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Item #: SCP-1710-JP Level 3/1710-JP
Object Class: Euclid Classified


SCP-1710-JP photographed from above.

Special Containment Procedures: The surrounding area of SCP-1710-JP is designated as Area-1710 and has been cordoned off according to standard terrain containment protocol. An observation station has been established in Area-1710, and at least two personnel are to monitor the area for any anomalies at all times.

SCP-1710-JP is to be covered with a double layer of high-voltage netting to prevent SCP-1710-JP-A instances from escaping outside. In the event that any entity emerges from the inside, the Anti-Divine Combat Protocol AE17 is to be immediately initiated (see Appendix AE17 for details).

Description: SCP-1710-JP is a huge sinkhole (up to 120m wide) located in [REDACTED], Małopolska, Poland. Its bottom has not been observed so far, and is presumed to be connected to an unknown pocket dimension.


Portrait of Chopin.

From June to August of each year, approximately 10,000 to 20,000 abnormal cicada-like insects are released from inside SCP-1710-JP. While these cicadas, designated SCP-1710-JP-A, are genetically most closely related to the genus Cicadetta, their heads are deformed to resemble that of a human male. All instances have a face that bears a severe resemblance to the late Frédéric François Chopin, and vocalize Chopin's music.

SCP-1710-JP was created during Event Persephone in 1998 (see Addendum).

Addendum.1710-JP.1: Event Persephone Overview
Event Persephone is a designation given to a series of large-scale, thaumatological and paranormal events that occurred in the south of the Republic of Poland on July 12-13, 1998. The event was initiated by GoI-484E ("Society of Soundmagi for the Revival of St. Chopin"), an anomalous Chopinist religious group, and represented a major threat to the normality of the surrounding regions. The case was dealt with by the Foundation and the Global Occult Coalition.

Addendum.1710-JP.2: GoI-484E Overview

Groups of Interest Report
Written by the Foundation Department of Records

GoI-484E ("Society of Soundmagi for the Revival of St. Chopin")

Activity Status: Eliminated

Threat Level: Orange

Description: GoI-484E is an anomalous religious group derived from the Ideology-of-Interest-484 ("Chopinism"). It was founded in 1982 by Wojciech Nowak, a priest banished from GoI-484A ("St. Chopin's Orthodox Church"), and has since spread throughout Poland via their abnormal abilities.

Ideology of GoI-484E is greatly differed from that of the original GoI-484A, and partial self-mutilation, murder and cannibalism have been observed as part of the rituals. It is presumed to be influenced by the doctrine of GoI-484B ("Church of the Plasma Scores"), and is categorized as what is today known as Bloody Chopinism.

Many members of the GoI-484E exhibit ontokinetic and thaumatological abilities, primarily for achieving paranormal musical capabilities and public popularity, and for summoning saints (historical musicians). These abilities allow GoI-484E to have some influence over the media in Poland.

The ultimate goal of GoI-484E is to summon St. Chopin, a deified manifestation of the late Frédéric François Chopin. In the doctrine of GoI-484E, St. Chopin is worshipped as the deity who rules over all music, and numerous decadent rituals are performed in order to maintain his power and make contracts for the acquisition of anomalous abilities. It should be noted that, in the view of the Foundation Department of Theology, the subject of GoI-484E's worship is not actually Chopin, but is more likely some other pistiphage entity1 mimicking Chopin. While GoI-484E believes that the Second Coming of St. Chopin will bring the "perfect harmony of all mankind," the aforementioned theory of the Department of Theology suggests the possibility of a catastrophic end-of-the-world scenario.

Addendum.1710-JP.3: Intercepted Communication Log 01
The following audio log is an excerpt of a call between Priest Nowak and an unknown GoI-484E member, recorded in 1995.

Intercepted Communication Log.1710-JP.01


Priest Nowak: I'm sorry to talk about business so soon after picking up the phone, but I'd like to confirm a thing. How's the progress on the connection system to the Music Realm?

Unknown Member: Theoretically, it's ready. The plan is, to put it simply, to connect people's thoughts and materialize the Music Realm through their subconscious.

Priest Nowak: Hmm.

Unknown Member: But this must involve connecting the thoughts of at least several hundred people, and developing such a system has been fraught with difficulties. After all, most members of the Society are musicians and religionists, and we technicians are severely understaffed.

Priest Nowak: Mm, I will send the manpower to you later, then. We can probably dispatch another twenty or so.

Unknown Member: Thank you, High Priest.

Priest Nowak: And the system you mentioned earlier, we might be able to acquire it.

Unknown Member: You mean…?

Priest Nowak: From the Torchbearers.


