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What is in this image? SCP-1711-RU.
Is this image safe? Yes.

Q: What is the Item #?
A: SCP-1711-RU.

Q: What is SCP-1711-RU's Object Class?
A: Safe.

Q: Are the Special Containment Procedures important?
A: Of course, they are important.
Q: Where is it contained?
A: A safe at Site-7.
Q: Are there any necessary precautions to take?
A: It's not necessary, but it is recommended to avoid high humidity.
Q: Why?
A: It is to protect the object from deteriorating.
Q: Can it be accessed?
A: It can.
Q: How can it be accessed?
A: Permission is given to the current managers.

Q: Can the description of the object be given?
A: It can, but it is difficult.
Q: What is the object?
A: A deck of cards.
Q: How many cards are there?
A: Fifty one.
Q: Why only fifty one?
A: There is no Jack of Diamonds.
Q: Are there any other distinctions?
A: Of course.
Q: What are those distinctions?
A: There is no packaging.
Q: What are the object's anomalous properties?
A: It isn't possible to think about the object except in the form of a question and answer. These properties also affect speech.
Q: Is there a way to counter it?
A: It is possible by not thinking about it.
Q: How strong is the anomaly?
A: Unusually strong.
Q: Does it affect all media?
A: It does.
Q: Where was it discovered?
A: An old house in ██████.
Q: How was it discovered?
A: Citizens communicated strangely when talking about it.

Q: Is there an addendum related to the project?
A: Of course, there is attached documentation.
Q: What is the documentation?
A: Experiments using the object.
Q: Who was responsible for them?
A: Dr. ██████.
Q: Who recorded them?
A: Dr. Anderson.
Q: How many experiments were performed?
A: Four.
Q: Why only that much?
A: In the object's research, many difficulties had been encountered, and the experiments were halted.
Q: What was the purpose of the experiments?
A: To see how SCP-1711-RU affected description and oral communication.

Q: What is Experiment No.1?
A: An experiment to describe the object's appearance.
Q: What happened?
A: It succeeded, but the description was given in the form of a question and answer.

Q: What is Experiment No.2?
A: An experiment to describe the object in the form of writing.
Q: What happened?
A: It ended in the same way as the previous experiment.

Q: What happened in Experiment No.3?
A: Attempts to give a description using other media.
Q: Did it succeed?
A: Yes, but slightly different results happened than what was expected.
Q: How was it different?
A: It turned into questions and answers.

Q: What happened in Experiment No.4?
A: Oral communication attempts with other people.
Q: Did it succeed?
A: It was difficult, but the question and answer format made the attempts successful.

Q: What happened after that?
A: The deck was stored in the safe, Dr. ██████ now holds onto the key at all times, and taking the object without permission was prohibited.

Q: Are there any other addendums?
A: Yes. A comment from Dr. ██████.
Q: What did he say?
A: "Anyone who uses the object for amusement will only eat sandwiches for dinner at the dining room for a week."

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