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Item #: SCP-1709-JP

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-1709-JP is stored in the Site-81██ High Risk Storage Room. SCP-1709-JP-1 and SCP-1709-JP-2 will each be stored in their own lock box made of paulownia wood. At that time SCP-1709-JP-1 is to be kept in a plain-wood scabbard. Storage rooms containing SCP-1709-JP-1 should have a humidity of 40% or less, and those containing SCP-1709-JP-2 should be 50%. A minimum of one or more male personnel should be resident in the storage room containing SCP-1709-JP. SCP-1709-JP-1 should be maintained once every three months using a remote control in the same manner as a conventional Japanese sword to prevent rusting. When conducting experiments with SCP-1709-JP, obtain approval from one or more personnel with Level 3 or higher clearance.



Description: SCP-1709-JP is a katana1 consisting of a sword blade (SCP-1709-JP-1) and sword mountings (SCP-1709-JP-2). The length of the katana is 100 cm, blade cross 69.7 cm. SCP-1709-JP is the same as a common katana except for the anomalous described below.

SCP-1709-JP was stored in the house of the Moritani family in ██, Kyoto Prefecture. The Moritani family's chief, Gengoro Moritani, contacted SCP-1709-JP during the storehouse cleanup and its anomalous was exposed. His son who was cleaning together reported to the police that his "father is missing," and 10 minutes later, there was another report from Mr. Nishi "a strange old man suddenly appeared and began preaching, then the next moment he wisked my girlfriend away." As a result of putting together the testimony, Mr. Moritani appeared in the house of Mr. Nishi from nowhere, Mr. Moritani grasped the arms of Mr. Nishi's girlfriend and disappeared when he understood that Mr. Nishi would not accept the conversation, and then appeared in front of Mr. Nishi again alone. Knowing this, the Foundation took over the investigation of the case from the police because an object was suspected to be related to this case. The Foundation initially attempted to have Foundation agents retrieve SCP-1709-JP, but since they were exposed to anomalous properties, it has been changed to retrieval by remote control.

SCP-1709-JP manifests anomalous properties when it is held by a man 15 years old or older. Persons who do not meet the conditions cannot lift SCP-1709-JP. A male carrying SCP-1709-JP (hereinafter referred to as subject) recognizes that he is a samurai warrior and begins to act as one. The subject is familiar with how to handle SCP-1709-JP, even though he has not had experience in handling katanas. The subject will act proactively to protect women and children under the age of 15 within the range of about 1320 cm2(hereinafter referred to as effect range), be kind to people, be sure to keep promises, and so forth. In addition, it was found by experiments that the physical ability such as muscle strength and endurance of the subject improves. These effects will continue even after the subject releases SCP-1709-JP.

If an action that oppress a woman or a child within its effective range is taken (such as violence, an uncomplimentary action, abuse, etc.), the subject instantly transposes himself between the person who performed the action (hereinafter referred to as perpetrator) and the person who is being oppressed (hereinafter referred to as victim). The subject blocks the perpetrator's action and persuades the perpetrator to stop the action. If the perpetrator does not accept the persuasion, the subject will take the victim and transfer him/her to another place, secure the victim's safety, and return to the perpetrator again. If the perpetrator still does not correct his/her behavior after giving a final notice to the perpetrator that the subject must take violent measures if the perpetrator does not stop the oppression, the perpetrator will be killed by the subject using SCP-1709-JP.
If there are perpetrators and victims at multiple points within the effect range, the subject will transfer to the nearest victim, protect him/her and transfer to the next victim. After confirming that all the victims have been secured, the subject will transfer to the nearest perpetrator and persuade or kill. This action continues until the subject contacts all the perpetrators. Subjects who do not possess SCP-1709-JP have no transfer ability, but will attempt to persuade perpetrators and visit the perpetrators and victims as if they had possessed. If persuasion is not successful, the subject is to use something close to them as a weapon, otherwise attack the victim with their bare hand.

If the safety of women and children is protected within the effect range, the subject gathers the children and start preaching the moral law of Bushido2 and that one can become a better person by knowing oneself and knowing the world. Children who have heard the discourse look up to the subject as a mentor. This talk continues until the sun goes down3, and the subject admonish the children to go home. If all preach have not been given, the subject gathers the children in the same place and preach the rest. Also children will come to listen to the discourse. Children who have listened to all preach will respect the moral law of Bushido in all actions, and it is confirmed that the proportion of bad behaviors4 decreases.

If there are no men who meet the criteria for SCP-1709-JP's effect range, a woman of 15 years of age or more, who has the largest figure of multiply of height and weight together will be attracted. When the woman who is drawn carries SCP-1709-JP, sexual transformation occurs at the genetic level. This change is painful, and it takes about half an hour to convert the bones, breasts, genitals, vocal cords, and so on to men's. Change is irreversible, and some women can not tolerate pain and die. Women who have finished transsexuals will act as men and will take the same action as the subject.

Addendum 1: During maintenance of SCP-1709-JP, it was suggested that SCP-1709-JP was present in addition to the one that it contained because the core was numbered "肆(four)” other than a signature. Further investigation revealed SCP-1709-JP to be present in multiple instances. The Foundation is currently discovering and containing a total of five instances of SCP-1709-JP: "壱(one)", "弐(two)", “肆(four)", “陸(six)", and "拾(ten)".

Addendum 2: A document believed to be a letter was found at the same time as the fifth instance of SCP-1709-JP. The storage condition is bad and some parts are degraded and can not be read. The contents are as stated below.

    • _


     Je peux voir que vous avez pu rentrer chez vous en toute sécurité [Indecipherable].

     Je suis très heureux que Nagaoki ait sympathisé avec la philosophie de nos Gentilshommes Humanistes. Faites de votre mieux pour [Indecipherable] en gardant à l’esprit le principe [Indecipherable].