Addendum.1710-JP.4: GoI-006NR Arson Incident
In 1996, a group of armed individuals broke into Prometheus Neurons, a Polish subsidiary of the Prometheus Labs, took several para-technological assets and then set fire to the company building. The raid was conducted during the night, and the Foundation personnel was dispatched after intercepting emergency calls from nearby residents, which resulted in firefighting efforts along with the confiscation of numerous para-tech assets and related documents. This later led to a conflict between the Paranormal Legal Department of Prometheus Neurons and the Foundation's Legal Office, but the company eventually went bankrupt and was acquired by a Foundation front group.

Addendum.1710-JP.5: Intercepted Communication Log 02
The following audio log is an excerpt of a call between Priest Nowak and an unknown GoI-484E member, recorded in 1997.

Intercepted Communication Log.1710-JP.02


Priest Nowak: Well then, how's the plan for the Hole going?

Unknown Member: It's going well. The test at Podkarpackie was successful.

Priest Nowak: Excellent.

Unknown Member: However, due to an unexpected incident with the Bookburners, we now have a very limited budget left. Eight of our staff can no longer be active.

Priest Nowak: Spend the budget as much as you want. We'll also cover as many men as possible. The fate of all humanity depends on this project.

Unknown Member: I am extremely delighted, High Priest.

Priest Nowak: So, considering the losses we have sustained, when do you think we can execute it?

Unknown Member: I would say around 2001.

Priest Nowak: Hmm. Sounds like a problem. The Bookburners seem to have considered us a dangerous party because of that incident. According to my informant, they are planning our annihilation. We must act as quickly as possible.

Priest Nowak: I apologize, but you'll have to move up the deadline significantly.

Unknown Member: …Yes, sir. Yes.


Addendum.1710-JP.6: Brief Joint Meeting Log

[Log begins]

Four men are seated at a round table. Three of them are SCP Foundation Director Traylor, Dr. Novosadov, and Liaison Berkeley, respectively, and the man seated across from them is Liaison Kovalski, a representative of the Global Occult Coalition.

Dr. Novosadov (SCPF, Groups of Interest Specialist): So, what the fuck does the GOC have to do with us? We're busy as hell.

Director Traylor (SCPF, Site-PL12 Director): Watch your mouth, Novosadov.

Liaison Berkeley (SCPF, Department of External Affairs Agent): Okay, okay. So Mr. Kovalski, what's the situation?

Liaison Kovalski (GOC, Department of External Affairs Agent): We're also in the middle of a very damn busy time, so let me get straight to the point. Some crazy bullshit cult is trying to summon a divine entity.

Dr. Novosadov: Wow, what a surprise. They must be pretty crazy if you guys say that.

Liaison Kovalski: Yep. They call themselves the "Society of Soundmagi for the Revival of St. Chopin." As the name suggests, they're trying to summon Chopin.

Liaison Berkeley: Chopin? Frédéric Chopin himself?

Dr. Novosadov: Yeah, that Chopin. I don't know if he's the real one, though. Those bastards are really a pain in the ass.

Director Traylor: How reliable is the information?

Liaison Kovalski: 110%. I actually ran into one of their experiments the other day. We combined that with our communications monitoring records, and came up with this likelihood.

Dr. Novosadov: When will they make their move?

Liaison Kovalski: Probably in 2001 or so, but we're planning to beat them as soon as possible.

Director Traylor: Just to be clear, what did you come to tell the Foundation about?

Liaison Kovalski: Since it will be a brawl on the Foundation's territory, we wanted to discuss it beforehand to avoid any troubles. And if possible, we would like to ask for your help as well. We don't have the technology to mess with memories as elaborately as you do.

Director Traylor: I'll talk to the higher-ups later.

Liaison Berkeley: What is your mobilization capability, and how likely is it to be exposed to the public?

Liaison Kovalski: Oh, that would…

The door to the conference room bursts open and Agent Woźniak enters the room with an agitated manner.

Liaison Berkeley: Hey Woźniak, we're in a meeting right now. What's going on?

Agt. Woźniak (SCPF, Interdepartmental Coordinator): It's… it's an emergency. The town of [REDACTED] in Małopolska has just been taken over by an unknown group. Judging from their equipment, they are probably some kind of religious group…

Dr. Novosadov: Fuck. They're really ahead of their time, aren't they?

Director Traylor: Send the Mobile Task Forces immediately. The situation could be urgent, gather as many units as you can find in the Site. And don't forget the anti-deity equipment.

Agt. Woźniak: Y- yes sir.

Agt. Woźniak leaves the room.

Director Traylor: Mr. Kovalski, I need you to coordinate contact with the GOC. Berkeley, set up a major meeting.

Liaison Berkeley: Understood.

Liaison Berkeley leaves the room.

Director Traylor: Novosadov, I'm appointing you to be the chief of the response team for this case. Assemble your men immediately.

Dr. Novosadov: Aye aye.

Dr. Novosadov leaves the room.

Director Traylor: This meeting is over. Turn off the recorder.

