In addition to this, SCP-170-JP exhibits the following characteristics compared to normal brown rat.

  • Improved natural healing power
  • Improved immune function
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Improved physical performance
  • More developed canine teeth
  • Heightened general sensory acuity
  • High blood pressure
  • Multiple allergic disorders, including severe soy allergy

The first SCP-170-JP instance (SCP-170-JP-1) was found on ████/11/26 on a road in Kita-Shirakawa, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City. SCP-170-JP-1 was already dead at the time of discovery, presumed to have been run over by a car while crossing the road. In accordance with JAGPAT1 regulations, SCP-170-JP was designated as the subject of a cooperative investigation with the Office of Cryptic Species, Ministry of the Environment.

Since the locations of discovery had shifted to the west over time, an extensive search was conducted mainly in the central and western areas of Kyoto City. Of the twenty-four instances of SCP-170-JP secured by the end of November, nineteen of them were captured in Ukyo-ku. Ten instances were alive upon securing, some of which have been successfully reproduced in captivity. Horns and other distinctive characteristics are inherited by SCP-170-JP offspring and are manifested as they grow up.

Addendum 1: On 12/16, it was revealed that a number of SCP-170-JP instances were recovered from the scene of a house fire in Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City. The fire broke out on 11/24 at the home of Tachibana Kisaburō, a former Kyoto City Assembly member; although the Kyoto Prefectural Police were investigating it on suspicion of arson, the Foundation re-examined the situation after Tachibana's connection to the group-of-interest "Sekiryu Club" came to light2. The recovered SCP-170-JP instances were all severely damaged by the fire, which led both the fire department and the police to believe that they were merely elaborate models.

A burned corpse of an unidentified human was also recovered from the scene, its skull showing slight prominence similar to the horn of SCP-170-JP. This corpse was transferred to the Foundation along with the SCP-170-JP instance and designated SCP-170-JP-h13. While the wreckage of chemical laboratory instruments was scattered at the scene where the corpse was found, no documents were found that could provide clues as to the nature of the experiments.


X-ray image of the head of SCP-170-JP-h2

Addendum 2: On 12/30, in connection with the murder of two residents at an apartment complex in Kita-ku, Kyoto City, a suspicious entity similar to SCP-170-JP-h was sighted running away from the vicinity of the crime scene at around 2:00 AM. Although visibility was limited due to the rainy weather, witnesses universally testified that said suspicious entity was approximately 1.4 m tall and had a horn on its forehead.

Both victims in the case, Shiozawa Keiichi and Yūko, were murdered inside the apartment. Their bodies were severely mutilated, especially Yūko's right forearm, which was missing and was not recovered at the scene. Toothmarks found on various parts of the bodies were determined to be those of a "human with abnormally developed canine teeth".

At around 8:00 PM on 12/31, three officers from the Office of Cryptic Species, who were conducting a search operation at Mt. Atago, discovered the SCP-170-JP-h instance holding Shiozawa Yūko's severed right forearm. By the time the Foundation personnel arrived on the scene, the instance was in a state of cardiopulmonary arrest due to gunshots fired by an OCS officer. Despite immediate attempts to resuscitate it, the instance expired at 20:33 and its corpse was transferred to the Foundation and designated as SCP-170-JP-h2. SCP-170-JP-h2 was a female humanoid of estimated age 13, with a 15 cm long horn on the forehead.

Interview log

Subject: Natsui Ikaru (Office of Cryptic Species)

Interviewer: Agent Ruko

[Begin Log]

Ruko: Would you tell me about the situation when you found SCP-170-JP-h2?

Natsui: What is this, an interrogation?

Ruko: No, it's an interview.

Natsui: I guess everything depends on how you put it.

Ruko: Would you tell me what happened?

Natsui: Our team was searching along the hiking trail on Mt. Atago. At first we were just walking around at random, but about halfway up Fujita suggested we should check out the abandoned cable car facilities, which turned out to be a bingo. We found it cowering in a former station on the mountaintop side. It was sitting against the wall and looked debilitated.

Ruko: You fired the shots, right?

Natsui: Yes. Three shots. Fujita and Yanaizu did not.

Ruko: Why did you fire at SCP-170-JP-h2?

Natsui: What do you mean by "why"?

Ruko: If the subject was debilitated, then wouldn't there have been a need to fire?

Natsui: Are you going to condemn me? For mercilessly shooting a frail little girl?

Ruko: I didn't say that.

Natsui: Then what are you complaining about?

Ruko: My boss is greatly disappointed that we didn't get a live specimen.

Natsui: The Foundation doctors are quite optimistic, aren't they? Unfortunately, we don't have the manpower, the money, or the time to make such level-headed decisions, unlike you guys. Especially lately, we've been really busy hunting for those rats. Even if we were desperate enough to catch them, there would literally not be a single instance left in our hands, because you would take them all away. Total waste of time.

Ruko: So you shot it dead out of spite toward us?

Natsui: The shrine at the mountaintop was crowded with people celebrating New Year's Eve. We had no choice but to shoot it to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. Tell your easygoing boss that it was neither a frail little girl nor your lab rat. It was a freak that killed two people.

Ruko: I appreciate the advice. That will be all for now. Thank you for your cooperation.

[End Log]

DNA analysis confirmed that SCP-170-JP-h2 is the biological offspring of Mr. and Mrs. Shiozawa. Although there was one daughter between Mr. and Mrs. Shiozawa, she has not been seen since around the time of her graduation from elementary school. The most recent confirmed sighting was made by a child guidance center worker who visited the Shiozawa family's apartment about nine months before the incident.

Addendum 3: Testimony was obtained from POI-5819-JP regarding SCP-170-JP-h2. When presented with pictures of SCP-170-JP-h2 during interrogation, POI-5819-JP stated that he recognized it and stated the following.

I remember her clearly, for it was quite an intense experience. I think it was spring of this year when she suddenly barged into a gathering of the Sekiryu Club. The Club is supposed to be a secret society, and we never expected a kid to storm in there alone. But at that time, she didn't have a horn like this. She was just an ordinary girl.

Of course I was surprised. Not just me, but probably everyone at the gathering. Some were visibly flustered. Mr. Tojo4 was about to punch her at any moment, as he was a short-tempered man; he yelled at her who the hell she was. Then she said, "Make me an oni."

I was later told a peculiar rumor had been spreading in a neighboring elementary school; something about a hideout nearby where man-eating onis gather every night. I don't know where exactly the children learned about this, but it was clearly about the Club. Certainly, eating human flesh is nothing short of an oni's deed.

Anyway, she really got to the Club based on such an obscure rumor. It was quite a feat.

I was stunned and just watched the girl yelling. And suddenly, Mr. Rokkaku stood up and escorted her to the back room. That ended our meeting, and I went home. That was the only time I saw her. I don't know what she wanted to do by becoming an oni. But she looked very desperate, so I was confident that it wasn't just for fun and games. Ms. Shiina told me that the girl must have a motive, a long-cherished desire she wanted to fulfill even if she had to turn herself into an oni.

Is this really her? It's not some special effects make-up, is it? Are you asking me this because something happened to her?

No, I don't particularly want you to tell me.

I'm just concerned, about whether or not she accomplished her desire after becoming an oni.

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