     Le point commun [Indecipherable] que vous avez mentionné était une chose très intéressante.

     J'attends [Indecipherable].

    M. Chaire


     Trois Katanas sont arrivés avec la lettre. C'est quelque chose qui incarne l'"Homme Meilleur" au Japon, comme vous aviez l'habitude de dire. Après les avoir reçues, je les ai données à mes connaissances, à l'exception de celle-ci. [解読不能]

    (Since this time, the paper is rotten and can not be deciphered)

      • _


       I can see that you were able to return home safely [Indecipherable].

       I am very glad that Nagaoki has sympathized with the philosophy of our Humanist Gentleman. Please do your best to [Indecipherable] with the [Indecipherable] principle in mind.
       The [Indecipherable] common point you mentioned was a very interesting thing.

       I am looking forward [Indecipherable].


       Three katanas arrived with the letter. This is something that embodies the "Better Man" in Japan that you said. I handed over two of the katanas that I received to my acquaintances. [Indecipherable]
      (Since this time, the paper is rotten and can not be deciphered)

    From the above-mentioned documents, it turned out that three SCP-1709-JPs are exported to the GoI "Humanist Gentleman”. When the analysis team deciphered the back of the envelope, it turned out that the sender's address is the city of █████, France. Since then, it has been decided to proceed with the search for SCP-1709-JP in France as well, with the cooperation of Task Force Tau-3 “The King's Regiment” of the French branch. In addition, we will investigate the identity of the "Nagaoki" written in the letter in parallel.

Addendum 3: A sixth instance of SCP-1709-JP was discovered in the house of a member of the "Humanist Gentleman" in █████, France. At the same time, a document was found that appeared to be a letter. Documents are stored poorly and some are difficult to read. The contents are as stated below.

    • _









      • _

       I am able to [Indecipherable] the soil of the Japan. Being able to [Indecipherable] your country will remain in my memory as being the most wonderful event of my life. Above all, it was [Indecipherable] to learn the philosophy of "Better Man" from you. I think [Indecipherable] to a gentleman and a samurai. I think that [Indecipherable] ideas will pass even in my home country.
       I want to create something that embodies "Better Man". If that is the case, the [Indecipherable] principle spreads to the home country, and everyone should be impressed and try to do it. I think it will take time, but I will try to finish it. Wait for the good [Indecipherable].

       It took a long time, and finally, [Indecipherable] was completed. I would like to give it to you. [Indecipherable]. [Indecipherable].
       At that time there is a high prevalence of Japonism [Indecipherable]. It will be treated far if it is put on the flow. The principle of "Better Man" is wide [Indecipherable].
      Nagaoki Ikeda

    From the documents discovered, it is confirmed that the creator of SCP-1709-JP is Nagaoki Ikeda5. Due to the high possibility of discovering SCP-1709-JP making technique and new SCP-1709-JP, an private investigation into a blacksmith in Okayama Prefecture is scheduled soon.

Postscript: A note was found that describes SCP-1709-JP during the home survey.

    • _

     J'ai prêté cette épée à Emile-Auguste Chartier.
     Il était également intrigué par la loi morale du Bushido et s'est avéré très intéressé. Bien que ce soit indirect, nous sommes heureux de voir se propager les idées de nos Gentilshommes Humanistes.
     Il faudra que je remercie Nagaoki.

     J'ai remis l'épée envoyée par Nagaoki à Simone Weil et Maurice Pinguet .
     Maurice était ravi, étant donné qu'il s'intéressait déjà au Japon, mais il a été malencontreux de l'envoyer à Simone.

     Il semble que cette épée ait encore un pouvoir en plus de véhiculer la pensée des guerriers japonais.
     Quand Simone s'est saisie de l'épée, il semble qu'elle ait été atteinte de migraine et d'étourdissements, après quoi son corps s'est mis à produire un bruit inquiétant, et elle aurait ressenti une douleur intense, comme si du fer en fusion avait été versé dans ses veines. C'était comme si son corps était martelé et refondu, a-t-elle dit. Ou plutôt a-t-il dit. Simone était devenue un homme.
     Mais il semble accepter calmement son changement. Au contraire, il est ravi que son corps fragile soit devenu plus fort. Son ancienne elle est morte, et elle vit désormais en tant qu'homme sous le nom de Simon.

      • _

       I loaned the katana to Emile-Auguste Chartier6.
       He was also interested in the moral law of Bushido and showed interest. Although it is indirect, it is nice to see the spread of our Humanist Gentleman's ideas.
       I have to thank Nagaoki.

       I gave the katana sent from Nagaoki to Simone Weil7 and Maurice Pinguet8.
       Maurice was delighted as he was originally interested in Japan, but it was unpopular with Simone to not to send things that could not be lifted up.

       It seems that this katana has one more power besides conveying the thought of Japanese warriors.
       When Simone held the katana on the wall dizziness and headache struck her, then the whole body made a unpleasant noise, and she felt a severe pain as if hot melted iron was poured in the blood vessels. Her body seemed to be hammered and molded, she said. Or he said. Yes, Simone has become a man.
       But he seems to be calm in accepting change. Rather, he is delighted that his frail body became stronger. The she as woman has died and now he will live as a man named Simon.

    According to notes, it seems that SCP-1709-JP has been in the hands of several prominent thinkers and philosophers such as Émile Durkheim9. As a result of exposure to SCP-1709-JP, these subjects appear to have been affected by thought and morality. It was able to confirm some subject who had sexuality transferred and became male. Also, it is believed that the disciples whom they educated were also indirectly affected by SCP-1709-JP, and the exact figures of SCP-1709-JP's exposed persons are unknown.

2nd Footnote
1. Present Okayama Prefecture
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