[Log ends]

Addendum.1710-JP.7: Video Log


12:32: Members of GoI-484E pass in front of the screen. They can be seen holding devices and cables of unknown use in their hands.

12:38: Priest Nowak is seen on the screen. He seems to be having a conversation with a member who appears to be an engineer. The engineer seems to be checking things carefully and repeatedly.

12:42: The camera pans to the center of the town. Crosses of various sizes are placed in a circle at equal intervals, and citizens of [REDACTED] can be seen being crucified alive. Members of GoI-484E can be seen playing in an orchestra around the circle. All of the pieces are composed by Chopin.

12:46: Priest Nowak appears in front of the camera, steps up to a pre-arranged platform, and begins his speech.

12:51: Two seconds after Priest Nowak shouts the start signal, a pillar of light rises into the sky from within the circle and expands to envelop the screen.

12:52: The words "Drugie przyjście (Second Coming)" are echoed by an unknown human male voice. The screen is engulfed in dust clouds.

12:54: Chopin's "Grande valse brillante" is heard faintly from the distance, and GoI-484E's joyful voice resounds.

12:55: The Grande valse brillante is becoming louder, and the sound like insect wings begins to be heard. Voices of anxiety can gradually be audible among GoI-484E.

12:56: The sound of wings is becoming much louder; the members of GoI-484E are upset and some begin to escape.

12:57: Suddenly, a large number of SCP-1710-JP-A instances emerge from the dust, swallowing GoI-484E. Faint screams can be heard for about 10 seconds, but are quickly drowned out by the Grande valse brillante and the clamor of wings.

12:59: SCP-1710-JP-A instances disperse and the dust gradually fades. A massive shadow is seen in the center of the town.

13:02: The shadow begins to move.


Addendum.1710-JP.8: Task Forces Operation Report

Units Assembled: α-14 ("Orleans' Flame"), η-5 ("Jäeger Bombers"), ν-7 ("Hammer Down"), ρ-4 ("Church Choir"), ψ-9 ("Anti-Symphony") , and many others.

Objective: To destroy/seal the giant divine entity (designated as UE-1076), eliminate/capture GoI-484E members, ensure the safety of the general public, conduct disinformation campaigns, and support the GOC strike teams.

Major Threat Entities Overview:

  • UE-1076: A giant divine entity that emerged from LoI-164 (later designated SCP-1710-JP). While its appearance resembles the larvae of the genus Cicadetta, its facial parts are transformed into a shape that closely resembles those of the late Frédéric François Chopin. Capable of commanding UE-1076-A instances. Total length at the time of emergence is approximately 90m.
  • UE-1076-A: A cicada-shaped insect species (later designated SCP-1710-JP-A) that emerged from LoI-164. While it resembles an imago of the genus Cicadetta, its facial parts are deformed into a shape that closely resembles those of the late Frédéric François Chopin. Capable of vocalizing in Chopin's voice, and constantly plays the Grande valse brillante with its voice and wings. It is an omnivore, preying on anything it encounters and feeding nutrients to the UE-10762.
  • GoI-484E members: While over a dozen survivors confirmed, they are not expected to be able to engage in hostile action against the Foundation-GOC Joint Response Team.


July 12, around 13:00: A huge sinkhole is created directly beneath the town of [REDACTED], Małopolska, due to the activities of GoI-484E. At almost the same time, UE-1076 and UE-1076-A instances appear and kill 80% of the GoI-484E members who were at the scene. At 13:30, the SCP Foundation-Global Occult Coalition Joint Response Headquarters for the Giant Divine Entity is established.

July 12, around 14:00: A Foundation helicopter conducts reconnaissance from the sky, and confirms that UE-1076 has crawled out of LoI-164 and is moving slowly northward while destroying residential houses. Akiva radiation observed is 48.2, much higher than the standard level. At 14:32, the helicopter is assaulted by a swarm of UE-1076-A and crashes. Communication is lost.

July 12, around 15:00-17:00: Four fully armed Foundation Air Forces and GOC Strike Teams are dispatched, but all fighters are destroyed by UE-1076-A swarms. The Polish government is informed of the urgent nature of the situation, and a request is made for the deployment of the Polish military.

July 12, around 18:00: Several members of GoI-484A ("St. Chopin's Orthodox Church") visit the Holy Cross Church in Warsaw. They borrow Chopin's heart, which is stored in the church basement, and then begin an unidentified ritual in the center of the church.

July 12, around 19:00: As the second wave, eight fully armed Foundation Air Forces and GOC High Altitude Strike Teams are dispatched. En route, five of them left the front line or were destroyed by the attacks of UE-1076-A swarms. The three squadrons arrive in the area conduct a sacred artillery barrage on UE-1076. Immediately afterwards, a beam of extremely high Aspect radiation from the entity dissolves all projectiles and aircrafts, causing the mission to fail.

