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Item #: SCP-171-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-171-KO is to be kept in a standard secure locker at Site-21K. To avoid damaging or nullifying the subject, no wet objects should come into contact with the subject. Testing using SCP-171-KO is mostly permitted by personnel with a security level of Level 2 or higher, accepting the opinion that it is a good specimen for new researchers who are not familiar with SCP anomalous testing. Subjects are to be administered Class-A amnestics for possible psychological harm resulting from experiments with SCP-171-KO.

Description: SCP-171-KO is the same kind of staff note sold in [REDACTED], South Korea. It is speculated that it was purchased by the end of 2018 by an unknown individual. The cover of SCP-171-KO is written by a person who is believed to be its producer. (See Addendum 171-2)

Human subjects who come into contact with SCP-171-KO are affected by a series of anomalies when given writing instruments such as ink or graphite. Personnel exhibiting the subject's anomalous properties self-consciously unfold SCP-171-KO and use the subject's blank pages to create a score for a specific song. At this time, it was confirmed that although the subject was able to think normally while the anomaly was developing, he could not stop writing the song by his own will. If personnel not exposed to the anomalous force are forced to stop composing the song, it will cease without any problems.

The sheet music produced is found to be music that has not been confirmed to be composed so far and is completed in about 1 minute to 672 hours in various types, from piano music to music with a general composition of opera, and all subjects said they heard music written in the sheet. Some of the subjects claimed to have experienced hallucinations related to music.

When the song is complete, the subject will be able to move at will again, and when SCP-171-KO is covered, all sheet music pages created by the anomalous nature become blank again. In Experiment 171-33, when a subject ripped off the completed page under the supervision of a supervisor, it was preserved as drawn, and no anomalous properties were observed from the torn page.

Due to the subject's anomalous nature, most of the written songs often used unidentified musical symbols or notes. (See Addendum 171-1)

SCP-171-KO Test Logs

Addendum 171-1

Addendum 171-2

Tens of thousands of stories that are still blooming become melodies and stay by your side. But the hundreds of millions of beautifully shining echoes that have been taken away, crushed, and forgotten, do not sing.
May everyone in the world overcome solitude and approach magic.

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