July 12, around 20:00: The Polish government accepts the deployment of the Polish military. 20:25, UE-1076 enters Bochnia County. Estimated civilian casualties: 10,000; estimated size of entity: 140m.

July 12, around 21:00: The Foundation Department of Theology issues the following statement: "The entity's imperfection is due to the incompleteness of the ritual, and it is acting with the purpose of reaching its full potential. In view of the direction of the entity's movement and the background of its creation, the entity is expected to 'emerge' in the village of Żelazowa Wola3 in Mazovia Province. Since this would almost certainly result in an end-of-the-world scenario, the entity must not be allowed to arrive in Żelazowa Wola at all costs." Accordingly, the Joint Response Headquarters plans to launch an all-out attack on the entity in Proszowice County.

July 12, around 23:00: The Foundation, GOC, and the Polish military deploy a large scale of combat assets in Proszowice County. A thaumatological barrier is established over the entire southern part of Poland via a network of GOC facilities in the country.

July 12, around 24:00: At 24:10, the joint combat assets engage a swarm of UE-1076-A instances, the total number of which is unknown (estimated at 90,000). During this time, thermobaric-type chain sorcerous bombs being tested by the GOC successfully destroy the swarm in a chain reaction; however, the unintended sorcerous chaining results in the failure of eleven tanks and the death of one GOC supervisor. At 24:32, UE-1076 reaches the battlefield. The number of UE-1076-A instances surrounding the entity is confirmed to be greatly reduced (approximately 30,000) due to the aforementioned sorcerous weapon. UE-1076 has grown to approximately 240m in length. At 24:38, Simultaneous firing begins; movement of UE-1076 becomes more sluggish. At 24:45, GoI-484A finishes their ritual in Warsaw; almost simultaneously, a part of UE-1076's outer shell spontaneously cracks, and a faint green light leaks from inside. A temporary decrease in Akiva radiation (from 48 to 21) and stabilization of the surrounding reality level are observed. At the same time, the bombardment against UE-1076 commences, further damaging its outer shell and causing more green light to leak from within. At 24:51, the remaining swarm of UE-1076-A begins to play the "Farewell Waltz," and 30 seconds later, UE-1076 discharges a massive thaumatological pulse, causing the most of the weapons in the first line to dissolve.

July 13, around 01:00: The second wave of joint combat assets begins an attack on UE-1076. A large number of artificial intelligence-equipped pinpoint missiles4 are launched at UE-1076 from the Foundation's Armed Site-03, all landing on the target; UE-1076's outer shell is severely damaged, and a glowing green liquid is scattered in the vicinity. UE-1076-A instances are completely eliminated. UE-1076 is observed attempting to discharge another thaumatological pulse. At 01:21, sacred prayer warhead missiles are launched from the GOCS Johannes on Baltic Sea, striking UE-1076 and stifling its thaumatological pulse. At 1:26, the second group launches a full-scale attack on UE-1076, severely damaging its outer shell and causing it to release a large amount of green glowing liquid. At 1:30, UE-1076 suddenly explodes. An extremely large-scale thaumatological pulse is generated, dissolving and vanishing not only the combat assets of the second group, but also all artificial objects in entire southern Poland. At 01:45, the end of the operation is declared in the Joint Response Headquarters Command Office at the Foundation Site-30, followed by an emergency meeting to assess the situation.

Addendum.1710-JP.8: LK-Class Scenario Announcement

As the international community's attention to the Event Persephone was unavoidable and no longer concealable, in agreement with the GOC, both parties declared the occurrence of a LK-Class: "Lifted Veil" scenario. This brought the Foundation, the GOC, and other normality-maintaining agencies to light, and caused a temporary disturbance in the international community. The turmoil is now being resolved, but it is still unclear what will come next, and the future of the Foundation is also in jeopardy. This must be strongly remembered as the greatest failure in the history of the Foundation. That is if there is anyone to remember it.


Addendum.1710-JP.9: Suspected Relations

Event #: EE-1679

Event Description: Ms. Anna Szydło, a resident of Żelazowa Wola, Poland, disappeared at her home; the carcass of a 1m60cm long cicada was found in her bedroom. The cicada was structurally consistent with the normal genus Cicadetta, but genetically consistent with Ms. Szydło. The cause of death is presumed to be starvation.

Note 1: A total of 20 similar extranormal events have been confirmed: 12 in Poland, 2 each in Slovakia and Ukraine, and 1 each in Germany, Czech Republic, Belarus, and Switzerland. All victims were known to be enthusiasts of the late Frédéric François Chopin. This case is scheduled to be registered as a Euclid-Class SCP Object.

Note 2: EE-1679 and similar extranormal events have a certain degree of consistency in period of occurrence, during which time faint thaumatological pulses were detected to be emitted from SCP-1710-JP. The connection between the two events is under investigation.

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